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Seriously, So Good by Carissa Stanton PDF Download

Find Your People by Jennie Allen Book pdf download


Find Your People by Jennie Allen Book pdf download

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Find Your People by Jennie Allen Book pdf download

Details of Find Your People by Jennie Allen Book

  • Book Name: Find Your People
  • Authors: Jennie Allen
  • Pages: 239
  • Genre: Self Help
  • Publish Date: Apr 5, 2022
  • Language: English

Book review:

Find your people by Jenny Allen um and I'm gonna be completely honest i didn't even read the last two chapters

yeah i really really struggled with this book um so i've only ever read one other book by her and it was her get out of your head book and i really really really enjoyed this i just like I

There was just something about it the way it was written and i really enjoyed it so when i saw that she had another book find your people i definitely wanted to read it 

I think this is where i think this might be where it's kind of it kind of lost me um and that is that she is an extrovert i am an introvert and i think 
So some of like the suggestions and the tips and stuff like that i think are really more for extroverted people so it's not necessarily that the book is bad it just i couldn't relate to it as much as i could get out of your head 

because i'm always in my head with anxiety um so i could definitely relate to this one um and so it was i just devoured this book um get out of your head and there was 

I really should take notes if i'm going to actually make this a thing like a monthly book review i should really start taking notes as i'm reading the books um but there were there was one thing um that where she really that's she lost me pretty quickly 

I would say in the book and it was when she was describing like how she pictures her old age and that um she really uh has this fantasy kind of when she is older 

After her husband has passed away she and her friends will um kind of like do this like I don't know like live on the beach type thing and they will always hang out and I just couldn't relate to that at all that's not like 

I just picturing life without my husband which i know is a reality right like one of us is going to go first um but just really picturing like oh i'll get to hang out with my friends more 

When my husband passes away kind of there was something about that that just kind of like it didn't sit well with me and i just couldn't relate and i think the issue might be that she is an extrovert 

I'm an introvert where i don't really need um social interactions like that i guess as an extrovert maybe you do crave stuff like that so maybe extroverts really um have that need inside of them to want to hang out with their friends and really picture 

But I just couldn't relate to that at all and that's really the moment in the book where she lost me and she even says in the book she says don't if you're an introvert don't put this down keep reading you know 

So she i know that maybe she recognized when she was writing it that maybe she would lose some people with it um but basically the gist of this book it's building deep community in a lonely world 

It it's kind of talking about how like technology has made it to where we don't have to rely on each other anymore and so um we are we have cut ourselves off socially 

I 100 agree with that i agree with most everything obviously i just could not finish the final two chapters i know maybe i will try reading this again and i'll come back to it and i'll try again but 

I just couldn't get through it and i'm you know the things that she's saying are not necessarily wrong i think just because it's through her lens and through her eyes there was a aspect of it that just wasn't really relatable to me

But i actually had a conversation with um one of my sisters in christ at church she came to america she said i want to say she said when she was 14 and so she was kind of describing 

How she grew up differently she's from nigeria and she grew up she didn't live in the village she lived in the city and so how different her life was compared to their lives  

We were talking about american eyes she was kind of telling me what that meant to her to be Americanized and um how she was so easily able to come to America and just kind of integrate herself into our culture 

So i reminded me that conversation reminded me of this book and so i i was just uh i brought up a reference that was made in here where jenny allen talks about one of her friends who is from an african country 

I can't even remember and um kind of talks about how lonely it is to be an american because we do cut ourselves off so i absolutely like agree with that um she does offer if you go through the book she does offer 

like a lot of tips and tricks like your turn create a gathering place like create a space for people to gather and i love that idea i love the concept she brings up gathering by the fire 

I have not looked into her if if the gathering is what it's called which is i guess the um the thing that she kind of runs or whatever i haven't really looked into that i don't really know anything about it 

but i do love that idea um she talks about gathering around the fire people talk more um engaging over food things like that and i definitely agree with that 

I agree with what she says and hear about vulnerability um and being like in order to have genuine relationships we do have to be vulnerable with each other 

She talks about the trap like different traps like the trap of independence the trap of busyness this is the last couple chapters which i kind of did not get into 

But it's not that i don't agree with it it's just something about it i don't i don't know i might really have to come back to this to this book 

But that is one of of the takeaways is that i think it's just because it's written through the lens of an extrovert and because i'm so introverted it was really hard for me to relate to it even though 

I agree with most everything that she is saying in the book um it was much different um than her book get out of your head get out of your head was just so much more like her kind of story a little bit more whereas this one seemed much more like a self-help book 

very much more geared to self-help and um whereas this one was like here's my story here's how it relates to this here's what you can do you know and it just didn't come across as much

as a self-help book whereas finder people definitely comes across as that it has you know a lot more recommendations of things and it's just just different writing i don't know i didn't prep for this book review.