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Acts of God by Kanan Gill Pdf Download

Craving Us by Kat T. Masen Pdf download


Craving Us by Kat T. Masen Pdf download

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Craving Us by Kat T. Masen Pdf download

Details About Blood Moon Sanctum by Zian Schafer  PDF

  • Book Name: Blood Moon Sanctum 
  • Authors: Zian Schafer 
  • Pages: 439
  • Genre: Fantasy Romance
  • Publish Date: 23 March 2023
  • Language: English

Book Review:

Craving Us by Kat T. Masen this book that was telling me I needed to read it actually reached out to Kat herself and said hey can you tell me a little bit more she was so nice about it we talked about it a little bit and I decided to give it a try and let me tell you I'm so happy I did I highlighted the heck out of 

This book there was just so much that I connected to and if I'm being honest that's why infidelity in books is hard for me is that I've had experience in its relationships with it and so therefore it just takes me back there and all those feelings and so that's why it's hard for me 

This book was different though and I think well I kind of know why but let's just say it was different for me I knew and it kind of cemented you know 

Three almost right away charlie one of the main characters said something and I was like yup there's my sign I was supposed to read this book and this is what she says each time I experienced a level of discomfort for trying out something different I always try to remind myself 

Why I push my boundaries I pushed my boundaries as a reader because I want to be a better reader I want to experience new things through reading I want to see different perspectives I want to hear from different points of view and I knew when I read that there started my connection to the story 

This book is told by both Charlie and Alex's point of view there are the two main characters I love that we got point both of their points of view they've known each other forever because Charlie is Alex's sister Adriana's best friend so they've been a they've known each other forever but there comes a point 

When Alex is back from college he's newly married Charlie's grown up a little bit they run into each other in the hallway at Adriana and Alex's house and are like oh wow we've both grown up the book begins in the present day we find out shortly because like 

I said it goes back and forth between past and present we find out pretty quick that they haven't seen each other for nine years there's been no communication obviously I'm not giving too much of a spoiler in telling you that Alex and Charlie end up having an affair it broke my heart a bit because Charlie was 

So young she was a senior in high school Alex you know he was a bit little bit older and you know of course they both knew better but circumstances were the circumstances I found myself accepting Alex's excuses and understanding why he was drawn to Charlie I liked him I wanted to not like him because he's not he's kind of a jerk the present-day Lex is a jerk but 

We know why as we read the book he does not enter into this relationship with Charlie frivolously he understands his vows he knows what he promised to do but he's not happy in his marriage though his wife is different she it's a new marriage she's changed completely she wants things that 

He's not ready for she's changed her tune as far as things go they're not connecting anymore he's not happy really with his job so much there's a lot of factors in he's not a happy person at that time and Charlie comes back into his life again charlie is a young woman and this is her first love she gets like smacked beside the head with Alex and she feels 

So attracted to him and falls for him really hard really fast I understood where they were coming from but I did also keep waiting for that horrible sickening feeling that I get with infidelity to happen 

I love the path that Kat put us on in finding out the things that we needed to know about their story and when we find them out we know that they did not have an amical amicable breakup we know that they haven't seen each other in nine years there's no reason for us to think that they would ever run into each other 

But it's interesting that as as far apart as they seem they're acting very much the same in their lives at that moment neither one of them has settled down with anybody else neither one of them has had any you know real long-term serious relationships since their relationship 

we know that Lexa's marriage has ended like I said he's kind of a jerk and we know that Charlie hasn't given herself to anybody else and we kind of know why but it was interesting to to listen to her thoughts about all of that in walks Julian he's exactly who you would hope for if you were Charlie he seems perfect he is smitten they have chemistry they like each other immediately he just seems amazing and yet the concrete brick impenetrable wall that Charlie has up you know she's holding back and there's some things that she said that 

