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From Lukov with Love by Mariana Zapata PDF Download


From Lukov with Love by Mariana Zapata PDF Download

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From Lukov with Love by Mariana Zapata PDF Download

Details of From Lukov with Love by Mariana Zapata Book

  • Book Name: From Lukov with Love
  • Authors: Mariana Zapata
  • Pages: 352
  • Genre: Contemporary Romance, Sports Romance
  • Publish Date: 11 May 2018
  • Language: English

Book Review:

From lukov with love by Mariana Zapata, Mariana Zapata has very quickly become one of my go-to favorite authors like I just feel like in every single book by her you can tell 

It's her she has a very like specific voice a very specific way of writing she's really known as the slow burn queen and i think that title is completely deserved she is so different from 

So many other like romance authors that i've read in the past year she just i don't know her books are very spicy and they're very good but she makes you wait for it and that's really like not what 

It's all about she's a very like character-driven slow build slow burn kind of author and i just absolutely love her i'm pretty much at this point where I'm like I'm just gonna read anything she puts out 

I read two books of hers before i read this one culti and the walla winnipeg and me and the walla winnipeg of me was one of my absolute favorite books i read last year one of my favorite books just ever i adored that book 

But this book in particular was always the one that i was most excited to read when i had heard about her books and i was adding them to my tbr this one time and time again

I was just like i can't wait to read that i want to wait until it's like winter time and i'm in the mood because it's about ice skating 

So many of mariana zapata's books involve sports um she's got like a football one a soccer one and this is the figure skating one and i love figure skating i actually figure skated for a while growing up not anything fancy 

I just like i took some lessons here and there i would go like a couple times a week and i would do public skate i loved it so much 

So just like getting to read this book the thought of it like i just knew it was something that i was gonna love and even more uh my favorite trope of all time is enemies to lovers workplace romance like that is my thing that is my jam and this book combined the two let me explain 

This story follows a girl named jasmine she has grown up figure skating most of her life she was something she caught onto at a very young age and pretty much since the age of 10 she has been figure skating doing lessons competing 

As early as she can and she is insanely talented she's very good but she's never been quite good enough she's never really won a big championship ever in her life and she has never had any good luck when 

It comes to pairing up with figure skaters like that's a big part of the competition is pairs and she's done a few but her most recent partner totally just like abandoned her 

So now she is kind of back to like solo skating she knows she really doesn't have much time left in her career she's about 28 now and most people professional figure skating 30 30ish mid-30s like that is like that's when you stop it's a lot on your body 

So she has that internal clock ticking and she's had a really hard time with this because she's put so much of her life on hold for figure skating it's her greatest passion it's the only thing she wants to do

But because of that you know she really struggled through high school she never went to college she's now again like late 20s and she just works as a waitress any free hour of the day because she spends the rest of her time practicing and trying to win and trying to be something and so at the start of the book 

That's where we figure out jasmine is personally practices at the sports complex called the lukov ice sports complex basically it's like this family that owns the complex and jasmine is best friends with the daughter of this family and she has an older brother named Ivan 

Ivan lukov is like the greatest figure skater to ever exist basically he has won like Olympic gold medals in every competition he's especially known for his pairs skating like he's amazing but jasmine cannot stand him literally refers to him 

As satan like they do not get along and have never gone along they've always like picked on each other and they butt heads and he obviously also practices at this complex and like everybody's obsessed with him and enamored by him 

But like she doesn't care to be around him basically and at the very start of the story jasmine ends up getting called into the office of the complex and ivan is there with his coach 

They basically ask jasmine to be ivan's new skating partner for one year his partner that he's been with this whole time is not available for this season and they want her to do it and jasmine is like 

Excuse me am i being pranked why why would we why would we do this we hate each other this is a bad idea and like she literally thinks they're like making fun of her something's not right 

But and i then of course is being a complete jerk the entire meeting is acting like he doesn't even like this idea doesn't want her to do it and so obviously she ends up deciding to do it because 

