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Carry On by Rainbow Rowell PDF Download


Carry On by Rainbow Rowell PDF Download

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Carry On by Rainbow Rowell PDF Download 

  • Book Name:: Carry On
  • Author: Rainbow Rowell
  • Genre:  Romance
  • Publish Date: 6 October 2015
  • Language: English
Book Review

carry on by Rainbow Rowell and I forget to love this book this is so much fun it was such a good fun read for me 

I kept referring to her as like little bubblegum read because it's just it's something you can chew on and enjoy and just really like felt like a high school kid all over again

 it's just a really brilliant delightful read which is just run straight through you and it has this matter what you don't know how well you can see I've got the softcover version 

but that references various different bits throughout the book which is cool and then also there are these really nice illustrations peppered in between

 so I'm at bars are two students at this school it very much is a kind of parallel spin-off world to Harry Potter there are all sorts of references in there I mean I think it's kind of framed in everyone's mind that you know going into this that it is drawing from that universe and that's part of 

its appeal like you feel like you've already been through all of those emotions and those previous experiences and it's kind of in in the later years and the schooling years of Simon's life 

so you know he's been up against there but the situations are different their reference differently he's had different flights and different bad situations occur with his arch-nemesis whose bars

 who he's confirmed being up against there's this humdrum is basically Baltimore and it's got all those things going on so you feel comfortable in this world you feel like you have been in this world before 

but it is new and different and that's fine impart I also felt like it was stealing references from Buffy the Vampire Slayer I don't know if anybody else's felt this way but in terms of Buffy's relationship with Spike it ends up sleeping with Spike and forming a relationship with him

 but it's the kind of I want to kill you but I also want a real kind of attitude that particularly comes across with bad and was cool about bars of the 

when you look through his eyes and it flicks between Simon and Baz in perspective it enters knowing that Baz has this ongoing crush on Simon 

but he also for some reason is desperate to kill his answer is this really kind of fatalistic attitude I also love the fact that as a vampire just for added drama and effect I thought that was great and I can totally remember that kind of feelings of who was really am attracted to you 

I don't know if anybody else's had that kind of experience for you're like and then it was weird is that you it flips with them Simon and he's he and that one who himself became going for in for a kiss with bass and that's it was really like 

well okay where did that come from I just really enjoyed how he then wanted to stay with bass and explore that kind of relationship together instead of being taken away by Penelope an actor but those two characters of brilliant and I thought no he kind of reminded me. 

in some ways like a much more edgy educated confident version of willow, some ways and Agatha was almost like the Cordelia of the group 

I don't know if that's just me in terms of my points of reference but it just felt like there were also parallels with those kinds of narratives and those types of characters as well 

what I also really like is in this world the laws of magic or all surrounded by language in itself in terms of phrases that are really popular and have power 

but they can lose that power over time depending on how effective they are I thought it was a really clever kind of play on the power of language I just really enjoyed slipping into this little bit of fluff for a while 

it was just really good fun it felt like a 90s kind of series two television series I was just entering but instead, you're playing the lead role of either assignment of Basel bit both and it's great to go through their heads and see their perspectives and feel their kind of passion and rage for each other 

I just thought it was great so I think that's all I wanted to say about this one for today I hope you enjoyed it.