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Nine lives by Peter Swanson pdf download

  • Book Name: Nine Lives
  • Authors: Peter Swanson
  • Pages: 243
  • Genre: Thriller, Mystery Fiction
  • Publish Date: Mar 3, 2022
  • Language: English

Book Review:

So peter Swanson wrote a new book it's called nine lives and their very simple premise a cast of characters is given a list with nine names on it one of them being their own and those people on the list are being murdered 

There are also some side characters and it's a pretty straightforward concept now I thought I loved peter Swanson we're going to get to my feelings of his past books later on overall all 

I can say is this book was fine the characters were fine the plot was fine the uh pacing was fine the twist was fine nothing about it was really memorable though so starting with the characters there are so many of them 

You have the nine people on the list you have a couple of their family members you have friends colleagues of these uh characters and there were just too many of them to really be fleshed out and i'm between a rock and a hard place 

Because i always say that the only way for a thriller or horror book to work for the attention to be building is for me to care about the characters for if they're in danger I need a reason to care that if something happened to them 

Because it's just well this random character is being threatened okay do I care about this random character how would their death or injury affect family members' relationships the cat is just tearing up my apartment that's fine 

It's it doesn't work for me to just have a character be threatened and then be a not careful character but there are so many of these characters that the author tries to establish relationships between these characters' conflicts 

That they're having in their personal lives the struggles that they're going through there's so much motivation like I want to care about these characters because I'm given reason to 

But the second that that reason is established I'm not left with those characters for it to be expanded on and for them to feel like a whole person that their death or someone threatening them means anything really

Because it's just not enough it was so this book needed to be longer but if this book got longer I would care more about the characters there's no doubt in my mind that these are well-realized characters that just didn't get the page time devoted to them 

But if you make the book longer then you're compromising the pacing because the pacing I feel would be really good um I've seen some books or some reviews online saying they felt it dragged in the beginning 

But I really liked just go them going about their day and like not knowing what this random piece of mail with nine names including theirs really is and the book itself is broken down not so much in chapters 

But like people left alive so it goes like nine and then a couple chapters ate a couple chapters and go from there so I really like just the pacing how the plot was structured and I found it to be pretty fast-paced I read this entire book in a day granted 

I listened to the audiobook because I'd normally listen to peter Swartz's books on audio um so I don't know no i I'm more character-focused so I definitely would have liked more time to go to these characters there were only like two characters 

That I was really invested in their safety and I had like one little moment of as I literally audible gasped because I didn't want anything to happen to certain characters and then there was another character who I expected well something might happen to you 

But I expect it to be like near the end so it happened during a time that I wasn't expecting for them to be threatened and then you have some character introductions I wasn't expecting overall all I can say is this book was average characters I didn't love or dislike any of them the pacing was good 

But the plot itself was such a simple premise that there wasn't much originality that could be taken with it the book even acknowledges this is kind of what's been done before and this is kind of what's happening now I would have loved for some other type of unique spin 

What else is there to say about this book the twist I'm not going to go into spoilers at all however if you find comparing something to another series or character a spoiler you can stop here just know I gave it three stars and you can skip to this timestamp? 

If you want about my feelings peter Swanson's books over time I would compare the person involved in all this similar to jigsaw from not in any exploitative torture porn kind of way this book is very not graphic at all 

But the convoluted nature and reasoning and motives and layers of reasoning that almost contradict each other's like buddy just calm down if you just want to go on a murder spree and you had to come up with all these reasons for why sure sure 

But I really do compare them to jigsaw from saw it was my immediate thought once everything was revealed it's like you want you to watch the sas series I can respect that all right again I don't have any real complaints about this book very average very three-star kind of forgettable simple 

But well written there just weren't any unique tapes that I found um peter Swanson's books as a whole I have realized something he is an instant author from me just because of the kind worth killing it was the first thriller book I ever read instant five stars I'm terrified to reread it 

Because I don't know if I'm going to love it or if it was just because it was my first thriller ever then I read his next books and when I list them in publication order they kind of get progressively worse and worse in my very subjective 

Yeah subjective opinion like each book he publishes i like slightly less than the one before it i haven't read two of his books so i do need to read them 

So thankfully at least his last two books i despised um was eight perfect murders two-star really really disliked all the characters hated the plot hated everything pretty much about that book and then the book after it every value break 

Thankfully i didn't hate as much as eight perfect murders i ranted it up to a three star as the beginning was a five star and the ending was a one star 

So at least this one's a comfortable three stars i don't know if this author is just for me anymore because i've disliked his books less and less each time he writes one i don't know if anything's going to capture the kind worth killing and i don't even know 

If that's still going to hold up over time like i said i'm terrified to re-read it that's all i got for uh this book again it was a good book i enjoyed it it's just sad when an author that wasn't is to buy and you love 

So much writes an average book and it just feels a little worse than it should because this is a good book i just wanted it to be great all right that's all i got i gotta go figure out what my cat's doing because it's found something.

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