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Tasha's Cauldron of Everything Pdf Download


Tasha's Cauldron of Everything

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Tasha's Cauldron of Everything Pdf Download 

Details About Tasha's Cauldron of Everything PDF

  • Novel Title: Tasha's Cauldron of Everything
  • Author: Wizards RPG Team
  • Genre: Reference work 
  • Pages:192
  • Publish Date: 17 November 2020
  • Language: English 
Book Review:

Tasha's Cauldron of Everything i know we uploaded a post on instagram a little bit earlier and we've actually had a couple of people interested in about with the new book that came out tasha's cauldron of everything 

so i thought it would be kind of a fun little thing to do to essentially kind of have a series of that i do maybe about a couple minutes long to kind of give my different takes 

to basically give like an overdue overview a breakdown of the different chapters so there's only four in total and even within that kind of giving a similar breakdown this is going to be a lot more off the top of my head a little bit more unscripted um but essentially i'll be covering all four chapters 

what i liked about the book what i didn't like about the book what i changed what i wouldn't change and so on and so forth so first off and foremost um and i guess uh sorry and i guess kind of doing a final review of whether 

you should rent the book buy the book and you know so far and so forth so first thing i'd like to do is an overview tasha's cauldron of everything um is essentially like a book that has a lot of new rule options that would be not only available for your players but also from your dming standpoint 

basically the whole name of the game is giving your player giving people options so there are different really interesting things like with optional class abilities there's especially things that your parties can do 

as well as a host of different magical items spells and a really couple of cool neat things that the dungeon master can use as effective tools overall i would say that this book is actually really awesome for a couple of reasons one 

i would say that this book really gives a lot of inspiration especially for people who are really big into home brewing their own um essentially like their own stuff while it doesn't give any specific rules for home brewing it definitely has a lot of potential for ideas like for me in general just kind of looking at some of this stuff and what 

i can do personally to home brew and kind of like make this make a couple of these things a little bit better but like i said i'll be going through each chapter individually as like a series of their own 

the chapter one um for a lot of these because it gets into like the breakdown of the different classes i'm really only going to be focusing on talking about the optional class features and what that can add versus 

new actual subclasses that the cauldron of everything adds on though if you all would like me to do a take on those and actually have me go through and review those i honestly don't mind you know you just have to 

these are also going to be on youtube and you can always follow along at taylor adventure on our youtube instagram our twitter as well as our facebook 

so first and foremost i think we're going to dive in with the part the first part and kind of the the first part about this book that i don't like i want to say that overall like i said i really enjoyed this book and i had a lot of fun reading through it they were just in getting into it

this is just kind of one of the first parts that i really didn't like in what i would want to change so getting to it the first chapter is about character options and as such the first paragraph for character options is customizing your origin 

i know dungeons and dragons has had a very big i wouldn't say very big a very persistent theme with a couple of their different monsters that you had races that were just purely evil for the sake of being evil 

the two that most famously come to mind that people think of are the orcs who are basically big dumb strong and evil and just love fighting a bunch and raiding villages and drought that drow are sadistic live in the dark 

have really dark skin and uh are always trying to feed their always trying to feed victims to their spider queen god and i know especially as the years have kind of evolved and with everything going on that wizards of the coast has been trying to 

i would say trying to do a little bit more to kind of give those options where it's like those players aren't stuck to it like just because you play an orc doesn't mean necessarily that you would play automatically 

a like a marshall type character in the same vein of like just because you play a gnome doesn't necessarily mean that you'll be stuck in playing sort of like a wizard type of campaign so mechanically 

i understand why they did this like this because the customize your origins is only about one page long um essentially what the customized origins does is not only are you able to just kind of swap your ability scores it's starting where you want them to be but essentially also 

you can swap out your languages as well as you can swap out like your proficiencies if you get proficiencies with armor weapons tools and other things like that um and it also kind of gives on a little bit of changing subclass but i'll get into that a little bit the reason why 

i don't like the character options here for the customizing origin again mechanically i understand why it makes a lot of sense as to why somebody would do that because it's easier to just kind of do it this way versus trying to reinvent a whole new system for it 

but at least to me i feel as though this is just kind of a little bit half half-assed i guess to me it just seems a little cheap where it's just like oh well instead of doing the things that you were worried about 

you can just take those things and just move them somewhere else and it's not necessarily the fact of like yeah that can just happen I feel as though I think i would have loved to see a little bit more like flavor that came with it um instead of just being no you can just swap your languages swap your ability scores and just basically say yeah you can just put them wherever 

so it's like you don't have to have an orc that's you know dumb you can have that work that's super intelligent they can put in like the last point they have in charisma and you know that's kind of like the solution to it 

it's just kind of like as much as there was a whole big thing about reworking and reworking a lot of like the negative racial stereotypes in dungeons and dragons and having these negative caricatures of real life depictions of different cultures this just kind of seems like a half measure almost again mechanically 

i understand why this is the way it is because this is a very simple and clean system for me i think personally i would have done it where it was something at least how my general philosophy is is that a character is always um excuse me a character is always defined or seen a person a creature is always defined by the environment they live in and the culture that they grew up with 

i think i would have loved to see like the environment that they grew up in basically kind of maybe has more of a little bit more of a flavor of like these are where your physical stats come from and the culture is more like where your mindset and your thinking where 

you get a little bit more of like your mental stats so like i remember i was reading a homebrew somewhere and it was talking about um like i think it was a variant for humans but of like the different like ton like humans live in the tundra the arctic the jungles the forest the savannah 

they gave like different bonuses to that and they also had an option of like oh well they also lived in like a major city a theocracy a democracy and you know having those different options for those 

i think i would have really loved to see something like that here again it just seems like for the character options and just kind of customizing your origin they really had a potential to kind of do some really cool stuff with it and this just really feels like a half-assed performative attempt again 

i do understand the mechanics and how this system works because it's very simple i just personally would have loved to have seen something more from this because as a um as a book that is boasting about giving players 

more options this really doesn't kind of add anything new or interesting to it so i was definitely a little bit disappointed or i was very disappointed with the customizing your origins tracked i'd still definitely say that you should get the get the book and test it out for yourself.