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The Summer I Turned Pretty Trilogy by Jenny Han pdf download


The Summer I Turned Pretty Trilogy by Jenny


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The Summer I Turned Pretty Trilogy by Jenny Han pdf download

Details of The Summer I Turned Pretty Trilogy by Jenny Han Book

  • Book Name: The Summer I Turned Pretty Trilogy
  • Authors: Jenny Han
  • Pages: 608
  • Genre: Romance Novel
  • Publish Date: May 5, 2009
  • Language: English

Book Review 

The Summer I Turned Pretty Trilogy by Jenny Han, our main character in this books name is belly, bally is 15 when the series starts out and I believe she's in her early 20s 

When the series emily has spent every single summer of her 15 years going to the speech house in cousins that her mom's best friend owns 

she goes with her mom and her brother Steven and then she meets up there with her mom's best friend obviously in her two sons Conrad and Jeremiah 

ever since belly was a little girl she's had this huge crush on Conrad but he's never really looked at her like the way she looks at him he's like two and a half years older than her 

but this summer when she's 15 she grows up a little bit she gets pretty as the title suggests and boys start noticing her 

Conrad starts noticing her Jeremiah starts noticing her and other boys - mm bellies kind of in this conflict there's a little bit of a love triangle as you could probably guess of which boy to go after which boys actually like her 

what's going on she's confused cuz she's never really been pretty she's always felt like one of the guys you get to learn a lot more about belly within the whole series and her relationships and everything like that 

so I just really really enjoyed this series I know you guys recommended it to me a million and ten times and I wasn't gonna read it and I finally decided to pick it up and I obviously really enjoyed it 

I think you guys will draw it too if you haven't read it yet but I'm gonna say bye to non-spoiler people hope you enjoyed little synopsis 

I was team Conrad from the get-go I don't know what it is I always tend to go further like the batter more disturbed type boys and Jeremiah like this average team boy and then Conrad was like the darker one the one that's got a little bit of an edge 

I always tend to go for them and I thought it was super cute how she had always had the crush on him and I knew that they would have to end up together I thought it was pretty obvious from the first book that she would end up with Connor

I absolutely loved all of the characters in this book I loved belly I thought she was super fun super cute and she really developed as a character she got older and she grew up and I just loved her I loved 

The two boys Conrad and Jeremiah obviously I loved both of them even though I wasn't really rooting for Jeremiah I still loved him he was a really cute adorable kind of guy really funny

I loved the two moms Laurel was an amazing mother I thought she was so great I really enjoyed the relationship her and belly had and the contrast between Susannah and you know belly's mom Laurel I loved Susannah as well 

I thought the two moms were like completely relatable like everybody knows that Susannah everybody knows of Laurel and I thought that was perfect the first book was really really good I did like it I know that 

In this book she kind of ends up with Conrad a little bit I believe at the end but then we get to the second book and this book guys I was crying so hard the whole book 

I don't know what happened but it starts out she's like I'm not with Conrad Susanna's dead I was like oh my god like I was a mess I was a huge mess I was crying the whole book basically 

I was crying during all of the funeral stuff all of the mom's stuff when she tells her mom that she wishes Susannah was her mother oh my god I was like she did not just say that that's so terrible and I was just like heartbroken her and Jeremiah go on a little road trip to try to find Conrad

because he fled the school and they find him back at cousins and they stay there with him and they're like what are you doing you're jeopardizing your future and then they find out that he's just there to try to save the house and I was like Conrad like I love you like I love him so much 

You could obviously tell that even though he didn't show it too much he loved his mother and he loved that house and he loved spending his summers and cousins so he didn't want to say goodbye to it I thought that was 

So cute and I loved him for it even though he turned into a total d-bag at the end of the book when she's like I still love you and he's like no what we had it was never real I was like are you kidding me like it was like you're lying to yourself 

we all know it is Jeremiah permission to go after you know beli because he's liked her too because she soap you and I was like no okay no like I know some people would probably team Jeremiah by this point 

but I was like no Conrad you need to get it together and then you need to go back to belly cuz you two are meant to be together like what bookends and then they're like together and then they just a third book and it's like two years have passed 

