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Details of Book My Dark Vanessa by Kate Elizabeth PDF

  • Name: My Dark Vanessa
  • Authors: Kate Elizabeth Russell
  • Genre: Mothers & Children Fiction
  • Pages: 384
  • Publish Date: February 2, 2021
  • Language: English
Book Review:

My Dark Vanessa by Kate Elizabeth is a book that I've been talking about quite a lot on my channel since finding out about its existence to receiving an arc through the whole time that 

I was reading it so I figured we should probably do a dedicated review of course this was gonna be spoiler-free because I did get an arc so it won't be out for a couple of months 

but I did want to chat a little bit more in-depth about what makes this novel so great as well as maybe some things to look out for if you're interested in it if you don't know my document Nessa follows then 

now timeline and it's from the perspective of a girl who's 15 years old and she goes off to a boarding school and then falls into this romance with her teacher on the flip side 

we also have the new perspective where allegations are coming out about him and our protagonist Vanessa deals with a lot of internal turmoil about believing that what happened to her truly was romantic it was their first love 

it was her first romance it was her first everything and wanting to defend him as opposed to trying to even hear the victims out and then slowly coming to the realization that maybe what happened to her wasn't as romantic 

as she thought maybe it was something closer to abuse this is an incredibly powerful novel the subject matter itself is so important and so it's heavy it's a lot but the way it was written 

I think this is something that needs to be spoken a lot about because this is a story that was tackled by the right author 

so I think it was written with this perfect balance because at the beginning of the story from the get-go we the readers get to see the grooming that's happening and the subtle manipulations and it's easy for at least

it was easy for me to allow myself to an extent to get swept up in what Vanessa was being swept up in while still maintaining the reality of seeing the manipulation and the grooming behind the scenes and then along with Vanessa smacked 

but with the stark reality of her present-time perspective, the thing is with this story really requires a balance in the way that it's written and this author did it perfectly 

it would have been easy for an author to have spoon-fed morality to us throughout this novel this is bad kids this is called paedophilia and that's what grooming is stay away 

it would have been very easy to have our hands held throughout the book it also would have been really easy to maintain a distanced enough narrative that the reader could have fallen into the romance with Vanessa 

not seeing the abuse of it Kate Elizabeth Russell had the perfect balance we got to clearly see the grooming and manipulation that was being done to Vanessa but we also had enough distance that it was easy for us

to sympathize and understand how Vanessa was manipulated Vanessa was self-aware enough that she was able to reflect and see that he was saying one thing and doing another he was telling her you're in control here but then 

he wasn't giving her any control she was self-aware enough to be able to process his inconsistencies and his manipulations but she was also manipulated enough not to care enough 

to still get swept up in it and still believe the lies he was telling there may have been a couple of instances where maybe the author held our hand just a tiny bit more than 

I wanted but truly I think that this balance was as close to perfect as it could have gotten and I think that this book couldn't have been in better hands there are some really really difficult scenes in this novel specifically Vanessa 

her teacher's first time being intimate this other did a great job at being brutally honest with us about what this relationship looked like without being cruel to the reader about how much pain she put us through 

but I do want to be clear that it is Dee tailed and it is it's hard to read again I think the author struck a beautiful balance of being really raw and honest and showing us what 

it really looked like and it hurt without taking without tipping it so far that it was too much everybody's standard for too much is different 

so you know you have to apply your own filter and if I'm telling you it's hard so if that if you don't think that's for you you know to take care of yourself with what you pick up there's also the way other people react 

in this novel that is strikingly real and painful there were lines delivered in this book that hit oh they may hit hard it's honestly incredible how well this author executed this book I try I'm trying to keep vague 

I think probably after the book is released a few months after its release when people have had time to read it I'll probably reread it and then do a spoiler-filled review but for 

now I'm trying to keep it pretty light I would say probably one criticism I have and it's a mild one is the second half of the book is certainly slower than the first half which isn't necessarily a negative thing 

but there is a chunk in the book where it feels like things aren't really progressing anymore and I think that chunk went on a little bit too long there's definitely a small section in the middle of the book that could have been condensed a bit but other than that 

I don't really have a complaint the ending was really great and really satisfying I could see the ending maybe not being fully satisfying for some people because I don't know that we end exactly where we as the reader expected to end but I don't think it that we ended in a bad place 

I still think that it was a hopeful ending and it was a good ending even if it didn't stop exactly where I thought it would this is Kate Elizabeth Russell's debut novel 

I just feel like holy cow what a place to begin your career what an author to follow I don't really think that there's much she could have done to have executed this book more beautifully it's very powerful it's very difficult 

but it's so perfect it's hard to explain there are small moments and little lines that I just feel like how do you know so perfectly how people really do react it's a tough read it's a great read I don't think it could have been handled much better this is an author.