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WBCS Manual Nitin Singhania PDF


WBCS Manual Nitin Singhania PDF

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WBCS manual Nitin Singhania pdf free download

Details of WBCS Manual Nitin Singhania pdf

  • Book Name: WBCS General Studies Manual
  • Authors: Nitin Singhania  
  • Pages: 1152
  • Genre: Science & Technology 
  • Publish Date: 12 November 2021
  • Language: English

Book Review:

This manual accompanies a guide of West Bengal alongside numerous significant viewpoints and elements.

It's a decent book to begin your preparation.Of course, you'll require different books to fortify your planning and to procure more profound information in the topics.

yet this book is a healthy assortment of the multitude of essential points and subjects. Every one of the applicants ought to have this book. Much thanks to you!

WBCS for example State Civil Service Examination of West Bengal conduced by WBPSC is held consistently, Prelims in January/February and Mains in July/August.

You want to have a decent control over General Studies. for these, you might peruse NCERT Class 6,7,8,8,10,11 and 12 course readings or West Bengal State Education Board's class 8,9,10,11,12 reading material, Lucent/Tarun Goyal Descriptive GK Book, WBCS GS Manual by Nitin Singhania of MHE Publication , UPSC CSE GS Manual of MHE Publication and so on will give you an essential thought regarding the subjects of General Studies.

Presently let us see what standard reference books we really want to adhere to for additional arrangement and getting solid control over subjects. Our emphasis ought to be on least books, greatest amendment.

History-Krishna Reddy's book on Indian History (covers Indian History in general, questions given at then finish of every part of this books are excellent and should be tackled), Rajiv Ahir's ' A short history of present day india' of Spectrum Publication, Tamilnadu State schooling board's class 11 and 12 history book, Swadesh Sabhyota o biswa by Jiban Mukhopadhyay for bengali variant history book.

Geology Periyar Geography of India by Arvind Kumar or potentially Bharat o Paschimbanger Bhugol by Kartick Chandra Mondal + NCERT Indian Geography Summary of Crown Publication.

for West Bengal Geography-Bharat o Paschimbanger Bhugol by Kartick Chandra Mondal

Commonwealth Laxmikanth's Indian Polity of MHE distribution

Economy-Indian Economy by Nitin Singhania, MHE Publication, Class XI NCERT Economy book ' Indian financial turn of events', Tamil Nadu State Education Board Class XI and XII Economy book. Bharater orthoniti by Joydeb Sarkhel for Bengali adaptation

Science+Tech-Science Magbook by Arihant/Disha Scinece Comendium + Science and Technology book by Rabi Agnihotri of MHE Publication/NEXT IAS Science and Technology Book

Climate Selective sections of Ncert books of Biology and Geography+ Disha Environment and Ecology Compendium/NEXT IAS Environment Book

Current Affairs-Any standard Magazine like Pratojogita Darpan/Achievers and so on and Yojana + any month to month aggregation of current issues accessible in different sites. You may likewise peruse paper ordinary. Hindu or Indian Express might be tracked with one Bengali day to day paper.

Arithmetic Fast track artihmatic by Rajesh Verma of Arihant/Rakesh Yadav's book on arithmatic for SSC CGL

Thinking R S Agarwal's verbal and nonverbal thinking book or potentially Rakesh Yadav's book on Reasoning for SSC CGL

Comulsory Bengali-Any standard Bengali Essay book composed for HS standard, earlier years question papers of WBCS Mains, for better planning you can likewise allude to UPSC CSE Bengali Compulsory Language paper.

English-SP Bakshi Arihant enlightening english book and Previous years question papers of WBCS Mains. for better readiness you can likewise allude to UPSC CSE English Compulsory Language paper.

Additionally address Mcq practice inquiries from books like Disha Publications 10000+ mcq/BK Publications 13000+ mcq, Vinoy GB MCQ books on History, Geography, Polity, Science and Tech, Environment, Economy.

You want to take a discretionary subject. Any standard book of Calcutta University Honors prospectus of that subject is adequate. likewise address the earlier years question papers of that discretionary subject.

These are the books you might follow.

There are many training communities where you can take instructing/give mock tests. You may likewise investigation of your own.

Day to day least 4-5 Hours of study is required. You really want to update and work on tackling questions consistently.