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The Spanish Love Deception by Elena Armas PDF Download


The Spanish Love Deception by Elena Armas

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The Spanish Love Deception by Elena Armas PDF Download 

Details of The Spanish Love Deception by Elena Armas Book

  • Book Name: The Spanish Love Deception
  • Authors: Elena Armas
  • Pages: 352
  • Genre: Multicultural Romances, Romantic Comedy
  • Publish Date: 21 February 2021
  • Language: English

Book Review:

The Spanish Love Deception by Elena Armas. I am so sorry I pronounced her name incorrectly. If you haven't read this book let me try to convince you to read this book in just a few sentences. 

First, this is a slow-burn romance, second, there's a lot of traveling: they travel to Spain, third there are workplace rivals to lovers so enemies to lovers as well. 

It has the fake dating trope and it also has the one-bed trope but it is executed in such a different way if you've read the scene you know exactly what I mean. ( that kind of rhymes) 

People who read that scene reaction is usually like interesting reaction Aaron. So our main characters Catalina also called Lina and Aaron are workplace rivals. 

Ever since Lina joined on our first day Aaron has been so unwelcoming and rude to Lina. Lina is literally a box of sunshine, she is so positive, so optimistic and so cheerful around everyone but when she gave her welcoming gift on her first day of work, 

Aaron was so indifferent towards her. and Lina assumed that Aaron does not like her. And this another day Lina catches Aaron talking to their supervisor and Aaron literally tells the supervisor not to keep Lina on Aaron's team and Lina is like "yeah this dude does not like me". 

So there's that and since then Lina literally does not like Aaron. In the very first chapter, Lina is talking to her friend about her brother's wedding and how she really really needs a plus one for the wedding. 

Her brother's best man is also Lina's ex and she really wants to bring a date to the wedding because everyone is expecting Lina to bring a date. Lina even thinks about hiring an escort to the wedding but literally, nobody is free at the very last minute. 

So while Lina and her friend they're talking about this wedding and how Lina literally needs a date Aaron overhears them and Aaron is like "Lina take me I will be your plus one " but Lina is so shocked and Lina is obviously confused she's like "huh I thought this dude hates me, why is he trying to be my date" 

but Aaron is very very adamant about being Lina's date so he strikes up a deal with Lina he's like "if you go to this charity event with me, I will go to Spain with you being your date we can fake date and everything like that" so Lina has to accompany Aaron to this charity thing and they do go to this charity thing. 

It is a bit-bidding thing and all and Lina realizes that Aaron comes from a very rich and wealthy family. She's like "ah I did not know that". 

There is this whole bidding thing and Aaron is like "Lina please bid for me" but Lina being the kind-hearted and amazing girl that is like "actually I will bid for this another dude because literally nobody is bidding for him and I feel bad so yeah I will beat bid for him" and she does bid for this another dude

But after a while, a different girl bids for the same dude and Lina finally bids for Aaron and she wins. A few days later, it is time to go to Espanol para el wedding (oh my god broken Spanish) and Aaron is late to the airport Lina is waiting for Aaron at the airport and he is literally nowhere to be seen, he's not picking up calls 

Lina is literally very anxious she's all panicked and she basically thinks to herself that she should not have trusted Aaron and all but Aaron being the perfect guy he is obviously comes.

During their flight to Spain, Aaron is trying to remember Lina's family tree he's like tell me about your family and Lina tells him about her family and Aaron is trying to remember her family members' names and everything along the lines. 

It is really really cute, finally they land in Spain and they go meet Lina's family and the story finally starts. Slowburn will literally pay off. 

So there is this part in which there is a competitive soccer competition, a football competition that even says soccer ( ahem USA). In this competition Lina and Aaron, they meet Lina's ex and in this specific match Aaron is like "hmm let me bring out the inner Bollywood hero inside me" and he takes off his shirt and he is literally having this Bollywood moment and literally everyone in the proximity is like swooning over Aaron everyone's like "oh my gosh he's so hot", "who who is he". 

This is literally just one of the billion cute moments in this. I mean it is a slow burn romance so when it pays off it actually hits you in the face and it is the most amazing thing ever. 

So The Spanish Love Deception is a romantic comedy and it literally has every single adorable scene that you can even imagine it also has a lot of spice and it kind of has sad moments

but you know how sad moments are in rom-coms, they come and go and I guarantee that you will be a massive massive Aaron Blackford fan. Once you finish this book you will gush over Aaron Blackford 24/7. 

So you should definitely read this book. it has about 460 pages and 26 chapters ." this book is so worth the hype and it's absolutely amazing this book is perfect for those looking for a steamy slow burn with the promise of a sweet happy ever after." 



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