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Clockwork Angel Book Pdf Download


Clockwork Angel Book Pdf Download

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Clockwork angel book pdf download

  • Book Name: Clockwork Angel Book
  • Authors:  Cassandra Clare
  • Pages: 498
  • Genre: Romance novel, Fiction
  • Publish Date:31 August 2010
  • Language: English

Book Review 

I talked about the reading of hyped books and I talked a little bit about this book specifically and the fandom and stuff 

I feel like if you don't you might bombard me with opinions and things that are not going to be really helpful because this series 

This book this fandom is so hyped out of this world and such an existing just juggernaut that I know 

I'm going into this with people having very very strong opinions very strong preconceived notions is not a disclaimer 

But I just want to remind you that this is my first Cassandra Clare book and that I am not coming into it with the same kind of love that you have after reading 12 of her books 

Chill out it's fine number one before I even continue yes I am going to be to continue this series I plan to I always plan to read the series that was my thing going in 

Number two I am not planning on reading the mortal instruments do not tell me that I should have read the mortal instruments 

I do not want to read the mortal instruments I only have interest in this one series by her if I plan a range rover series 

I'll go back and read the mortal instruments and I'm really that attached to it but I've been told that plenty of people that this series does stand on its own 

So this is me coming to you with reviewing this as a standalone series but also knowing and having pregnancy knowledge of the fandom that's a weird introduction it's not a disclaimer 

Because I'm not apologizing for anything but it's just like there's a need for everyone to breathe because when I said that I was reading this book on Goodreads 

I got over 400 likes and probably thirty-five comments which is the most I've ever gotten ever she'll be crazy 

So first thousand we'll talk about the world-building as I said is my first-ever Cassandra clare book I went into this knowing thing about the world is because the fandom is so huge 

So I recognized character names of character last names I know vaguely who they're related to within the mortal in I knew what things were what the marks were on their skin what they were always happening 

So that wasn't the hard way to get into and I don't think anybody going into it without any of that pre-knowledge without a problem either this is really easy to get into and I really like the kind of victorian 

London setting is specifically why I wanted to read this series because that setting really interests me and I also heard that it was a kind of a tale of two cities kind of retelling not really 

But kind of inspired by that as well so something that I really liked I definitely saw that here 

So I enjoyed that and I enjoyed that kind of urban fantasy feel to it that it does have and it is incredibly easy to jump into even if you have no pre-existing knowledge of the mortal instruments at all next time 

I talk about the characters so again I come into this with pre-listing knowledge because I feel like it's impossible to avoid this point of these characters kind of I knew that 

Tessa will and jem are like the three mains and they eventually form a love triangle I do not believe that's a spoiler at all it's pretty damn obvious going into it and if you haven't heard that before then 

You've been living under a rock because I've known that since I feel like these books came out 

So first I looked at si the main character I liked her more as the book went on I wasn't necessarily instantly connected to her 

I do like her spunk and I do like her wit but I didn't see that kind of more fierce character that I was expecting to be getting until later on obviously because everybody talks about 

How great she is what they have the entire series to go off of when they talk about her 

So I feel like she doesn't get that spunk in that war in earnest until later but I'm really excited to see how that evolves throughout the series and that's gonna be really fun 

Because I do like the foundation that was laid for her as far as will and jem I'm not going to go into like whose team I'm on or whatever this play 

Because I haven't read enough of the series to really know I do like their little dynamic that they're kind of opposites of one another gem is a sweet little precious being and will is a brat and like 

So they're as they're opposites kind of in the way that they look and in the way that they act and all these kinds of things 

So that's always kind of fun I do really look forward to seeing that love triangle dynamic again that's one of the reasons why I read this series is 

Because everybody says how good of a love triangle it is and I am a fan of really strong love triangles and I do feel from even this first book 

We don't get a ton of it in the first book but I do feel like from this first book even you have like your love 

All sides of the triangle kind of think like everybody in the triangle is going to love one another and that makes them just really emotional happy 

So I'm looking forward to that again this is very much a foundational book so there's not a lot that you could really get into in this first book 

I knew that going into it I've been warned about that going into it and all that lastly I'm a talk about the plot this is incredibly easy to read because Andra claire did get her start in like fanfiction 

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