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Sinful Demon King by Nikki St. Crowe PDF Download


Sinful Demon King by Nikki St. Crowe

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Sinful Demon King by

Nikki St. Crowe pdf download

Details About Sinful Demon King by Nikki St. Crowe PDF

  • Novel Title: Sinful Demon King  
  • Author: Nikki St. Crowe
  • Genre: Fiction, Suspense, Mystery, Thrill, Romance, Horror, Fantasy, 
  • Pages:224
  • Publish Date:10 November 2021
  • Language: English 
Book Review:

Sinful Demon King by Nikki St. Crowe this book this is the first book in her um vicious lost boy series this is going to be as far as i know so far there have been two books released a third book is coming up soon the second book in this series is called the dark one and it is already out the third book is called their vicious darling and i believe 

if i'm not mistaken it releases on september 1st don't quote me on that because you know your doesn't do any research okay um if you want you uh let's do the deeds for the book this book is currently free to read with 

so is the second one in the series right if you want to purchase this book for your kindle you can do so for the price of 3.99 if you want this trade paperback you can get it for the price of 12.99 if i'm being honest that seemed a little bit pricey for something with that many pages 

i don't know maybe maybe i'm only thinking that because of the size of the book and i'm not talking about the page number but the actual size of the book the size of the book is like a five by seven type size it's not in comparison to a normal trade paperback it's much smaller 

i don't know i'm not sure why she chose that size is it just because it's a novella is that why maybe that's why i don't know which i guess if that's why then that would make sense but um with that standing i would think that it would cost less money 

so like i would price this book at like 9.99 that's just me that's just my opinion i don't know i don't know what books cost in terms of like how much it costs to make them so maybe they had to do it at 12.99 or they wouldn't make any money who knows candace doesn't know you're talking out of your ass 

I don't know so yeah anyway um you can get this book in hardcover from amazon for 18.99 keep in mind if you do that though the hard cover will come printed just like this except for with a hard cover it does not have a dust jacket on it the picture will be printed on the cover of the book 

i will read you guys a blurb and then give you a quick little overview of what this book is about and then i'll do my closing spiel and you'll be free of me okay um the the blurb i'm gonna read from the back 

so let's dive right in shall we the stories were all wrong hook was never the villain for two centuries all of the darling women have disappeared on their 18th birthday sometimes they're gone for only a day some a week or a month but they always return broken now on the afternoon of my 18th birthday 

my mother is running around the house making sure all the windows are barred and the door is locked but it's pointless because when night falls he comes for me and this time the never king and the lost boys aren't willing to let me go and then it says no the never king is a dark retelling of peter and wendy 

if you like your enemies to lovers romance with hot ruthless morally grey love interests you'll enjoy the never king and the lost boys you can expect hate kissing fighting bickering and touch here

i'll die i'll kill you vibes while the never king is inspired by peter and wendy it is for 18 plus readers only all characters are over 18. i appreciate that she put that author note on there i really do because a lot of authors do not specify stuff like that 

so the main characters for this for this novella are many to be honest this series is a reverse harem so the main female character for the series is a girl named winnie it's not wendy it's winnie okay wendy 

i believe is like her was like her grandmother or her great great grandmother or something right um so the whole like peter pan and wendy thing predates the main female character for this book now the basic premise for 

this book is that every every female darling of the family of the darling family when she turns 18 as the blurb says peter pan comes from neverland and takes them from their home in the mortal realm back to neverland and then returns them later but their minds are basically completely scrambled eggs they've been

in some way basically now winnie is the newest the latest generation of darling of darling women her mother is there but she's not there like in here she's she's in there but she's not all there so she's not a complete psychotic mess 

but she's when he has grown up in a very traumatic and unstable lifestyle um she her mother has put her through a lot of bad

in an effort to save her from what she believes to be inevitable on her 18th birthday and that bad includes like taking her to like witch doctors and spells and um like science experiments having been done on her and all of these things she's physically hurt 

her in an effort to prevent peter from taking her on her 18th birthday all of it's been for nothing her 18th birthday comes peter peter comes to get her he takes her to neverland with him she's not afraid she goes willingly because in the beginning she doesn't believe that it's real she thinks 

her mother is like schizophrenic she when she gets to neverland and she's introduced to the lost boys which there are two twins bash and cass there are two twins who are members of the fae in neverland there are different islands there are seven islands peter is the king of 

one island there are seven different rulers of those other of the of the seven islands each island and their subsequent ruler is the host of a shadow the shadow is either a shadow of life or shadow of death 

they have to choose one or the other to host peter chose the shadow of life many years ago there was a coup where tinker bell who yes is also real although don't picture her as a tiny little pixie picture her as the queen of the fae 

