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Dilla Time by Dan Charnas Pdf Download

Dilla Time by Dan Charnas Pdf Download

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Dilla Time by Dan Charnas Pdf Download 

Details About Dilla Time by Dan Charnas  PDF

  • Novel Title: Dilla Time 
  • Author: Dan Charnas
  • GenreBiographies
  • Pages: 480
  • Publish Date: February 1, 2022
  • Language: English 
Book Review:

Dilla Time by Dan Charnas this book was mind-blowing it was shocking it answers a lot of questions that I personally have for working in the music business and being a little associated with um uh certain things of Jay Villas uh brands 

it just talked about him being a human being and just having his issues about things and concerns his independence one thing I can say about Villa 

I could understand it now he did not want to be controlled like so many artists because his father had wrote music and he didn't get the credits years ago 

Dylan was pretty much saying that is not going to be me he was about his money and he wanted to do his own thing but you know like all artists miscommunications can be there 

when you trying to display that or talk about that to your Mentor which was q-sip and the list goes on so nevertheless um he had his moments his issues in dealing with people um and dealing with uh slum Village Baton rest in peace the button also to T3 shout out to T3 like we talked about the Dynamics of their relationship 

he talked about Dan talked about the Dynamics of um Dilla working on Commons project and never how they met and stuff also talked about his Dynamics with uh working on the Angelo uh project uh the voodoo album which 

I am so happy I had the opportunity to help promote that years ago when I was in college and I never knew the Dynamics behind it also it talked about uh Jay Villas Dynamics and projects he'd work with Erykah Badu like Dylan worked with so many people 

Quest love the rules so many people so in this book it really spoke about the history of Music itself and it also broke down the beat pad instructions it structure excuse me the influences Dylan style and how he influenced a lot of other musicians and how his sound so different and it were studying it people were studying it also broke down about the NPC so the point where 

I want to go out and buy my own NPC I just have to do the research on what particular NPC which would be uh right for me it'd definitely probably be the Akai somewhere one of those Akai NPCs 

but um yeah it talked about that it talked about his relationships with Q-Tip um his issues he may have with the label uh frightened um Franken Zane um who else so many so many people talked about his relationships his his daughters his daughters um the strip club Detroit just everything you will not be disappointed uh with this book it also talked about Maureen Ellijay Martha 

so let's go like the list goes on so nevertheless this book was raw uncut and very uh rough and hard for me to read simply because I was behind the scenes and I kind of knew certain things and then it just it's like when you work in the music business and you read a biography of one of your favorite producers and you're like oh my goodness this is this makes sense like 

I learned that with this book communication is key in regards to any artist dealing with their music and I think at that time Dillard had a lot of communication issue and it's just like misunderstandings but one thing I could say Villa was accountable for his actions and um in regards to him finding out about his health and his health failing 

he made amends with a lot of different people which you could appreciate because a lot of people don't do that they people hurt your feelings or feel some type of way and they just keep it moving and that's that but one thing I could say Villa was the end of his life from what I read from the book 

he was accountable and he just wanted to make things right with people because he probably knew he was going to transition so nevertheless he has impacted so many people's lives and um this displays that there's so many chapters 

I would tell you chapter 13. chapter 12 13 and 14 was shocking to me I was like it talks about a lot of things it's so many details that I don't want to tell you anything in the book 

I just want you to go out and support it purchase it you won't be disappointed read it and let me know your thoughts and let me know if you read it but this was a really really really mind-blowing book 

I'm definitely going to go out and get my NPC shout outs to uh David's Legacy shout out to people that contribute shout outs to Dan who did extensive research also in the book it talks about what his discography pretty much all the music he's ever made is listed in the book cross references and all of that get the book read it let me know your thoughts this is a really good book

I wasn't disappointed and I just want to let you guys know you shouldn't be disappointed too anyway guys take care be safe and remember communication is key he'll do your business if you are a artist and handle your health as well take care of your health because 

if you're not taking care of your health yeah there's no way to be able to take care of your business you know 

I would tell artists when you read this book you're going to learn a lot make sure you have a well make sure you have a living will make sure you have your health together make sure you take care of yourself.

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