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Maybe You Should Talk to Someone by Lori Gottlieb PDF Download


Maybe You Should Talk to Someon PDF

Maybe You Should Talk to Someone Pdf download

Details of Maybe You Should Talk to Someone by Lori Gottlieb Pdf 

  • Book Name: Maybe You Should Talk to Someone
  • Authors:  Lori Gottlieb
  • Pages: 432
  • Genre: Biography, Memoir, Autobiography
  • Publish Date: 2 April 2019
  • Language: English

Book review:

Maybe You Should Talk to Someone by Lori Gottlieb therapist her therapist and our lives revealed Laurie got to lead this book was published in between eighteen by Houghton Mifflin Harcourt and the hardcover comes in at 432 pages 

Although the title and cover of this book may initially lead you to believe that this is a self-help book 

This is actually a memoir written by therapist Laurie got lead in which she chronicles a particularly difficult period of her life both personally and professionally 

She had been seeing a man very seriously for an extended period of time until one day he roughly broke up with her considering this was the person 

She had intended to spend the rest of her life with and how this split seemed to come out of nowhere she was not doing well for a really long time 

She couldn't get over how sudden it was how callous it felt and how it slipped a critical jenga piece out of the life she was building for herself in her mind showcasing just 

How human we all are despite training and/or expertise laurie was encouraged by her friends to see a therapist when she was understandably still really torn up about the situation a length of time 

Afterwards much as our loved ones want to help us they have limits and laurie eventually realized that her grief was something she needed to address with a therapist over just a few sessions 

In the book she stealthily gets a referral from a co-worker for a friend and begins seeing wendell a stoic kind of stuffy man who initially gives laurie a few sessions to just sit with her grief and have 

These bouts of life shattering uncensored crying during these initial sessions wendell serves as little else than being that critical human presence standing and witness of her sense of loss and being available to listen should 

She need that but once laurie moves on from this stage her therapist drops a ball on her he thinks she's grieving something much more complex than the loss of boyfriends like all of us 

Who are far too close to ourselves to be able to see anything clearly gottlieb is indignant and thinks he must be smoking something or maybe he's just plain stupid he not hear her when she said that 

She wants a few emergency sessions to get through her breakup who was he to tell her what she's grieving as the sessions continued and wendell gets to know laurie better 

So do we she takes us backward in time to the beginning of her career as a writer in hollywood when eventually working on a medical drama compels her to go to medical school herself but after still feeling dissatisfied with her inability to help people one-on-one she decides to work to become 

A therapist he or could exist in the middle of her two great loves storytelling and service because what does a person do when they see it their list tells them the story of their life 

What do we have to rely on to get the real image of the situation and the credibility of the storyteller we see through laurie's own patience a few whom we get to know quite well? 

But they're not always the best people to objectively tell their own stories but they're who we've got to tell it one of the best things about this book is that it mimics the therapy experience, therefore, giving you an image of what it might be like before 

You ever sit down across from a professional there is the triggering event laurie's break up in this case and seeking out a therapist the human sweater-vest wendell as we're hearing about laurie's life we have to assume that wendell is too well we get a substantial portion into this book 

Before it's revealed that there are several serious stressors in laurie's life that we never knew about until now did wendell know is this why he suspected that laurie's grief ran deeper than advertised 

Why didn't we say anything about this until now but she frames this in the context that people lie to their therapist a lot or just intentionally withhold information and because in this book 

We're seeing laurie gottlieb as both therapist and therapy seeker we see how frustrating and challenging it is for the therapist to not have all the information 

When they're just trying to help their patients but we can also see this from the point of view of the therapy seeker they might not be ready to put these issues out into the harsh light of day to put them 

Under scrutiny the dual nature of the author in this book gives the higher experienced a steel skeleton we can see and empathize with both sides strengthening our muscles as readers 

If you're looking for a point to this book as I saw some reviewers complaining about I'm going to waste your time looking for a concrete one here like most memoirs the magic of this book is in the journey rather than the conclusion and in fact the book ends 

Very shortly after her sessions with one knee dude there are no fireworks in this book there's no well this guy dumped me but I went on to find someone way better type of happily ever after so what's the point of this book 

Why does it need one this book is about our lives to be really blunt about it what's the point of those when all is said and done I personally think our purpose is to gain a grander understanding every single day to know ourselves? 

Others better and to use that knowledge to go out there and do some good and therapy can help you with that if you're looking for some assistance there's an ongoing discussion 

In this book about what the goals of therapy are and what people are expecting a therapy coming in what are they anticipating will happen in these sessions and do they have an idea of who they're going to be in after it's made crystal clear 

That therapy can't fix you nor can the therapist do the legwork for you you won't walk out the door an entirely different problem-free person but I think that maybe in this book unconscious mind that 

It's giving us a hint at what life can be with some help and self-reflection we can know ourselves better and understand the undercurrents of our behavior not understanding we'll never fix everything 

It will never erase grief or closed wounds but it will help you move forward it'll help us dry our eyes pick up the fallen jenga pile and start to rebuild our futures in a way that might look different than the initial try 

But with any luck it'll still stand up right I end up saying this at the end of all of my gushy reviews and it's always blatantly obvious by this point 

But I think this book is amazing it's moving poignant and so human in its vulnerability it's one of those life-changing works of nonfiction but it's life-changing in the way that therapy is life changing by changing 

You were thinking gottlieb says in the book that it's a telltale sign that a patient is at the end of their therapy journey if they start to hear the therapists voice in their head and not in the unhealthy way 

But in the way that they're starting to anticipate what the therapist will say about a particular behavior or a situation that the patient finds themself in so the patient has gained an outward perspective on their own life 

They have changed their way of thinking I argue that this book has at least a portion of that power that it has that ability to flip the mirror image of our lives back at us and helps us see things better by first seeing them clearly 

I'll certainly the hearing laurie got leaves wisdom echoing in my brain for a long time to come so those were my thoughts on this great work of nonfiction I would love to hear from you 

If you've read this book if you've heard about it or if you now like to read it after hearing me talk about it you can put that or any other comments or questions you may have in the comments section below.

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