a normal sized woman but queen of the fae and there was a coup where peter fell in love with wendy as the fable says and and tinkerbell in her jealousy killed wendy and stole peter's shadow peter believes that wendy knew 

where his shadow was hidden before she was killed and that that those memories are passed down through the bloodline of the female darlings hence why he has kidnapped every female darling upon their 18th birthday in an attempt to get inside their heads to try and unlock the memory of where his shadow is because without the life shadow his island is dying his life force is tied to the island and without that shadow 

he's basically he's dwindling and the island is dwindling with him so she winnie when she learns all of this she wants to help him so she she asked like how how do you get the memories like how do i remember something i can't remember like i don't that i don't know

i remember well the the current queen of the faye is going to come here and pay us a visit and she's going to use magic to get inside your head and then she realizes that's why my mother and grandmother and every darling before me since the time of wendy has come home 

up because the queen of the faye is rummaging around inside their brain and doing a terrible job at it and then sending them home all 

up she doesn't want that and by the time that time comes in the book peter cass bash and another lost boy by the name of vayne who is host to um a dark shadow which means at one point he was king of his own island but we don't talk about that you know we don't know what that's about um they don't want to

up winnie's brain because they've all become very attached to winnie bash and cass also happened to be the queen of the phase brothers they were banished and their wings were taken when they ki they murdered their father and they did it for their sister i'm not sure i feel i really remember 

if it was fully explained why they killed their father if he was either abusive or if he was like sexually abusing their their sister or what but they they do say in the book that they did it for her and she turned around and banished them that she took their wings and she banished them and that's how they came to be with peter so when their sister comes to see wendy they don't want her to 

around in winnie's head and destroy her brain because now they've become attached to her because by this time in the book winnie has basically had some kind of sexual contact with all of them except vain vein is there's serious dark

going on in vain so the queen the queen comes and she starts her interrogation her her rooting around and it turns out to be too much and it gets to the point where vayne of all people who up to this point was not didn't want to touch winnie because again sea of form mentioned stuff about dark dark 

stuff going on with him he intercedes and he's like that's enough you're hurting her and he takes her away she's out very out of it he takes her into the library i think in the to the library or into his bedroom 

she stays there while she's in that comatose state she does finally she does dream the memory of what happened to peter's shadow when she comes to she demands to see him she rushes down to his 

rooms and she tells him i think i know where the shadow is it turns out that wendy's little sister was watching from the from a closet when tinkerbell murdered wendy and hid peter's shadow in a small box inside of wendy's trunk in their attic in like a secret compartment in the trunk 

so they all rush to go back to the mortal world they where they run into and like an emissary by the name of the the brownie who works for queen tilly which is the queen of the fae the twins bro the twin sister it turns out that she has been plotting all along to get the shadow herself 

so that she can make sure that peter never gets the shadow and that he the the island dies and he never becomes king again in revenge for him murdering tinkerbell who happened to be her mother and the twins mother which they know that he killed their mother and they're fine with it because she was a she was a murderous psycho 

but tilly is not fine with it until he has been plotting this entire time and sabotaging his attempts to find his shadow by deliberately scrambling the brains of all the darlings that she's been looking into for him 

every time he brings one to neverland so this comes out when he confronts the brownie or when the brownie uh and the brownies men confront them in the mortal realm there's a big fight um everybody every everybody gets all the brownies get killed the brownie gets killed 

all of his men get killed and they go back to neverland with the shadow um but when they opened the box at the end of the book they finally opened the box what jumps out is not one shadow but two and that's where the book ends so charlotte go peepee so um so that's where the book ends 

i don't i don't do quiet i don't do reverse harems ever okay i wanted to state that for the record i don't do reverse terms ever i also don't do dark romance novellas i've sworn them off because i i contend that the majority of dark

romance novellas are almost exclusively sex and violence there is virtually no plot in dark romance novellas that i've found so i don't enjoy them this novella i loved i don't know what the next one will hold but this woman somehow managed 

to touch on everything that you needed to know and give just enough detail to everything to keep you interested and to give you plot while still giving you this the spice that you need and she managed to do all of that in 200 pages 

i don't know how she did that i've i literally said it before and i'll say it again it's witchcraft she's a witch because i would recommend these books to anyone who likes dark romance and i'm not 

i i also have not done a lot of like fairy tale retellings either but i loved this so would i recommend these books to to to other people

yes i would i loved it for the rating for this book i would give it a solid nine and a half like what a original idea loved it um so yeah hopefully that's encompasses everything and i didn't leave anything out and i didn't  anything up in the end.