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One of us is lying pdf download


One of us is lying pdf download

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One of us is lying pdf download 

Details of One of Us is Lying by Karen M. McManus

  • Book Name: One of Us Is Lying
  • Authors:  Karen M. McManus
  • Pages: 124
  • Genre: Romance Novel
  • Publish Date: 30 May 2017
  • Language: English

Book Review:

One of us is Lying by Karen McManus this book is a part of a series so it has a sequel and it is called one of us is next and this is obviously the first book in the series now this book belongs to the murder mystery genre 

If you know me you will know that I love a good mystery but I don't like the goose bumpy type of mysteries they really spook me out 

So if you have suggestions for any good murder mysteries or in general mysteries pop them in the comments below but one of my all-time favorites is and then they were none by Agatha christie 

But this has a special place in my heart or it has gotten so I don't remember the last time I read a book in one day I think it was maybe 2019 

The book was a man called ove or as i recently came about it it's called so a man called uwe and i read it in one day and after that one of us is lying is the book that are completed in one day 

I couldn't put this away it's a little page tanner but not only that it's a brain teaser as well so you are constantly working you are trying to find who is lying but the thing is that all the characters are so beautifully written this is crazy 

I am so in love with this book that i forgot to introduce the book to you guys i did a little bit but again let me just calm my nerves down and tell you a little bit about this book the basic hints about the story are giving on the front page yourself like 

one of us is lying and then on the subtext is written a geek a joke a criminal a princess a murderer who would you believe and that's it so this pretty much tells the story this pretty much tells what the story is about i apologize for the lighting 

i can't really do anything about it the electricity just went off i still have to film this video because it's 11 30 at night and i don't want to stay away for too long so it's almost 11 35 now so there is a brief introduction written on the back of the book 

if you get this version of the book then i wouldn't suggest you to read the back of it so there is a spoiler at the very back of it but things will get clear once you read the first chapter 

so you can read it after that because it does give a lot of insight as to what the characters are and who is the joke who is the criminal who is the geek and who is the princess so the princess one is pretty easy by the way 

Let me just talk about the characters after the first two chapters the writer has told the backstories of all the characters and by the time i started analyzing the entire murder thingy i fell in love with the characters and i literally didn't want any of the characters to be lying i was like no way i want to read this story

If any one of the characters is lying or anyone is the culprit which i don't know if anyone was or not the next thing that i want to talk about is the narratives so there are four narratives that this book has been told from but they are written 

So seamlessly and so flawlessly that i literally was enjoying reading all of those i was looking forward to the different narratives that are different people's perspective of the entire situation and i really really like that 

one more thing i want to mention is that i despise young adults like i just stay away from them so far i don't like reading a young adult at all but this was the exception I absolutely loved reading everything about this even though i have a few issues with the story and some issues with some characters but all in all i think that it's a pretty great novel 

so I am passionately recommending this to everyone who is watching this video the mystery in this one is written really really well i didn't know about the way things unfold I didn't know about it 

I didn't see it coming until it was mentioned or like i kind of saw it coming and then it was mentioned within the next few pages so you know it's a good story when this happens and the ending

I loved how everything just ties down everything just comes down together to towards the end because she has wrapped everything up.