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The Do-Over by Lynn Painter pdf download


The Do-Over by Lynn Painter pdf download

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The Do-Over by Lynn Painter pdf download 

Details About The Do-Over by Lynn Painter PDF

    • Book Name: The Do-Over
    • Author: Lynn Painter
    • Genre: Romance Novel
    • Pages: 336
    • Publish Date: 15 November 2022
    • Language: English

    Book review:

    The Do-Over by Lynn Painter i'm just here to pop in and give you a quick synopsis and rundown of this vlog and book so you can go into it understanding what's happening so this book is about girly and liz and her neighbor 

    wes liz our protagonist has always known that her neighbor wes is not really a boyfriend material and he's always kind of been a pain in the butt for her they have a long-standing rivalry over the parking spot in front of their house she's known him since 

    they were kids because obviously they lived next door to each other so flash forward a bunch of time from their childhood you know rivalry and Liz 

    wes are both seniors at high school and one day she goes to school and this guy's there named michael who she has had a crush on since she was a kid but he moved away which made her sad but now he's back so she's just like determined that 

    it's her opportunity to date him and win him over however she quickly realizes she doesn't really have like any reason to talk to him so she schemes with the neighbor wes to you know like get her magical prom moment and get her magical relationship with Michael 

    so they work together to kind of like make michael notice her all in the while they both are starting to develop feelings for each other it has like a sort of fake dating trope it has childhood best friends to lovers it has sort of like a rivals to enemies to lovers sort of vibe i hope you enjoy the vlog as you follow me along in the next few days which 

    was actually like a month ago of me reading better than the movies and thank you so much for your patience and the fact that this clip is so sorely out of time and place but anyways let's uh let's just roll the video [Music] so i wasn't originally going to 

    vlog my experience reading better than the movies by lynn painter but i feel like i want some type of documentation of this because this book is so good i cannot keep this like little smile and grade off my face while i'm reading i'm losing it okay I'm 

    140 pages into the book it's like a 350 page book i think i'm loving it i'm also experimenting with tabbing um i recently bought a new set of tabs with more colors i'm trying to like match the colors of my tabs to 

    the book colors i think i take a job here but i'm loving this book to pieces and i just feel like i really want to do reading vlogs i love reading vlogs and i wasn't going to vlog this because i felt like 

    i was going to be a little bit too busy a couple days during my reading experience was better than the movies but then i just started reading it and i can already tell this is going to be like a five star read.

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