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Happy New Year 2022 Speech in English 10 Lines


Happy New Year 2022 Speech in English 10 Lines

Happy New Year 2022 Speech in English 10 Lines 

1. Happy New Year to respected teachers and my dear friends.

2. I shall speak a few words about Happy New Year today.

3. January 1 is celebrated every year with great delights and happiness.

4. People wear new clothes for Happy New Year.

5. They congratulate each other on a welcome new year.

6. Various fireworks are retained on the night of Happy New Year.

7. Students set their goals for the coming year.

8. There is a public holiday in some countries on Happy New Year.

9. New Year brings new hopes to our lives.

10. May this New Year brings lots of happiness for all of us. 

Happy New Year 2022 Speech in English

1. New Year is celebrated on 1st January every year.

2. his day is celebrated all over the world like a festival.

3. New Year is a special day for everyone.

4. On the night of December 31st people sing, dance and have fun.

5. Everyone plans to do better things in the New Year.

6. My Cultures celebrates this day in their own unique way.

7. On this day, people buy new clothes, gifts and many new things.

8. Pople greet and wish each other " Happy New Year".

9. New Year is a new chapter in our life.

10. Every New Year's brings hopes, New Dreams, New Goals and New Promises.

Happy New Year 2022 Speech in English

1. 1 st January is considered as New Year throughout the world.

2. New Year is celebrated just like a festival throughout the world.

3. New Year is a day that brings joy and happiness to everyone's life 

4. New year is celebrated with great pomp and cheerfulness all over the world.

5. On New year day, everyone wears new clothes and congratulates each other.

6. On the first day of the New Year, people entertain themselves a lot before midnight.

7. The market is lit and decorated with colourful light on the occasion of New Year.

8. various competitions are also organized in the school on the occasion of the New Year.

9. On this day, everyone takes a resolution or oath in their life and tries to fulfil it through the year.

10. The New Year brings new hope that we should always be happy in every situation. 

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