I would like to share with you I've always thought the banter between us never taking our relationship too seriously it's one of the best things about our relationship the butterflies over such simple conversation except tonight my happy butterflies are battling or more like knocking the living out of the nauseous ones I'm not doing anything wrong 

So why do I feel guilty we laugh as we dance his body against mine I closed my eyes enjoying this moment of bliss make this work charlie I keep chanting in my head I deserve someone who will love me and only me Charlie has incredible baggage left over and something that 

I heard her say and felt in her words over and over again was that she was second best in her relationship with Alex when they were younger that he was married he had somebody else that he had to put first his wife she always wants somebody to put her first this is something else Charlie says that really affected me lost in this moment filled with promises of a new life together 

I smile as I hold on to him I need more than anything to feel wanted and feel loved Julianne is offering her the fairytale it is right in front of her so of course cue Lex walking back into her life I didn't want to like Lex Alex but I did they are both shell-shocked when they run into each other they can't believe they're seeing each other again after nine years and it was interesting because 

This book took me through so many emotions and I felt their tension and their sadness and their yearning and their indecisive oh my gosh like what are we gonna do about this I felt all of that so perfectly which is what helped me get through their really hard times in the book and overlooked the fact that there was infidelity because you know it's in the beginning and then 

It's through the book and I you know you can use your imagination with that but something that really hit me profoundly was how Alex I should say Lex how Lex was so I have to make us right I have to make sure she understands where I'm coming from I have to get her back 

I've never gotten over her and he is like not that he's nice cuz he's very domineering and he's very alpha and very possessive of her but yet he was so hell-bent on her understanding where he was coming from and what happened and she Charlie is like so angry and so hurt and it comes out explosively towards him and I understood where she was coming from their interactions are filled with hurt anger passion devastation I mean just 

So so many emotions and every time they had an interaction oh my gosh my stomach hurt Oh oh they have some why I should say Charlie has some great friends I loved them and it's very obvious who is team Lex and who is team Julian and it was funny because she also has a good friend Eric and he was like the comedic relief that I 

So desperately needed in amongst all of this emotion and heartbreak that I was feeling Eric was hysterical and the stuff that came out of his mouth oh my gosh and I want to read you one of the passages because it was so flippin funny so this is Eric talking to Charlie all I'm saying is that every time you're near him your Tatas jump for joy your beaver singing celebration 

I swear I can almost hear a gospel cup choir singing Hallelujah this is the kind of stuff that he said he was hysterical and then something that her friend Nikki says which I highlighted as well which really made me stop and think hesitation is a product of fear because of course Charlie's fear is all over these pages she's afraid to let Julian go she's afraid to let 

Lex in she is afraid afraid afraid and let me tell you when Nikki said that I was like yep there it is that I understand there were a few other passages that really moved me that I'd like to share with you the first one is from Charlie the memory comes barreling in like a cyclone ready to destroy how easily you forget how easily the pain subsides by the touch of his lips on your own he broke you Charlie broke what you had even though he promised never to hurt you he's chose someone else

I need to hurt him the same way he did to me Oh isn't she right I understand what she's saying and then soon after we get Lex's point of view and this is what he says our worlds have reversed and there wasn't a damn thing I can do about it the emotion and then lastly this is the one that broke the dam this is where the tears I had been on the verge or one coming down and this is the one that made me cry it's from Charlie's perspective well you know what she starts her eyes burn with a raging flame since you asked the question here it goes it took me 

Two years and 26 days after you left me to be able to kiss someone else exactly three years in 86 days since the day you left me to have sex with another man and even then every person I was with the whole five of them was to escape the very effing shitty hole you left me and it affected me so much because and I'm very lucky in this department in that 

I married my first love and our relationship is not perfect of course not we're not perfect nobody's perfect but when you have that great first love and you give it your all because you have no idea how not to and that person takes that love and tarnishes it with whatever it is that they do - then try to love again is the most brave thing and whether it's the same person or somebody else it's the most brave thing that you can do.