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Seriously, So Good by Carissa Stanton PDF Download

The Resting Place by Camilla Sten books pdf download

The Resting Place by Camilla Sten books pdf download

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The Resting Place by Camilla Sten books pdf download

  • Book Name: The Resting Place
  • Authors: Camilla Sten
  • Pages: 328
  • Genre: Horror Fiction
  • Publish Date: Mar 29, 2022
  • Language: English

Book review:

The resting place by camilla sten, so first i will definitely give you guys a synopsis of the book then we will talk about a little bit more of my thoughts and feelings on the book 

maybe who this book is going to be intriguing too and we'll go from there so you guys can see if this is a book that you would be interested in reading from 

so again this is by camilla sten she actually wrote it but it's been translated since then so if you're looking for a book that's been translated it could be a good place to check out 

i also really enjoyed her other book that i've read by her and so definitely check that one out as well 

but let's go ahead and talk about the synopsis of the resting place so in the resting place we are following eleanor and eleanor has prognasia 

i believe is how you say it basically she has face blindness so she really has a hard time remembering people's faces and she tries to just like pull out very distinguishing characteristics to help her start to get to know someone until she can like recognize their voice 

a little bit more maybe their smell or something so one day she shows up at her grandma's first sunday night dinner and her grandma is like somebody rushes past her 

and she goes in and her gram's on the ground and she is dying and bleeding everywhere and it's a very like traumatic moment for her but she saw the killer 

and can't recognize them because of the space blindness so now it's been a few months and she has to go out to her grandma's estate that she didn't even know her grandma owned 

but it's a home that she's had like her whole life apparently and so she's headed out there with her boyfriend sebastian and her aunt veronica 

and then they're meeting a lawyer out there as well to help kind of get the estate together figure out what's out there and get everything you know put together 

and figure it out and all that fun stuff that goes along with inheriting this kind of stuff so they all head out there and when they get there they're trying to find the groundskeeper that kind of works the ground 

they haven't been able to get a hold of him or anything like that and they just kind of start exploring and looking around as well and seeing what is there and in the process 

some weird things start happening eleanor at one point thinks she sees some man standing out in the distance next to one of the other like outbuildings 

she gets like pushed into like a dumbwaiter thing that's between the bedroom and the kitchen um just some weird stuff and she's like what is going on and nobody super believes her at the moment 

and there's just like there's a lot of weird stuff happening and then they get snowed in and uh things just get a little bit more hectic 

so this is kind of one of those stories where you're questioning what's really going on is there somebody else in the house is it more of a paranormal thing 

you're also trying to discover a little bit more of kind of these family secrets that have been happening and going on that eleanor didn't know about and she's kind of discovering more about 

so we kind of have that we also have a flashback time as well we're following in this diary of someone who was a maid at the house back when everybody lived there 

and so you're also getting a little bit of snippets there so you can learn a bit more about the history of the family now my personal thoughts and feelings about this 

so let's go ahead and start with the characters uh eleanor she definitely has some issues she has some mental health issues she goes to therapy 

i can appreciate that they talked about that and that she was getting help and i really enjoyed that but i don't really feel like i got to know her very much 

i don't really feel connected to her she was just the character that was there and i mean that's fine that is what it is 

but it just didn't give me a ton sebastian's very loyal of a boyfriend and you know you'll like him because he's there for her throughout everything 

and so i can appreciate that but again like you just there wasn't a lot of personality i will say vivian who passed away we get some of her interactions from memories and from the diary entries 

she seemed like a very interesting woman and i think she was well developed so kind of a mixed bag with some of the characterization in a mystery thriller i think that you don't necessarily need like super complex characters 

if you can still make some other plot devices work um and sometimes you're just questioning everybody so you just don't get to know as much about everybody because you're kind of like who did what what's happening i will say plot wise 

i feel like it just felt very much similar to a lot of other things that i've read in this way it is a closed and you're stuck in this estate because it's snowing blizzarding outside 

so people who like that kind of locked in mystery definitely would enjoy this it kind of brings me back to kind of jennifer mcmahon with kind of these two different plot lines and i think 

if you like her work you would like camilla stan's work as well because they have that kind of more historical line and then also a present day line and things kind of happening between the two 

so i definitely would kind of check out either oars work depending on what you like and if that's something you're interested in if you like a little bit more historical aspect into your mystery 

definitely this could work but i personally sometimes get a little tired with the snowden thing i don't know that i loved the face blindness thing either like she probably could have just found her grandma and never accidentally seen the killer like that i don't know that that was necessary to the story 

i think it could have worked without it and been fine but i don't know maybe i'm just missing something there i was surprised by the ending quite a bit i thought i knew exactly where it was going like 70 and i was like oh my gosh this is gonna be so predictable and i totally thought i knew where 

it was going and it totally went a different direction so i was definitely surprised by what actually ended up happening and everything there so ending well done 

it had that surprise factor if you like to have a different like ending where you're just you can't even guess it i definitely i mean i personally couldn't guess it i don't guess endings super often though 

so i don't know you know you can be your own judge of this read it check it out i definitely think the ride was enjoyable in overall like it was well paced it was quick moving for most of it 

but there were moments where you kind of slowed down and you got some information i think the pacing was really well done in this book as far as like the atmosphere of this kind of snowy area 

i can definitely picture some of the areas of this house in my brain and some of the little out areas and everything like that i don't feel like i got that feeling of being overwhelmingly cold although 

it was really cold and she did explain some of that um but again that could have been lost a little bit in translation as well 

but i definitely would say like i can imagine this old estate and the grounds and stuff so i think that it was well put together to where 

i could really like imagine these things in my mind and i definitely enjoyed that quite a bit so that kind of gives you some ideas of where my mind's at with a few of the different things within the story 

and what i kind of thought i will say that i ended up reading this one a three and a half star i definitely have very much enjoyed it it just didn't like do anything different or crazy that totally dragged me into it and was 

like oh wow okay i am like totally into the story and but i do think that people who really like that locked in closed in mystery uh with the snowstorm kind of thing going on would like this quite a bit more for me i like it sometimes 

but it's not like my bread and butter amazingness um i think i like a little bit more hot weather a lot of time for whatever reason maybe because i hate being cold but that's kind of my overall thoughts 

i definitely enjoyed it i definitely recommend it i really like mill sten's work i intend to pick up more from her but it just wasn't over the top 

but fantastic like it just wasn't quite a five star or anything for me but three and a half stars is still very solid um and i definitely would round up to four stars on goodreads i already did 

so i would say check out this book if you enjoy a good mystery thriller you like historical kind of elements in your mystery thrillers where you're kind of flashing between two timelines possibly like 

if you like simone st james but this one's not quite as i don't know the vibe of it is a little bit different though i definitely would compare her more to jennifer mcmahon 

so what's my thoughts on this book i hope you guys check it out let me know if you guys decide to and i hope you guys are having a wonderful day year month week all of it.

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