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The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari PDF Download free

The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari PDF Download free

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The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari PDF

Details of The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari 

  • Book Name: The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari 
  • Author: Robin Sharma 
  • Pages: 198
  • Publish Date: 1999
  • Language: English
  • GenreSelf-Help Book


The monk who sold his Ferrari by Robin Sharma, The Monk who sold his Ferrari is a book that indirectly or directly aims at personal development and you can say it's also a kind of a self-help book.

  • The story is narrated from the perspective of this man called John a lawyer and the story follows Julian mantle to whom John works as an associate.

  • Now Julian is a very hardworking successful ambitious and famous lawyer but one fine day Julian suffers from a heart attack and he is rushed to the hospital.

  • John hears about this and he's really tensed and he goes to the hospital to see Johnny, however, Julian refuses to see anyone, not even his closest friend John.

  • John feels really bad and leaves Julian then sends up all his possessions including this Ferrari hence the title of the man who sold his Ferrari and set off to India to seek a more meaningful existence.

  • It is here that he needs the mythical sages from the Himalayas and learns a lot from them and undergoes a tremendous transformation.

  • Julian then returns to the US and meet John and shares with hell everything that we learned there and that is what the rest of the book is about everything that Julian learnt there with the Himalayan sages.

  • So from there till the end of the book, it's all about Julian telling John and thus everything I've been learnt in India 

  • This book had just discovered so many things about ourselves our life the way things work and much more.

  • This book is supposed to have changed the lives of millions of people but to me personally, the book was not that inspiring or helpful and there are a number of reasons for that.

  • Like some of the things the book asks us to I almost practically impossible like for instance the book asks us not to think even one a negative thought, not even a single negative thought and that's just almost impossible like come on seriously not even one negative thought it's like too much to ask for.

  • Especially for pacifists like me, it's completely off-limits don't even ask one more thing that made the book not so appealing to me personally was the very very very long conversation between Julian and John almost 75 to 80% of the book is just the plain conversation between Julian and John and it gets boring after some time.

  • I should be playing but it gets boring at least it did for me I'll be honest I almost gave up on the book but then I was like it's really small too let me just finish it anyway and then finish the book.

  • One more thing was that all the lifeless in honest thought I told continuously without giving any breaks or pausing even to let the previous life Wilson sink in 

  • It all got too much for me and by the end of the book, there was nothing that actually remained these are some of the major issues that I personally had with the book and give him all this in mind I give the book 3 out of 5 stars.

  • Honestly, though Sigma the hype that surrounded this book I had more expectations for this and I think to say I was really disappointed though the book was not appealing to me.

  •  I would still recommend this book solely because the book has impacted millions of people and you might also turn out to be one of those people and that is the only reason I would recommend this book to you.

So that is it everyone that was my review of The Monk who sold his Ferrari by Robin Sharma.

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