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They both die at the end pdf Download


They both die at the end pdf Download

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They both die at the end pdf Download 

Details of They both die at the end Book

  • Book Name: They both die at the end 
  • Authors: Adam Silvera
  • Pages: 317
  • Genre: Fiction
  • Publish Date: 5 September 2017
  • Language: English

Book Review 

They Both Die at the End by Adam Silvera, I haven't even read the book why am i God so you can imagine how distraught I was when I actually read the book the main reasons why I think I reacted 

So strongly to this book is because eh I think there was a really good balance between the more somber tones and the light-hearted moments this book obviously does talk a lot about death and you know being put into a position where you know 

When you're going to die it forces you to reevaluate things in question and some of your choices but the main messages that I got from this book was more about celebrating your life and living it to the fullest knowing that you have less than 24 hours left to live such a short period of time 

You don't want it to go to waste and I think that I just didn't expect to have quite so much fun with this book and to laugh as much as I did because I went in knowing this was going to be about two characters that died at the end of the book 

But there's only so much that the book can do to soften that blow you know and be I thought the characters were really lovable they're flawed they have their quirks and that just made them all the more real and relatable to me though 

I can totally understand that other readers you know with different experiences might not connect with them as strong and I also thought the dynamic between Matteo and Rufus was just so pure they knew each other for less than a day and yet they still developed such a strong connection 

I think this is partly because of that single very significant shared experience and partly because the characters complimented each other with their differences 

Their comparable personalities would result in the other one taking risks or stepping out of their comfort zone and trying new things and a really cherished the characters individually but together as well 

I just didn't want this story to end also this is an own voices novel - one of the main characters is also gay and Puerto Rican and then the other main character is bisexual and Cuban whilst the majority of this book is told from Mateo and Rufus's perspectives 

We do occasionally jump across to some other characters and I thought this was really interesting I wasn't expecting to get all of these additional perspectives and whilst 

I didn't always understand the significance of them at the moment I do think they worked really well with the story and definitely helped contribute to the world-building - another reason why I liked these additional perspectives is 

Because we also get to see some different reactions to receiving the death cast call and because of this we're also able to explore some of the more psychological implications of knowing when you're going to die like that's kind of a scary thought I don't really want to know 

Just let it come when it comes we often only get a smaller glimpse of these characters in these different perspectives but sometimes actually wanted to know a little bit more I think that some of those could be really engaging stories especially 

If they are fleshed out into their own novels and novellas on a somewhat related note I did find myself wanting to know more about deaf cast itself this aspect of the world though it is like the catalyst for all of the events that happen in the story

It's definitely not the focus and I'm not saying that I think the focus should have been shifted more towards deaf cast in any way I was just really curious about the mechanics behind it all like how does it work and how did it start 

There is a lot of mystery surrounding it and our main characters they're not in a position to reveal more about the company itself because a lot of that information isn't open to the general public but with those additional perspectives 

There was the potential to kind of get a little more inside information if we had the right character's perspective you know very curious to hear more about that if there were ever any more stories said in this world, Adam 

Please this book was one of my favorite reads of 2017 any book that incites such a strong emotional response is going to be a really important story to me because the fact that I shed those tears and there were a lot of them it demonstrateS 

How much I connected to those characters in their story Adam Silveira just did such a wonderful job of creating this complex world with whatever technologies they have that make death cast possible that stand out to our own current world but it still felt so familiar and true like I can imagine

If a company like death cast were to exist and pop up in our society there would be businesses starting up that offer these experiences for people living their last day and all of the other implications surrounding it as well it was just such a beautiful book it was heartbreaking it was heartwarming it makes you think about life and death and love and humanity and even though you go 

In knowing where it ends you can't help but enjoy the journey that Adam Silveira takes you on I cannot recommend it enough 

If you like books that make you cry this book was made for you this is one of the top three books that have made me sob hysterically while reading it like could not see because the tears were streaming down my face it was a mess overall I gave they both died at the end with five out of five stars a huge thing.

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