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Pucking Around By Emily Rath PDF Download

Internal Security by Pavneet Singh PDF Book Download

 Internal Security by Pavneet Singh

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Internal Security by Pavneet Singh PDF Book Download

Details of Internal Security

  • Book Name: Internal Security
  • Authors: Pavneet Singh 
  • Pages: 365
  • Publish Date: 21-10-2021
  • Language: English
  • Genre:  Exam Preparation


Comprehensive Textbook on the Internal Security for the Civil Services Exam is now finally published and this book is now available on online and offline platforms as far and you can also download a PDF of this book, just click on the pdf download you will get the pdf of this book. 

As this book is concerned the reason why this book is relatively different from the other books in the market is for a few reasons 

Firstly the entire book has been divided into 15 sections all of these sections cover the syllabus of the security issues comprehensively with the changing nature of questions that are being asked in the UPSC under internal security 

this book gives you the narrative in a very clear-cut analytical fashion 

what is equally important about this book is that after every section that gets over Mr. Parveet have given you questions about security issues from 1979 onwards till now 

security issues had always been a part of the main examination earlier it was under the general studies when the old pattern of the papers was there and since 2013 when the patent changed it became a part of the gs means paper 3. 

For you what Mr Parveet has done is that he has compiled these questions since 1979. these questions then give us an insight into what the mindset of UPSC is when they are looking at questions for security issues 

Through that, you can analyze very clearly the kind of content that you need to prepare for security issues this book in this regard is going to be a companion 

Apart from that, a very crucial feature about this book is that in this book on a monthly basis he will provide you video-based coverage for all the current affairs of security issues which shall be uploaded on the online learning centre of McGraw-hill education 

These monthly current affairs can be accessed through the scratch code given in the book this particular feature will ensure that the narrative in the book is integrated with the current 

Whenever you give the exam you have up-to-date information with you go ahead have a read of this book and he is definitely sure that it will change the way you think about the security situation in India.

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