I was like oh my god I wasn't expecting that at all and she's like finishing up her freshman year of college and her and Jeremiah has been together for two years I thought that was ridiculous and then you find out about the cheating and I was like oh my god like that's so out of character for Jeremiah it kind of was like

I would have expected it from Conrad but not Jeremiah so you can see he's kind of turned into this typical frat guy going to Cabo and cheating on his girlfriend and then she takes him back like literally days later and then she gets engaged to him 

I thought that was kind of unrealistic to be honest I was kind of surprised I was like literally she just found out that he was cheating on her and then he's like let's get married and she's like okay like no like probably 

Not beli probably not that was not a smart move and everyone was anti-wedding bara who was anti-wedding I was so anti wedding I was like what are you doing like this is so stupid like you literally you're 19 she was 18 wasn't she she was 18 furniture freshman year college it was to get married like that's crazy and to somebody that she did 

so much she's on her and Cabo I was like are you kidding and then when her mother is super unsupportive so she just like moves out and she goes to cousins and Conrad staying there I knew like I knew something was gonna happen 

I like thought they were gonna like hook up or something and there was gonna be so much drama but that didn't really exactly happen but we did get to see into Conrad's perspective of things and how he actually was like dying cuz he's still in love with her 

I was like yeah obviously like let's be real kind of see her getting kind of nervous about the wedding and she's like if I'm making the right decision and at that point I knew there was gonna be no wedding and then you know Conrad admits his love to her 

I was like oh my god and she was like had a pretty good reaction she was like probably not Conrad you've ruined everything you already told me you don't love me anymore 

I'm so done with you you're playing games and Connors like nobody really loved you and then Jeremiah finds out cuz she tells him and then he runs away like the day of the wedding and all this crazy stuff happens oh my goodness and then the wedding didn't happen 

I knew the wedding wasn't gonna happen to be honest like from the time that they got engaged I knew wasn't going out it's not that I didn't like maiya it's just that I really liked Conrad 

So I was really happy that the wedding didn't have the reason I absolutely loved the ending to the nerd book is that it wasn't like her and Jeremiah aren't getting married 

So then like her and Conrad can be together it was like four years later beli had grown up Conrad had grown up you see a lot of character development through Conrad Conrad was very immature 

He was very like didn't know how to treat a woman and then he gets to his late twenties ish area and the four years have passed and he's ready to have this relationship with Belle yeah I thought it was so cute it was super important that beli got to take time for herself 

You know go traveling finish college kind of find herself and then Conrad came to her which I think was super important she was done chasing after him but if he came to her she was ready 

I loved how the book ended with them getting married and the letter from Susannah touched my heart greatly and she was like I hope you'll be a Fisher but if not he'll still be lovely and I was like he is a Fisher though 

So it's crazy really happy that Jeremiah you know was at the wedding and he was happy too it seemed and everybody was just happy so that was really really great you thought it was such a satisfying ending I think the book ended perfectly 

I didn't need more I felt happy I was good with where and didn't I really enjoy that all I highly enjoyed all three books I think my favorite was the second one I know a lot of people talking about the first one and the last one being the favorites 

but I really did enjoy the second one I thought it was super important to the whole series how they kind of saved the house together I thought it was very good yes the second one was my favorite 

I also liked oh I liked all of them I don't know like they're all my favorites I'm so happy you guys told me to read the series really enjoyed how relatable the series was to me I think anybody could relate to belly in the situations that she went through but especially for me 

I actually grew up going to a beach house every single summer till I was 15 and I say it with a bunch of boys not in any romantic situations going I'm not gonna get married to any of the boys 

but I did stay with four boys in a beach house with my mom and growing up every single summer so I thought that was kind of weird how you know relatable that was but I think it's really awesome 

I could totally picture all of the things happening and I could picture the beach house and the beach being right there on the shore and everything so I thought it was super great for picturesqueness of like the whole series

I could really picture it well and I really related to belly as a character which I believe is why I loved her so much I loved Bali she didn't get in no for me which I find with a lot of books McMahon Carol gets too annoying to me 

but I didn't find that with the series I really grew attached to all of the characters and overall I really really enjoyed this year.