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Saraswati physical education book for class 12 PDF

Saraswati physical education book for class 12 PDF

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Saraswati physical education book for class 12 PDF

Details of Saraswati physical education book for class 12pdf

  • Book Name: Saraswati physical education book for class 12
  • Authors: Dr. V.K. sharma
  • Pages: 288
  • Genre: Physical education
  • Publish Date:1 January 2019
  • Language: English

Book Review:

The theory is explained in detail and in most topics a subheading is given before each paragraph which gives the major idea to the topic. Also the chapter on fixtures is explained very well. Best wishes for the exam.

One of the toughest questions while preparing for class 12 board exam is choosing between books from different publications. And it's even more frustrating when your teacher tells you that you bought a useless book.

So, the best reference book for physical education that my teacher recommended to me was Edukart Physical Education Sample Question Papers.

The reasons I recommend this book are-

1. It is based on the latest paper pattern and short syllabus of CBSE Board Exams.
2. It provides a wide range of MCQ based questions, such as case and assertion-reason based. Other questions include important NCERT questions and PYQs.
3. All the questions, whether they are MCQs or VSAs, come with a well explained solution and also with related theory to further explain the concepts.
4. It provides additional benefits like mind map and toppers solution with each chapter.

NCERT Physics - I know you all hate it (me too), but it is recommended to read it at least once. Pay more attention to solved examples, then exercise and don't forget to do addition (leave any hard sums in this section, do what teaches the concept)

SL Arora - For many students NCERT may not be a good book for beginner. I had a lot of trouble doing it so I referred to Modern's ABC (~SL Arora) to illustrate my concepts. Do yoga in between exercises.

NCERT Examples - CBSE is moving more conceptual questions towards the exam pattern, it is important to understand the concepts deeply and implement them in a reasonable time frame. (Try solving conceptual questions and skip difficult questions)

Apart from these books, nothing else is really needed, but what sets Toppers apart from the rest is definitely organization and consistency.

Here's what I did extra!

Make separate note copy for all the important derivations.

Similarly, create one just for the formula After solving each chapter, mark the important questions from the book (this is extremely important)

Get Previous Year Question Bank (I Prefer Arihant Chapter-wise-Subject wise)

Solve it after each chapter, and mark the questions which you find important.
Now that you know what type of questions come, make a separate copy to make notes (it doesn't mean copying the whole book), 

write clear definitions, diagrams, and graphs (important from NCERT) and a number of questions Write what you marked earlier (and the page number).
The above points are your revision notes which will help you before the exam. (Trust me, it's impossible to read the whole book before the exam, I'm not kidding)

Before the exam, solve mock papers and sample papers under strict time restrictions.

repeat! repeat! repeat! (This is the key to success).

I would say this is the easiest subject to score 95+. By easiest I mean, it requires least effort as compared to others to score well in this subject. I had physical education as my additional subject in school and self-studied that subject in 10 days (as it was not taught in school, being an additional subject).

Consider yourself the examiner. You are given a job to check the papers in stipulated time and of course, you want to earn the maximum while correcting the papers, so you will try to get the papers correct at the maximum rate possible. 

So, if a paper pops up while correcting papers that are not written neatly, the answers are badly crumpled from the cutting on all sides. Would you feel happy about it? Of course not. 

You want the answers to be neat (at least legible) so that you can quickly understand what the student is trying to create and thus, maintain your maximum rate of correcting the papers to earn more. Just remember this simple principle when writing your paper. 

Write as clearly as you can, and draw sketches where needed. An organized form of answer writing is always welcomed and is possible only when:

(i) The material in your mind is in an organized form, properly assimilated.

(ii) And you bring that material to the sheet of paper in a very systematic and cohesive manner.

(i) To be, studying from more than 1 source, preparing notes is extremely helpful (mentioned below)

(ii) For this to happen, you must be alert and alert at that very moment. That's why everyone always gives the advice of good sleep last night.