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Lakhmir Singh Class 8 Science PDF Free Download


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Lakhmir Singh Class 8 Science PDF Free Download

    Details of Lakhmir Singh Class 8 Science 

    • Book Name: Lakhmir Singh Class 8 Science 
    • Authors:  Lakhmir Singh, Manjit Kaur
    • Pages: 544 
    • Genre: Study Material 
    • Publish Date: 1 January 2020
    • Language: English

    Book Review:

    Although most of us learned about science in our secondary school, many teachers find it difficult to implement the subject in their classrooms. For this reason, some teachers have improvised with their classes by using games, experiments and projects to teach science. 

    One such brilliant teacher is Lakhmir Singh from Budha village in Haryana. Mr. Singh has created a unique teaching method for his students by using mason jars to collect data and explain concepts.

    Throughout the year, Mr. Singh uses his Mason jar method to teach his students about various scientific ideas. He first introduces his students to the concept of games and competitions. 

    He then asks his students to prepare an experiment and record their results on a chart. Next, he leads his students in explaining the theory of evolution and how bacteria, viruses and germs affect human life. 

    After discussing these topics, Mr: Singh would then give his students a project to work on- whether it be writing a report, making a model or creating a game. His classes are very interesting and interactive because of how he uses the Mason jar method to teach science.

    One unique project that Mr. Singh has created for his students is collecting blood samples from himself and his students for scientific research. For this project, he uses a jar with a lid that fits securely on top of the jar's main body. 

    He then pours sugar inside the jar so that he can easily collect his students' blood samples. After collecting his students' blood, Mr: Singh stores it in a refrigerator so that it stays fresh until he transfers it to his lab later that week. 

    By doing this, Mr: Singh can test the quality of his students' blood and compare it to good blood samples from healthy people. During class, he can talk about viruses, bacteria and other diseases that affect humans. 

    By storing his students' blood samples in the jar, Mr: Singh can explain these diseases to his classmates and educate them at the same time.

    Since collecting data from experiments is hard work, Mr. Singh also uses mason jars for creating unique science projects for his class. For one project, he built a windmill so that his students could learn how to use it by themselves. 

    Another project involved building catapults for boys in his village so that they could practice hunting techniques and catch animals for food instead of relying on government food supplies all the time. 

    Considering Mr: Singh's neighbor's constant hunger problems, this was an ideal project for him as well- teaching practical skills while providing food for hungry people at the same time!

    Although teaching science can be difficult when you're new at it, Lakhmir Singh has found a brilliant way to teach his class inspired by scientific research methods himself! 

    He uses Mason jars to collect data from experiments and competitions throughout the year before organizing written reports during class periods. 

    Not only does he inspire his students with unique projects but he also educates them about various scientific ideas through blood tests and dangerous experiments with himself as subject! If only all our teachers were half as inspiring as Mr: Singh!