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My Killer Vacation by Tessa Bailey Pdf Download


My Killer Vacation by Tessa Bailey

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My Killer Vacation by Tessa Bailey Pdf Download 

Details of My Killer Vacation by Tessa Bailey Book

  • Book Name: My Killer Vacation
  • Authors: Tessa Bailey
  • Pages: 269
  • Genre: Romance Novel
  • Publish Date: Jun 6, 2022
  • Language: English

Book Review:

My Killer Vacation by Tessa Bailey the contents are far too spicy for our own good anyone that doesn't know Tessa bailey would totally just like walk through the bookstore and see one of her books and be like so cute 

So wholesome I love the colors this will be adorable on my shelf they open it and they're like oh my god um she's grated it and we love her for it and this is her newest summer release I've been looking forward to this book all year 

Ever since she first talked about it I knew it was going to be on my tbr it went through a couple of cover variations there was some weird drama behind that if you're interested look into it I won't go on about it here because it was

So very silly and honestly i'm kind of glad it happened though because the new cover is a million times better so beautiful love the colors love the illustration so cute so yeah i really liked it 

I thought it was super cute it was a super short fun easy read and i just want to talk to you guys about it so as always i'm going to give you my little spoiler free sort of synopsis and then um yeah we'll finish with some final thoughts 

So let's get into it so this story follows a girl named taylor she is a second grade teacher and you can tell the story is supposed to kind of be set right after covid sort of happened because 

It's mentioned that you know she's been working online for the past few years like teaching zoom classes and it's just been a really hard time for her and over these last few years 

She saved up a lot of money because she wants to take her brother on this vacation so now is the time they are finally in cape cod this small little beach town and they are staying in this airbnb for a week 

She just wants to unplug and relax and spend some time with her brother and just get away from it all so they show up to cape cod they show up to their airbnb and right away 

When they walk in like something just seems off the vibes are not immaculate like she can just tell like some things seem out of place it's just a little fishy and basically long story short uh in the first few pages of this book 

Taylor walks in on what appears to be a dead body she doesn't know what happened but there is a man and he is shot and he's in her airbnb and he is the owner of her airbnb and the police show up 

You know she you would think she would freak out you would think this would really freak her out and taylor herself thinks that this should freak her out 

But something about this scene just doesn't add up to her and because she again she's a second grade teacher she has a very honest job and she does a very good job at it 

But she just has never done anything that she feels like is super like brave like she's always really looked up to her parents because they have like a really interesting career 

Where they have to be brave and like go on these adventures and do crazy things and like that's just not her lifestyle and i don't know something about this whole situation just seems off to her and the cops kind of want to write it off 
really quickly 

But she just doesn't think it's that simple and she's a big podcast listener she really likes true crime stuff and she just feels that i don't know something in her tells her that she needs to help like investigate this case and figure it out 

Because the math ain't nothing i don't know she just she wants to get involved even though it's her vacation she's like i'm setting my mind to this i need to know what happened here 

So taylor is kind of like conducting her own little investigation where she ends up crossing paths with this man named miles miles is a bounty hunter and he has some sort of connection to a family member of the man that was murdered and he owes them a favor 

So he basically travels down to cape cod to investigate this situation and it's very much a grumpy sunshine situation right off the bat like taylor is you know second grade teacher 

She's very like i want to solve the case let's go and he's like i'm here to do my job like he's just been a bounty hunter for a long time before that he was like a cop and a detective like 

He's really poured his entire life into his job and it's kind of pushed a lot of people away from him and out of his life and he's very just used to being like a lone wolf and that's not what's gonna happen here because taylor is determined to stick her nose in this business and she might seem annoying to him right away 

But of course she's also cute as a button and he hates that he knows that she's cute as a button and you can kind of tell like where this might go from there like taylor has always lived her life very much on the safe side and miles is the opposite of the safe side 

So he's very intriguing again she's on vacation so looking for a good time it was a very interesting story because obviously a lot of rom-coms don't typically involve like murder and murder mysteries and investigations and the suspense sort of thriller aspect of that 

So you got that and it was very different and interesting definitely like the murder mystery like it was a big part of the story but it wasn't like i wouldn't say it was the main focus of the story it's very much like a character driven story like i feel like all of tessa bailey's books are 

It was the perfect combination of like cute summer vibes with a little extra added action a whole lot of spice like you get into the spice very quickly she doesn't leave you a weight in here i mean 

It is a bit of a slow burn for sure she doesn't give you the whole cake at once if that's the term but also had you know like moral moral issues to it right there's always the story of like the guy 

The girl that have you know they have things that have kept them from love right the guy that's grumpy and has you know just been 

So involved with work this whole time that he can't let anybody else in and then the girl that also has been 

So involved in her work but her main issue is that she just is so focused on making sure everyone else is taken care of that she never stops to take care of herself and she just always puts everybody else's happiness before her own and doesn't really take risks 

So it's like a whole combination of that that turned into a very cute summer read i mean i wasn't disappointed a couple things that are funny to note 

Not really funny but just interesting is this book is self-published which i always think is interesting like traditionally published authors whenever they do do self-published books 

I'm always like what made you self-publish this you know like was this just like a fun side project for you i just think it's interesting like i i love self-published books literally no tino shade 

I just thought it was interesting that this was self-published also one thing i noticed is every other tested bailey book i have ever read is written in third person which i don't typically like

But i think tessa bailey does a good job of the third person because she still does like multiple points of view and even though it is in third person it feels like you're seeing it from their perspective so usually after like a handful of pages 

I can get used to it this story was completely first person point of view it is dual point of view so we do get some of taylor's thoughts we do get some of miles thoughts you get to see what they're thinking their different dilemmas all of that we love that tessa bailey kills the dual point of view 

So i loved it i hope i don't know if this was like a test run of her trying the first person i don't know why she like hasn't done first person up until now and what made her do it for this story i don't know 

But i'm hoping it was a trial run because i think she did a really good job of it and i hope she continues to do it because i just think first person it's just nice it's nice to like suck kind of self-insert yourself into the story like 

When i read it first person for me it's just easier to comprehend the emotions and stuff but i don't know it's not that deep just something i thought i would mention 

but yeah that's that's my thoughts that's what i have to say if you guys have read my killer vacation i would love to hear your thoughts down below um definitely if you're looking for some more summer reads and you knocked this one out

It happened one summer and hook line and sinker by tessa bailey those are incredible i will say like this compared to that it doesn't compare but i also don't think it's meant to compare like

I think this was definitely just like supposed to be a fun little easy read again where these like are also fun and cute but have like just way more depth to them and like way more depth to the characters and way more of like a story arc 

It just these are everything to me they're so beautiful this was just really fun and cute and spicy and yeah good time not disappointing in any way.