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The Disappointing 5 Book Review

The Disappointing 5 Book Review

The Disappointing 5 Book Review 


The Disappointing 5 by Bobanga, So this story is taking place in a city called new Dwarka and it's a story about five students studying in 12th standard in saint Xavier's high school 

This is a young adult novel so there is Akash Malhotra who is an introvert and who is silent most of the time he likes to keep to himself and then there is Dhruv Kapoor who is this six feet one-inch tall jock and Dhruva has a lot of physical strength and he's also a bully in a way

Then there is Susanna Mahapatra who is a model student she is responsible and she is also good in studies so together these three students form a trial that other students fear and despise in equal measure 

Then there are two more students that are important in the story one is bindiya shah and the other is robin Alberto so bindiya shah is the rich and beautiful girl who is good at everything and robin Alberto is a nerd who's bindiya's best friend and he's quite good at studies but he's also popular among girls because of his good looks and his blue eyes 

So this trio and this duo are two groups of friends who really stand out in their school and that is why they are the focal point of the story but even within themselves these people are keeping secrets from each other 

So ultimately this is a story of five 17-year-olds who are trying to overcome their personal challenges and also in the background of the story a situation of child trafficking is going on and these five brave teenagers get involved in that situation so are they going to be able to get out of it or not and what about their personal challenges will they overcome them or not so that's the story 

Even though this is a young Edward novel it's a story about 5 17 years olds so now talking about my reading experience so this story tackles a wide array of topics it talks about what it means to be a man it talks about LGBT then there is the topic of depression teenage pregnancies so overall this book is not a light read at all, in fact, the vibe of this book is quite heavy 

So right in the beginning, this book has a warning and it talks about how this work of fiction talks about depression alcoholism smoking and teenage s*x so it also wants the reader to not emulate these things in their own lives 

Now I would like to add one more thing to that which is that there are incidents and points in this book that can be triggering for certain readers I will not say that this book is extremely explicit no that's not the case but definitely, it is on the bolder side and if you are an adult and you believe that teenagers should behave in a certain way then this book can be a shocker for you 

If you are a teenager then you will relate to this book directly as well as indirectly directly in the sense because at the end of the day the characters in this book are all in school so there will be some sort of relatability there but at the same time some of their actions are quite extreme so as a teenager you might not be indulging in those actions yourselves 

You might know somebody who is so in that way you can relate to this book indirectly as well, in any case, the book offers an initial warning and I have also told you what this book contains in terms of topics so as a reader now you can make an informed choice as to whether you want to go for this book or not 

So this book does talk about some serious topics but that does not mean that it is completely devoid of light moments, in fact, there were moments here and there that were kind of wholesome and they even made me emotional I did not cry but I was definitely moved so that was great 

So one thing worth mentioning about this book is that while reading it you can't help but feel that the theme of this book is not exactly brand new because essentially it's a story about five misunderstood teenagers so this as a concept is not something that is fresh out of the oven but at the same time the way the story has been handled it is definitely gripping 

Yes, there are points every now and then that you come across in this book that makes you feel that oh my god it's getting a bit cliched but then when you read further on you realize that there are some layers to this book that add to a newness in this individual story i wanted to know what was going to happen next so it was entertaining it is kind of fill me in the sense that it has drama

Now the writing in this book is not bad at all, in fact, it's pretty decent and if I talk about the editing errors yes there are editing errors but there are not so many that they can spoil your reading experience there is a discrepancy here on the back cover it says that robin Alberto has blue eyes but on page 145 of this book it says that he has hazel eyes, so I hope this discrepancy gets fixed in the editions that will come out in the future


As for the characters in this book they are definitely a bit unrealistic, I must admit but at the same time they are fun to read about I would like to mention again that there are certain situations

In this book can be triggering for certain readers this book talks about depression and also it has situations that involve violence 

So since they triggered me to some extent I want to put this out for you to know as well 

So if you have watched this review and I've told you everything about this book what I liked what I didn't like and the triggering part as well if keeping all that in mind you want to go for this book if the story is attracting you then I want to say that you can because definitely, it's a gripping story

So that was my review of the disappointing five when failures turn into heroes by Bobanga.