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Gothikana by RuNyx PDF Free Download


Gothikana by RuNyx

Gothikana by RuNyx PDF Free Download

Gothichana by Runix. The beginning will be spoiler-free, and then I'll save any kind of spoilers for the end. I finished this book last night, and oh my god, am I obsessed, or am I obsessed?

This book is—I honestly didn't expect to love it this much. I knew it was gonna be my kind of vibe because I did know it had a gothic setting and a school setting, and I just—I love that kind of stuff. So, I figured I would love it, but oh my god, me up. This book is so good.

So, this book follows Corvina Clem after being basically left alone. Her dad died at an early age, and then some things happened to her mother. One day, she gets a letter from the University of Barrymore to attend this academy. 

It's like a boarding school, basically. It's this academy that's on this mountain, and it's in a castle. Super freaking atmospheric, super freaking gothic.

Corvina was raised by her mother, who had a lot of mental health issues. So, she didn't really socialize with Corvina a lot. She was just very quiet and not experienced. Whenever she ends up going to this boarding school, it's like a whole new world for her. 

And while she's there, she meets Vad, who is one of the teachers or professors or whatever. So, this is a student-teacher romance, which I love. She's a witch, and he's just like a mysterious dude.

I'd say the tension is probably like a two out of five, just because it is kind of insta-lovey. If you absolutely hate Insta-love, this book will probably irk you. But I hate insta-love, but I didn't hate this insta-love. Like, I—and it's not that insta-lovey. Like, it's not that bad. 

I was obsessed with them. I was rooting for them the whole time, but they are super attracted to each other. And yeah, I'm not gonna say anything more about the relationship other than like, chef's kiss.

The mysterious vibes, the gothic vibes, the romantic atmospheric vibes—this has it all. Corvina herself, oh my god, I'm obsessed with her. Everything about her is just amazing. I love how her character was written. 

She's a super shy witch, but she's not at all. She's actually like a really nice person, but she's super witchy. She does like tarot. She's into crystals. And she also hears voices, but that's more of like, alongside her mental health as well as this creepy castle or whatever.

Oh my god, I loved her so much. As far as Vad goes, I loved him so much it hurt. But I hated his name. She has a hard time trusting Vad, which is understandable because first off, his name is Vad, and that's suspicious in and of itself. Why did we have to name him Vad?

The vibes of this book, I think, are hands down the best self-published book I've ever read. I cried towards the end of this book, not because something sad happened, but because I was literally overwhelmed with joy at how much I loved this book and these characters.

Because it was going in a direction that I didn't want it to go. I was stressed out the whole time, and I was like, I don't want that thing to happen. It ended perfectly.

I go read this book if you like gothic romances or if you like dark romances. You're probably gonna love this. I am obsessed with Dracula. Dracula is probably my favourite classic of all time. 

I've read that book probably at least three or four times now. This has all the Dracula vibes. It's not a vampire romance, but it feels like Dracula. Like, I felt like I was reading Dracula just because it does take place in the castle and I don't know, all the vibes. Like, the author did a really good job of setting the atmosphere.

There were just so many passages I would read two or three times, not because I didn't understand them, but just because I was like, oh my god, that's so perfect. Another thing is there's art between certain chapters and quotes, and oh my god, it's just phenomenal.

So, this book is in the third person, which is personally my favourite. I do enjoy the first person. I used to not like the first person at all, but now it's grown on me, especially with the romance. But this book is in the third person, so if you're not a fan of the third person, don't let that sway you because this book needs to be in the third person.

I love this book. I ate up every freaking second of it. Another thing is, like, I did kind of predict one of the plot twists. I didn't predict it fully if that makes sense. I was taken by surprise with the twist. in a way, not fully. 

I wasn't, like, 100% taken by surprise, but I was, in a way. Like, the way that it happened, if that makes sense. I wouldn't call this book predictable. I was definitely on my toes the whole time reading it, and I read it in, like, 24 hours because I literally couldn't put it down. It's so good.

This book is also spooky. I felt like I underestimated how spooky it was going to be. It was spooky throughout, but whenever the plot just happened, there was something else that happened, and I literally almost, like, I was, like, my pants. 

I was, like, so creeped out, and I literally screamed. It was just spooky. I was so spooked out. I don't know if it's because I was reading it at night or what, but this had me spooked. Just go read it, especially if you're looking for something spooky or gothic. I'd have to give it five stars for sure.

So, if you haven't read this book, thank you for watching, but stop watching now because I'm going to discuss a few spoilers. Halfway through this book, I was like, you know what, there has to be someone that betrays her, right? 

So, is it Vad? Or who is it? Is it Jade? And so, I kind of predicted who it was going to be, but I didn't predict the extent of it. I didn't predict that she was the one basically killing those people, and she, like, fed them that, like, powder stuff or something. I don't remember what it's called. So, I didn't predict that, like, at all. I didn't think she was the one killing people.

But honestly, like, okay, I want to reread this book because the whole time, I was so suspicious of Vad, and I was obsessed with him, but, like, I was so suspicious that I couldn't, like, fall for him, you know what I mean? Like, I was holding myself back. Like, I had a guard up because I couldn't trust him.

It kind of reminded me of, like, an adult version of "Kingdom of the Wicked," which they're not really alike, but they are in some ways. I don't know, like, the main character's a witch, and the love interest is basically, like, a demon or whatever. That is not a demon, but he is definitely, like, this mysterious dude. And I don't know. I couldn't trust it.

Whenever I cried, it had already been revealed that Jade was the evil betraying or whatever, and Vad and Corvina were just basically being all lovey-dovey or something, and I was obsessed. So, I just—I got overwhelmed with a sense of joy, and I just started, like, tearing up, and it was so good.

One of my favourite quotes is, "I will have you even in death, little witch. I'm your beast. I'm your madness. And you, you're my afterlife." So good, dudes. This book is just so witchy, and it gave me everything that I was hoping for and more.

I'd have to say my favourite scene was when they were driving back from, like, running their errands down the mountain. They were coming back up the mountain, and it was pouring down rain, and they were in the car. 

And, for one, like, I was scared for their lives, but then when they, like, pulled over—and not gonna lie, I think that was my favourite scene. I felt like it was like a forced proximity situation, and I'm a sucker for that. I love that scene. I loved everything about this book, honestly.

I also really loved the ending of this book. I don't think it could have been more perfect. It was just perfect. So, that concludes this, and I hope you enjoyed reading it. 

And if you've read this book, comment below, and let me know what your thoughts are, if you want to talk about anything specific. And I'll see you guys later. Bye! 

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