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The Fork, the Witch, and the Worm by Christopher Paolini pdf Download


The Fork, the Witch, and the Worm by Christopher Paolini

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The Fork, the Witch, and the Worm by Christopher Paolini pdf Download

Details About The Fork, the Witch, and the Worm by Christopher Paolini pdf

  • Name: The Fork, the Witch, and the Worm
  • Author: Christopher Paolini
  • Genre: Literary Fiction:
  • Pages: 288
  • Date: 19 December 2018
  • Language: English
Book Review: 

The Fork, the Witch, and the Worm by Christopher Paolini this book is basically it's partly about Eragon and Saphira rebuilding the riders and a little bit about what they're up to now but for the most part 

it's just about these main stories and Eragon and Saphira kind of like a framing narrative and that goes around them so I'm going to talk about each story and then I'm going to talk about Eragon and Saphira and the role that they play 

how I felt about it so the first short story a fork in the road I have mixed feelings on I liked the premise of the story I thought it had a lot of really interesting things about it and a lot of interesting hints to possible book 5 plots that could come up in the future which is very very exciting to me 

it sort of had little moments that you could see where they could be expanded upon in a future narrative and there was also a return of a character who we all know and love and who has been sorely missed that 

who I think we were all excited to see in this book and it was done incredibly cleverly I did not see it coming at all in retrospect I was like that was so obvious how did I not realize what was happening here 

but it was very cleverly done and so it came as a really great surprise to me when that happened I was just sort of like oh it's you so that was really fun unfortunately the narrator of this story just wasn't my personal favorite because I don't particularly enjoy child narrators 

I respect others for being able to write a Chad narrator I think it's quite a specific voice that can be difficult to get right but also I just find characters to me like can be a bit irritating just because of the nature of them and the things that 

they consider important and the things that are focused on and just there were just certain aspects of the voice that I personally did not enjoy but that's just because of my own feelings on child narrators 

I thought the story itself was like interesting and the whole thing like had a lot of things that I found valuable and interesting to read I just thought if it had been framed in the context of a different narrator then it would have just been more enjoyable to me personally 

but the story had aspects of humor it had intrigue it had a really great fight scene it had a lot going for it and although like like I said the narrator wasn't for me but I thought the story itself was fine 

next we have three short stories which got kind of all form one which are in the which section and those are about Angela these short stories were written by Christopher Paolini sister

Angela who was the basis for the character and this honestly was the weakest part of the book for me if I'm being completely honest just because I couldn't get on board with Angela peleas writing style I don't mean 

it as an offense to her as a writer I don't know how much experience she has as a writer but obviously the character was based on her but having said that even though the character was based on her and the character is basically supposed to be her it is her from Christopher Paolini

so Angela in the book has become a character in her own right who is in at least some aspects completely independent of Angela Paley neither person and as a result the Angela who is in the book is obviously not the same Angela who is in the real world and therefore 

when we were reading from her perspective I felt that it was very apparent in my view that it was being written by a different person there were definitely aspects but like little quotes and things that I was like oh Angela would definitely say that and that resonated 

I think with the way that Christian Paolini has spoken before about how he would get stuck and he would say like what would Angela say in this situation his sister would just come up with some quirky comment and he'd go up and put that in and I felt that that came across quite well in the stories because there were just little moments where 

I was like yeah that's Angela but for the most part I just found her narration to be a little bit jarring and it just didn't feel quite like Angela to me I did however like that these short stories about Angela revealed very little about her and that's something that I personally prefer 

I know that in fund and the general consensus is that people want to know as much information as possible about mysterious characters if ever a character is you know kind of mysterious and and keeping quiet and doesn't say a lot about themselves and you know they're a bit of an egg the whole fundament to know more about them whereas I quite like the unsolved mystery 

if you've ever heard me talk about Saracen row and ska degree Pleasant fundin where everybody wants to know what his power is and I'd rather not know I would rather it be a surprise because I feel like after you've not known for this long like 

if it was revealed it would just be a disappointment it's like it's like if you found out what the doctors real name was in Doctor Who like no matter what it is and how cool of a name it is if you find out then it's just going to be disappointing because it's just been 

so bit up in your head and I would rather personally have that element of the unknown so I quite like the Angelus stayed as an enigma and even though she's telling bits of her life story she's not really saying very much 

I liked that I also liked how Elva was portrayed in this section I think that elvas characterization was spot-on and like although I felt distance from Angela in this I felt that the portrayal of Elva was very very good and like in keeping with her character 

I liked that a lot yeah I didn't really enjoy the witch sections of this book from being perfectly honest I've got nothing against Angela pelini as a writer I just think that her perspective of the character didn't quite aligned with the way that 

I have always read and inferred the character and her voice and her kind of ways in my own readings in the past if that makes sense the final short story in the book the worm of CoCoRaHS was in my opinion the best story in this book 

