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Seriously, So Good by Carissa Stanton PDF Download

Hot Vampire Next Door by Nikki St. Crowe PDF Download


Hot Vampire Next Door by Nikki St. Crowe

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Hot Vampire Next Door by Nikki St. Crowe PDF Download

Details About The Dark One by Nikki St. Crowe PDF

  • Novel Title: Hot Vampire Next Door 
  • Author: Nikki St. Crowe
  • Genre: Fiction, Suspense, Mystery, Thrill, Romance, Horror, Fantasy, 
  • Pages:224
  • Publish Date: 5 December 2021
  • Language: English 
Book Review:

Hot Vampire Next Door by Nikki St. Crowe these fantasy romance books all right first up we have two bleed a crystal bloom and this is by sarah a parker this is following a girl that when she was two years old her entire family was massacred and she was found and rescued by this high master 

who ended up taking her back to his tower where she was raised for the next 19 years in isolation now she's dealing with a lot of trauma from her past and is living a very simple life just trying to go day by day and all our main character really wants is to have a connection with this hive master 

however he does not want to interact with her at all besides drinking her blood every single night now this book was confusing i think that's the best way i can put it the author is very much in the like show don't tell variety 

we are following the main character and we're kind of discovering the world with the main character she's very naive she doesn't really know what's going on so we as the reader are in the same vote which could be frustrating 

however i loved this book i thought this was so well done and so good i'm gonna elaborate on it more in my march wrap up but i just i love this i feel like this was such a unique story something i haven't written i noticed a lot with the fantasy romance that i've been reading it feels a little bit repetitive 

we have a lot of the same tropes this felt entirely different it just felt very unique and i loved it i will say there are a lot of questions that are left unanswered however the second book will be coming out at the end of this year and i'm really looking forward to it so if you have not read this 

yet please do i highly highly recommend all right and next up we have a ruin of roses and this is by kf brain this is following our main character who is a fey woman living in this town that has been cursed and this curse ends up killing these fae 

when they reach adulthood we also find out that all of these fey used to have like an animal side that they can no longer access because of this curse now our main character has figured out a remedy for this curse that can actually prolong people's lives um so they don't die as early as 

they would typically however in order to make this remedy she has to go into this like forbidden forest and get these roses one day when she is journeying to get these roses she ends up being taken by the beast 

it goes from there now there were parts of the story that i very much enjoyed i really loved the entire like plot and the world building and i like where the author was going with it i did not love the way the author wrote 

these spicy scenes in this this is a very spicy book i love spice if you're familiar with my channel it's one of my favorite things however i just don't like the way it was done in this um also the wording is a little bit juvenile i think our main character is supposed to be in her 20s but 

she kind of acts like she's 14 which is something i typically see in ya novels and i'm used to however it just doesn't really work with this so i was not a huge fan of this like i said it does have its moments i really did like the lore of the story and there were some parts that i did laugh out loud 

however i will give the second book a shot i'm not sure if i'm going to continue with the series after that a lot of people have said the second book is even better so we'll see i would still give this book a try 

however the first one i just wasn't really crazy about and talking about spice and next up we have the never king and this is by nikki st crow

this is a dark reverse harem peter pan retelling and i am here for it apparently for two centuries wendy's descendants or wendy darling's descendants have been kidnapped on their 18th birthday by peter pan and the lost boys never to be seen or heard from again and i cannot wait to read this book 

so apparently this is gonna be a series i think the second book is supposed to come out in a few months these are novellas so they're very very short i've been very into novellas recently and i cannot wait to read this one it just sounds so good i've been seeing it on tick tock a lot now 

so very excited to jump into this and this will definitely be read by the end of march and next up we have fortuna sworn and this is by kj sutton this was a reread for me i actually read i think up to the third fourteenth sworn book all the way back when i first started this booktube channel 

i'm doing a reread before the fifth one comes out i forgot how much i loved this series this first book is just so good so it is following for tudos horn who is a nightmare and for two years her brother has been missing and then one day a mysterious fey shows up at her door and says if you marry me 

i'll tell you where your brother is and it goes from there if you like dark fae books with trials and just spice and kick-ass heroines this is the book for you i love this series and i cannot wait to continue reading it 

but highly recommend if you have not picked this up i love that this series is gaining more popularity it is just so so good this next book is another book that i'm really looking forward to reading and that is 

what lies beyond the veil by harper l woods this is actually the first in a series apparently this book ends with a cliffhanger and oh my goodness i've been seeing people post quotes of this book on tick tock 

it just sounds amazing so we're following our main character and she lives in a world that for 400 years the fey lands have been separated from the human world one day this veil that is keeping them separate shatters and that they go into the human worlds and start kidnapping humans 

so our main character is just trying to stay alive during all of this and i cannot wait to read this i think it is going to be so amazing now my march tbr is a little bit insane so i probably won't get around to reading this till april but oh my goodness i'm really looking forward to reading 

it and next up we have signs of cupidity by raven kennedy so this is apparently the first in a series it is reverse harem cupid and fey i am so intrigued so apparently it's following cupid that after accidentally hitting a faye royal with an arrow the fae used some magic to turn her into 

a mortal and the story goes from there i just heard reverse harem cupid fey and i was all in for it so i'm very much looking forward to reading this i actually don't have a physical copy of this i have the audio audible just had this huge sale where like all the audiobooks were 85 off 

so i ended up purchasing this one and i'm very much looking forward to it um judging by the reviews it seems like there's a lot of comedic moments and it just seems like a really fun time all right and next up we have a river of shadows and this is by karina halley this is the same author 

that wrote black sunshine which is one of my favorite reads of february oh my goodness i love this book so this is apparently one of her newer releases is following our main character that she ends up finding 

out that her father has been killed however when she goes to find his body she realizes that he's not actually dead but is being held captive in the underworld by death himself so she travels to the underworld and ends 

up meeting with death and he makes a deal with her that if he or she will marry him he will let her father go and it goes from there it sounds so awesome i cannot wait to jump into this it kind of gives me spring and summer vibes so i might wait a few months before i read it but oh my goodness 

i think it is going to be such a good time and next up we have a king so cold and this is by ella fields so i read a savage in the swan by ella fields and while that wasn't one of my favorite fantasy romance i do think it was a solid read and i really did like the writing so i'm very excited to jump to 

this this from what i gather from the back of the book is following a faye royal that was in a marriage of convenience with a fave prince and then he ends up i think cheating on her or doing something that angers her so she's kind of ruling by herself until a war starts looming over 

her kingdom and then it goes from there so this is recommended to me by someone who i really trust when it comes to books so i'm very much looking forward to reading this like i said i do like ella fields writing i'm a little bit worried just because there were some issues i had with the savage 

in the swan but i think this will be a very good time and i believe this is either part of a duology or the first in a series so very excited to jump into it and last up is a book my husband actually got me for valentine's day so for valentine's day my husband kind of let me go wild at barnes noble which is 

one of the best gifts ever and i saw this book and i never heard of it before it's all he'll ever be and this is by w winters so i thought this was just dark and temporary romance but goodreads is saying it's fantasy romance 

so we're gonna go with that so this is a beauty and the beast mafia retelling it's the first in a series i really enjoy beauty and the beast mafia retellings so stolen air by sophie lark and darkest temptations by daniel laurie are like two of my favorite in those respective series 

so i am so looking forward to jumping into this it is like i said super chunky so i'm very intrigued on how it's going to be but i'm so looking forward to reading it and it's i believe self-published so i was 

so excited that i was able to see it at barnes noble i feel like barnes noble is having more indie and self pub books and that is just awesome alright guys those are all the books on my fantasy romance book.