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Happiness is to quit pdf download

Happiness is to QUIT book reviews

Happiness is to QUIT book reviews

Details of Happiness is to QUIT book 

  • Book Name: Happiness is to QUIT book 
  • Authors: Kimaya Kolhe
  • Pages: 200
  • Genre: Thrill
  • Publish Date:  2020
  • Language: English

Happiness is to quit by Kimaya Kolhe, the title of happiness is to quit by Kimaya Kolhe makes it seem like a motivational book but it is really not a motivational book it is a thriller and the title of this book is justified by the story.


Aditi is going to get married to Akshay so Aditi is a software engineer and Akshay is a best-selling author who writes romance books, now Aditi is a simple Indian girl and the fact that she's going to marry a famous author gives her a thrill she's in love with Akshay and she's a nice girl and overall a relatable character 

So even though Akshay is a successful author he's not exactly satisfied with his success he decides that he is going to change genres he decides that he is now going to write a suspense thriller novel 

So Akshay is so excited about this new book that he finishes it at a lightning-fast speed he writes his new suspense thriller novel in 12 days

so this novel gets published and it gets launched two weeks after the book launch of Akshay's new suspense thriller book a shocking Facebook post on Akshay's account changes everything for Aditi completely.


Now talking about my experience of reading this book so the suspense and the thrill factor in happiness is to quit begins when you are 20 into the story 

It's an ebook and the kindle edition has 200 pages so the suspense factor begins after 40 pages 

so there were certain scenes in the story that reminded me of some real incidents and I think the author anticipated that as well because right at the beginning of the book she has mentioned that any resemblance with any real event or person is purely coincidental 

So well that kind of declaration has been provided so well I am going to trust that in good faith

What I liked about this book was that Aditi is a book lover and Akshay is an author and this book also talks about book launches and book awards to some extent and it also touches upon the struggles and challenges faced by budding authors 

When their work gets rejected because of lack of funds their work is not able to see the light of the day and they are not able to get the kind of recognition they deserve for being talented and as a result, the kind of emotional trauma they go through all this has been touched upon in this book and the book lover in me liked this element in the book 

As for the story, this is definitely a story-driven book and not a character-driven book you do not feel that connected to any character as such except for Aditi maybe because as I told you she is a relatable character there are some emotions that the story invokes but that happens towards the end of the story 

The pace of the story is okay but it could have been and honestly should have been a tad bit faster because there are some descriptions in this book every now and then that slow the story down as for the first 40 pages of this book I have to mention that they were somewhat repetitive 

Now if I talk about the suspense factor in this book and the predictability aspect of the story well while reading it there are times when the reader gets a premonition that something might happen 

But the overall suspense factor in this book is maintained right till the end almost so the writing in itself is simple and is easy to understand the story has been narrated by aditi in the first person

there is general clarity in the writing in the way it has been used to express the story the problem in my opinion is the language used in this book because the language is definitely a weak point here there are grammatical errors wrong sentences construction and an overall lack of editing 

so this is a self-published book and I understand that when it comes to self-published books you have to expect a few editing errors here and there that is something that I've realized over the past few years of reviewing self-published books every now and then 

but there should be an upper limit to those errors there should not be so many errors that they end up affecting your reading experience negatively because that is exactly what happened in case of this book with me 

so overall the plot of this book is not bad and it does make you want to reach the end of the story but at the same time the issues that i had with the language and also the pace that sometimes drops in the story were two things that definitely bugged me as a reader.

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