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Below zero by Ali Hazelwood

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Below zero by Ali Hazelwood Pdf Download  

Details of Below zero by Ali Hazelwood Book

  • Book Name: Below zero
  • Authors: Ali Hazelwood
  • Pages: 132
  • Genre: Romance Novel
  • Publish Date: April 5, 2022
  • Language: English

Book Review 

Below zero by Ali Hazelwood so right off the bat I do want to say if you're not a fan of reylo if you were bamboozled into reading this book and then found out it was raylo and then were really really mad about it 

I have been really really looking forward to the release of this book and I am really excited to talk about it with you guys the love hypothesis is about a girl named olive she is a phd student 

She is working with pancreatic cancer and her whole life basically turns into a rom-com when she lies to her best friend says that she's you know over this guy 

She was dating her best friend should just go ahead and date him her best friend doesn't really believe her so she comes up with this lie it's like 

Yeah I'm dating somebody else um sees her friend oh shoot I'm supposed to be on a date and just randomly kisses the first person she sees and of course, this person that she sees is notorious for the biology apartment 

Mr. Adam Carlson or doctor I should say I love the setup of this it's really really fun I liked seeing how it was adapted from ao3 I really loved seeing the parts from that and how they were translated into this original story and like what parts were different as well 

It just made the overall experience really really fun to dig into from here adam and olive basically just start their fake dating adventure and it is just so tropey it is so fun and I really love all of the background stem stuff as well I majored in biology I was a plant-soil science major 

So I really loved seeing like this side of academia and I'm really glad that ali just like really leaned into it she wasn't afraid to like go into the science and what is the research and what are these people doing 

It just made everything feel a lot more tangible and that's something that i really really enjoyed something else that I liked that was added in is that olive is demis*xual and it is pretty fully explored within the story 

So i was very excited to see how it was translated and there were a couple of times where i was a little bit iffy like i'm not demis*xual so i can't speak fully to the experience within this book 

But i did keep on reading i did keep on going and i really love especially there's like a chapter and a half of smut in this book i'll go ahead and tell you when we got there 

Olive did like have this conversation and did kind of think through things in her mind and that's something that i was really happy to see and i really love that representation that we got in there 

I also like that it kind of fits in with some star wars head canons there are some head canons that rey is on that as*xual spectrum or that ben is as well 

So i liked seeing that explored within this story my one caveat with this book would be the friends and it's that i really didn't like her friends and i really feel like they weren't her friends 

If i didn't know that they were finn and rose i probably would have like super super didn't like them but knowing who they were supposed to be as they were translated did kind of help me a little bit 

But just listen if i had like my two best friends in the world and they both left me  to room just with whoever when i go to a convention like that's my worst nightmare like 

Yeah sure I understand the assumptions like oh you'd want a room with your boyfriend even though it's your fake boyfriend but like there was no conversation it just happened like i wish 

There would have been more of a legitimate reason as to that because just like that might have been some real-world problems we'll just throw that right in there 

But her friends i feel like olive maybe you need some better friends i don't know but overall this was an absolute joy to read I really enjoyed it 

I could see rereading it a bunch of times as well it has such a fun readability quality to it and everything just felt like the beats hit really well like 

It had a good amount of fluff it had a good amount of angst it had a good amount of smut in it it just all felt very well rounded and i really enjoyed it I honestly cannot recommend this book