When she sits there and she weighs the options she knows that she hates ivan but skating with him he's like the best known figure skater ever it will obviously bring her some good clout it'll put her name out there and then 

Because it's just for one season like she'll likely be able to find another partner once they're finished like it's just a very good career move for her and she again that clock is running out 

Now is the time if she's gonna do something big like she's gotta make it happen quick so she ends up agreeing to skate with ivan and that's kind of like this story them practicing together butting heads 

It's it's a total like enemies to lovers workplace romance even though it is ice skating it's still that same idea of forced proximity they have to be around each other all the time and you know they have to do like interviews and stuff together and they obviously can't act like they hate each other in the interviews 

So it's like putting on this face and then even like on social media and stuff it's not really fake dating i feel like she tried to go that way with it a little bit of like make it look like you guys like each other 

But i wouldn't say it quite like meets that trope but it's just basically them together not liking each other slowly starting to actually bond and get to know one another and as these stories go you know the line between hate and love is always a little fuzzy 

Whenever you get down to the nitty-gritty this story was good but i'm gonna be quite honest and i hate to say this i was very disappointed by it in the end i would give it a solid four stars 

I mean there were some cute moments there were some cute quotes but what my issue is with it is that i was so excited for the ice skating element of this story i'm genuinely intrigued by it 

I love ice skating i think a lot of people do and i i know that marianne is not an ice skater i know that she's not like an expert in ice skating but i just think 

There was so much potential for more to happen within like practices and competitions like i think that's where the real like tension and angst could have come out versus i swear like 85 of the story was like 

Jasmine having dinner with her family or jasmine and ivan like having dinner or going places or like babysitting jasmine's little cousin or like what like they're just there were so many instances of them just like hanging out or ending up together outside of actual practice and outside of the ice skating 

Then there was just like one short little competition scene at like the very end and it just like made me so like i didn't even feel like it was really an ice skating sports romance like i just think there could have been so much more 

I am not a person that loves like a bunch of side characters in a story i really just prefer to focus on the main characters if there's like a best friend on the side that's fine but there were so much like jasmine has like five siblings 

There were so many scenes of like her having family dinners with them and it was just like all this like blah blah blah blah blah like five to ten pages of just like banter between the siblings 

I'm like bruh can we please go like have a tense like ice skating practice instead of this family dinner moment like i just don't care about it uh that's just how i felt and also speaking of side character best friends a big aspect of this story or what seemed like 

A big aspect was that jasmine was best friends with ivan's sister and that is obviously kind of like a scandalous element of this story but the best friend was like never in the story 

It's like explained that she's like in medical school across the country or in a different country i don't know but it's like she's your best friend i think she'd like show up at one point or another there was like a phone call with her at like one point 

But that was like the only time she was in the story forever even really mentioned and i'm just like i would think that that would be a bigger part to all of this i don't know and another thing this is just so completely random 

But this story just like basically all of marianna's a plot of stories was set in houston which is kind of fun because i'm from houston so i like i like the texas representation from time to time but it just made absolutely no sense to me that ivan's family is this like renowned russian skating family 

They own this sports complex in houston texas like why why would they be in houston they're literally from russia there was no explanation as to like why they ended up in houston and i'm like bruh like texas is not the place for ice sports like they should definitely be up north somewhere or like even in Canada

I don't know like houston is the last place maybe dallas like dallas has we have hockey in dallas but like houston no it's like that's such a random detail 

But i just thought it was kind of strange like why would an olympic gold medalist in figure skating live in houston kind of weird um but yeah like overall there were some cute quotes like the slow burn of this was very good 

There were some scenes i really liked it was a total page turner like all of marianna zapata's books you don't want to put them down like they're all thick they're very long but they're 

So easy to read like you can really just fly through them but i do have to say by far of the i've technically read four of her books 

Now i read two before this one and i'm just about done with the fourth one by far this has been my least favorite book of hers i'd still like recommend it it was cute especially during like winter time right 

Now it was kind of fun with the little elements there were of the ice skating but it did fall a little bit flat for me I hate to say but I gotta be honest.