I believe that that was the whole reason that this book came about because Christopher Paolini wrote that story when he was stuck on another project and that was kind of the big story that like it's like literally it's the biggest story in the book

but also to me it's the best and it's the one that brings the most true to this series and this story made the book for me like it was amazing first of all again like no major plot spoilers but it's about the Urkel's and the girls are a species and a race that I have always found fascinating 

that I've always wanted to know more about in these books I mean if book 5 isn't about the first ogled dragon rider then I'm gonna have some things to say because this is something that I firmly believe should be a thing this story is about an eagle called ingre 

I won't say too much more than that but it expands really really well on like gurgle culture like from their own perspective instead of like we've always seen them from the outside and even when Aragon was like reading their minds and like seeing their culture from 

that perspective it was still his perspective on that perspective whereas this we just get an eagle's view on their culture and how it all works and how like they feel and it's a female Eagle which is really nice because we haven't really heard much from them before

I also want to say just as a side note but I appreciate how female characters definitely took the forefront in this book which was really nice because although there was some great female characters in the original cycle it definitely was very male-dominated in a lot of aspects so I really liked that we got to see some ladies just like being really badass and taking names and kicking ass in this in this book

I really like that yeah the worm of CoCoRaHS it had so much I feel like the writing was more in alignment with what we've had from the original series because there were definitely aspects of other parts of the book where Christopher Paolini 

obviously spent like a decade writing in the old-timey fantasy style of the inheritance cycle and then he obviously jumped into a sci-fi book and I feel like there are moments in other parts of this book where you can feel the more modern voice creeping in a little bit whereas I didn't get that from this story I felt that it was very immersive it was great it 

I liked that it was a little bit frustrating and there's never really a conclusive end I really enjoyed there were just so many aspects of it that to me called back to the original series and it just felt the most connected and the most like the original series and like it took me a little while to get into this story 

once I did I was hooked and I read it and it sort of left me afterward with this really like warm glowy feeling where I was just like yes that is the Eragon I know and love that is the inheritance cycle that is what I love about this series and I think having that story

as the last one in the book was a very good decision because it like bolstered everything else up the other aspects that were a little bit about it really kind of like I don't want to say propped it up but I don't know it just boosted everything else and just gave me this great happy feeling the writing was really good the plot was really interesting

I just really liked it and I felt that it was a very strong conclusion lastly I'm going to talk about the connecting elements and the little snippets we got to see of what Eragon and Saphira were up to now I sense that these parts will be disappointing to a lot of people because really 

we don't get a lot of Eragon in this book I personally preferred that because something that always concerns me about these additions to well-loved series is that we will see the characters in a new way after we've been used to thinking of them in a certain way for such a long time and that the new material 

if it's not in keeping with our perception of the original characters might then taint our view of these characters in the future now the fact that we saw so little of Eragon I found preferable because it's like oh I don't have to worry that my view of like how well the cycle concluded is going to be influenced and changed in a negative way from how 

we see Eragon because we leave him once again on a very like hopeful note which I really liked because that's how I think we ended the cycle unlike an optimistic note and then we end this book on an optimistic mysterious note as well which 

I really liked we don't get like I said we don't get much from Eragon and Saphira like because mostly they're just chilling like they've got a well-deserved rest and there's no battles and fights and I like I liked that because this scenes with Eragon and Saphira are definitely not plot driven particularly because like 

they've defeated the big evil they've done all that and I liked that like there wasn't just pointless melodrama just for the sake of having something to shove in there like it was just them like in their retirement pretty much tight and I liked that because like I said 

I was very worried that we would just sort of jump into some kind of lackluster conflict just for the sake of having conflict I did feel that towards the beginning the like when he was writing Eragon and Saphira they felt a little bit flat to me but then like the further along we got the more 

I felt that Chris Bailey hit his stride and the character came alive and felt real again and by the time we got to the end I was like yeah that's them they're back whereas in the beginning I was just like didn't feel much of a connection or a spark from them in the very first like few bits but then like as we went on I definitely felt that they were coming back into their own and that was really exciting 

I liked it because we got little snippets of them but we didn't get enough to like ruin anything if you know what I mean because like I said I just had experiences with these audition additional books in the past the the new actions of the characters have like negatively impacted the way 

I saw them and this didn't do that like it was just it gave me enough to be like ah they haven't they're they're you know they're still fine and they're 

but it didn't give me enough to change my perception of the series in any way and that was really nice overall my opinions on this book are positive and high on highly deeply relieved because I was very concerned but I liked it and I feel like although it wasn't like up there with the other 

books for me I still felt that it was a pleasant addition to the series I'd probably read it again and obviously I'm very excited to have this signed copy like this that's really cool those are my spoiler-free thought.

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