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A Court of Wings and Ruin Pdf Download


A Court of Wings and Ruin Pdf Download

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A court of wings and ruin pdf

  • Book Name: A Court of Wings and Ruin
  • Authors: Sarah J. Maas
  • Pages: 700
  • Publish Date: 2 May 2017
  • Language: English
  • Genre: Fantasy Fiction

Book Review:

A court of wings and ruin by Sarah j maas, so this is the third book in the court of thorns and roses trilogy this is going to be a continuing series 

So in the back of this book but it's going to be more of a companion series from here on out we don't exactly know all the details of how exactly it's gonna go down 

What kind of companions Alice's are gonna be and what chronological order they're going to be in this is the last of this little trilogy 

So that's why I'm going to be referencing this as the final book even though the series and the world is technically continuing 

So first off with this booklet talk about the world-building world building at this point is pretty well-established but there are a few things kind of added in at this book and different courts that we get to experience and stuff like that but the foundation of the world-building I feel was done mostly 

In the second book, there are a few things that are edited in this book but I'm not sure how well they're really done she starts to bring in this kind of eastern European folklore thing going on that I'm more familiar with because 

I've read a couple different retellings of that I'm sure other people that live in eastern Europe are even more familiar with it 

I'm not sure that it was executed very well and it's brought in and kind of just left there and again this is going to be a continuing series of more companion books and stuff 

So I'll get to that in a second in that piece but this was just kind of dropped in a way that I don't feel was executed that well 

But I'm interested to see where that does go in the future with the future books and stuff and I'm intrigued as to why that kind of eastern European folklore was suddenly dropped in in the last book that felt a little bit disjointed 

But I really like seeing a lot of the other courts in a lot of the other parts of the world that's always fun I love all the different fake courts if we could spend even more time then I'd be very happy I did miss seeing some of our established courts a little more often but it was nice to branch out and see

Some of the ones that we hadn't seen which is cool next let me talk about our characters again the majority of the characters were established in previous books 

But they do get built upon in here and some I felt like had really good development and some I felt like it just kind of floundered a bit again a common theme in this for me was a failure of execution and a failure of just living up to the expectations of what the second book set up 

So I feel like there are so many characters in this book that they almost didn't all have time to really mature and get different arcs and stuff like that and there were some things that felt kind of rushed kind of thrown in one of my complaints about Accomack which I had very few because I adored Akka math 

One of my complaints, not accomack was that I felt like Sarah Tomas is really just kind of pairing up everybody and that kind of continues with this book which I'm just kind of like 

I like the ships that we get presented with but at the same time not everybody has to date though

So that's kind of whatever but again it's setting up more for the future books in the series for the spin-off books in the series I'm sure the spin-off books will follow different couples to be honest because that's just kind of how these are set up 

So it was setting up stuff for that but at the same time again kind of like I said with the world-building stuff is just kind of dropped in and not resolved and while this is going to be a companion series 

I come from the world of urban fantasy I am familiar with companion series and spin-offs and everything else that is where I was born the cradle in which I was raised 

So I know how this works and you still wrapped things up well within trilogies because you shouldn't have to read companion novels their companions they're like supplemental you shouldn't have to read them to get things resolved 

So I feel like this didn't go so well for that reason in certain places because you didn't have that kind of wrap-up that you should have had because this is still the finale of a trilogy 

As of right now unless she announces that all of these same characters are gonna be at the protagonist and everything else which she hasn't she's alluded to it being companions then that would be relevant to you for watching this in the future and that's what happened and that would be relevant 

But at this point with what they infer he should have been given this is the end of this trilogy with these particular protagonists 

But I still adore our characters I love so many of them I still love Farah adds protagonists I didn't like her in book 1 I hated their favourite book 1 

I adored her in book 2 and I continued to adore her in book 3 I think she's just really come into her own it's so nice to see her character growth is so nice to see her really becoming familiar and at peace with herself with her past with everything about her and very comfortable in her roles and very defensive of her family's various families 

Whether they are found families or her actual biological family all of that really speaks to me I continue again to like her and Reese's relationship they're great and I love all the friendships within the night cork there they're perfect so that's always a fun time 

Lastly, we talked about the plot this is a 700-page book and I still felt like there was enough time for everything I've been referencing there are a lot of things that are dropped into this book a lot of things they're starting to be explored in this book and it wasn't wrapped up enough 

I felt like this could have been a four-book series for this part of the plot again I know it's a continuing series I don't want to hear it I know but for this part of this story I think it could have been four books I think there's a lot of things that were rushed in this book that should have taken way more time 

That should have been way more precarious that shouldn't have just been like dropped in and then resolved immediately that happened a lot throughout the story 

There's a lot of that like dose ex Machina stuff happening where it's like oh we're and it's like but wait and it gets resolved really quickly and man I'm not a fan of doing that, especially in finales because it feels so rushed 

I have a lot of finales that I feel like I like this is my continuing problem with finales if you guys are not aware I come from a place of just not doing very well with finales 

I feel like finales typically speaking fail to execute fail to live up to expectations and just don't take it far enough and I feel like that's happened with this happens a lot more in why fantasy and any really why a story that I've read 

I have an incredibly hard time with finales of any kind but particularly why a one's it's very very rare for me to like them even more than the first couple of books in the series like they just tend to take a dip for me 

I felt like stuff was still rushed I felt like loose ends were not tied up I felt like new threads were dropped in and too many of them were dropped in and that we didn't get enough time I will say that 

I think I enjoyed the first third to first half of the book a lot more I felt like that pacing was a lot better and if you went on I felt like you started to rush because we were running out of time there's only so much that can happen blah blah blah and it was just too much of easy getting out of situations and stuff like that 

For a situation like this that is incredibly precarious and that is super dangerous like that shouldn't be it shouldn't be that easy it shouldn't be like that 

I felt like a lot of really important things but kind of started to falter in book three and not quite be as important so the build-up and everything and expectations there just didn't get fulfilled 

So yeah ultimately I still enjoyed this book a lot I still loved being with the characters I still loved seeing where the story went do I felt like equipment is taken further absolutely this is typically how I feel about finales 

But did I overall really enjoy the story and really like this trilogy overall even though I hated a katar and loved Asimov and this is kind of somewhere in the middle yes

So ultimately I gave this one 3.5 out of 5 stars I originally rated it at 4 on Goodreads as kind of a placeholder but I've been thinking about it since I read it and I think ultimately it's gonna be a 3.5 star for me. 

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