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The Hate U Give book pdf download

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The Hate U Give book pdf download

Details of The Hate U Give

  • Book Name: The Hate U Give
  • Authors: Angie Thomas
  • Pages: 444
  • Publish Date: 28 February 2017
  • Language: English
  • Genre: Novel, Urban fiction

Book Review:

What's up everybody my name is Shannon and I am still waiting for my Seder and today we are talking about the hate you give by Angie Thomas 

So I saw the movie first actually and I literally cried for the entire movie I started crying in the very first scene and I did not stop crying, in fact, it just got even more intense as the film went on because this is such an amazing story it's so important it is 

So impactful and I was actually really scared to read the books I was afraid that it would give me, even more, feels or that it would make me like think the movie is lesser just like any of those kinds of stuff 

But I'm so glad that I finally got to it and let me tell you I'm so bad that Angie Thomas decided to write this book 

so they hate you give us about a girl named Starr Carter and she grows up in his place called Garden Heights which is basically the hood G goes to a white school though 

so she has to kind of be two different people she is Williamson star and she's garden Heights star and Williamson star doesn't let anybody ever have any reason to think that she's ghetto she talks in a very different way

she dresses differently she acts differently because she doesn't want anybody to think of her as just like the scary black girl or anything like that 

but when she's in garden Heights it seems like too much of Williamson's star bleeds over and she doesn't know exactly who she is or what she's trying to be 

but one night she's driving down the road with her friend Khalil he's driving the car they get pulled over 

he gets taken out of the car and then he gets shot and he dies and this is so unbelievably intense for Starr because 

he was a victim of police brutality he didn't do anything wrong they did everything right that you were supposed to do the prop just panicked and shot him and this story is about Starr finding 

her voice and figuring out how to speak out about it it's not necessarily about police brutality, in general, it's really about Starr and how she works things out the way that she 

now sees things the way that she recognizes other things in her life how she's dealing with this grief and how she's dealing with this trauma and it is 

so unbelievably well done and it is so needed I feel like everybody needs to read this book 

because it is so powerful it is so important it's about star figuring out that she can't just let this injustice just go quietly 

she has to stand up for Khalil because he's not there to stand up for himself anymore she was there she saw what happened 

she needs to defend him because people start dismissing him as like oh well he might have been a drug dealer or oh well 

I heard he had a weapon in the car so maybe he had it coming but Starr was there she knows 

who he is she knows what kind of person he was and if nobody's going to stand up for him she realizes that she needs to and her finding her courage and her finding her voice her figure out what exactly 

it means people are telling her how brave she is when she's standing up is so impactful and you really feel it 

it's so meaningful and the way that Starr learns these things the way that she figures them out and I feel like the book just says an amazing job illustrating 

this and honestly the movie is probably, in my opinion, the perfect adaptation of this book 

it does change things it does take things out specifically it takes out a whole plot lined with like a character that they just removed completely 

but it still works really well in the movie because everything that they changed was to make sure that the focus never is off of the star in this message 

that she's learning and her figuring out how to stand up and how to use her voice as a weapon.

my favourite thing in this book is that they do give the definition of the hate you give which is from a Tupac song and excuse my swearing here 

but it stands for they hate you give little infants everybody and there is this amazing scene in both the movie and the book 

where star speaks with her father about what she thinks that means and what meaning it has and I actually have it bookmarked because it just it's really moving and it is 

so important and I feel like it's something that people need to talk about that people need to think about 

I know that it makes me want to do something it moves me to do things it moves me to speak up it moves me to not let all of this injustice 

like go quietly like I said and that's why this book is so important because it does move you to action it makes 

you want to do something it makes you feel something and she the author just hit that over the head she did such an amazing job with it 

I also love that she's highlighting a perspective that you don't see very often in a lot of books or it's like 

yeah this story is going to be about a woman of colour and it's gonna be great to know so for like progressive and all of this stuff normally 

it's not because you're still not really getting a new perspective but Star's perspective is very different and likes the way that this book is written 

it's written exactly like how she would talk so it's using slang it's using all of this history that she and her family have it's like leaning on the Black Panthers leaning

on this society and like the way people are in garden Heights like with thug life with gangs with like drug dealers all of this kind of stuff and it's things that 

I don't think a lot of people write about I don't think a lot of people read about this sort of subject and let alone like a why a book that is like 

so unbelievably popular is being read by so many different people I'm so glad that this story is getting shared around 

I'm so glad that this perspective has been highlighted because it is so unbelievably meaningful and I can't begin to describe what it means and how it feels to read this book so obviously this book is getting an a-plus for me 

I highly recommend it this should just be required reading honestly it is kind of heavy it does deal with themes that would probably be too much 

but I do feel like in a school setting or just in general this needs to be required reading because it talks about social issues and it talks about political issues in a way 

that people of this age like who are 16 who are in high school will understand it talks about it in a way that like is easy and relatable like this is how star is internalizing things 

this is how she's thinking about things this is how she's observing the world around her reactions are so real it felt like a real story and I just I cannot recommend it enough 

I cannot say enough good things about this book just go read it go watch the movie cry for two hours trusts me you will not regret it.

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