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Wonderland of Words by Shashi Tharoor PDF Download

The Final Gambit by Jennifer Lynn Barnes PDF Download


The Final Gambit by Jennifer Lynn Barnes PDF Download

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The Final Gambit by Jennifer Lynn Barnes PDF Download 

Details of The Final Gambit by Jennifer Lynn Barnes Book

  • Book Name: The Final Gambit
  • Authors: Jennifer Lynn Barnes
  • Pages: 341
  • Genre: Fiction
  • Publish Date: 30 August 2022
  • Language: English

Book Review:

The Final Gambit by Jennifer Lynn Barnes so my first prediction is just don't hate on me i am with you guys i think that avery will end up with grayson as much as i love all of the brothers i really think that he is like the fit he's like a little bit edgy darkish strict to his feelings you know like this type of guys are always in a game right 

i don't know maybe jennifer lin burns will decide to skip the pattern my second prediction is avery gonna have a little bit like more interactions with harry slush toby i will tell i want them to have like more of a father-daughter-like relationship and my last one is that avery actually will end up as a really important member of the hauden family 

i actually think that she will keep the money that they will not replay all of this and she will keep the money but will delegate like charity and stuff some businesses to the brothers and family members that's gonna be like a really cool happy ending and again i'm reading on my computer because i can't get any physical copies especially 

in time for the release date let's pray i will move one day somewhere where i could pre-order books and get them the same day like as everyone wow okay we're having one of the absolute cutest flashbacks we're basically brothers our septee never into their family and nash's sorry kid it's been six months you're one of us 

now she's thinking about grayson she's forbidding herself to think about grayson but she she's thinking about him the world is the board harris we just have to keep rolling the dice there's no such thing as fighting nerdy i told nash if he you win yes i don't know 

how we will be able to pick a team because to this point my strongest argument against jameson was that he's not going to be a good boyfriend he's just not as serious he's not going to be into the relationship but he's good he's really good with the devil in the devil do you like drums do you like cigarettes from me 

i definitely picked my team unfortunately so i'm in chapter 13 right now and by this moment i figure out that the whole third book is kind of like a new mystery to uncover which is kind of refreshing because i thought that they would still trace the whole thing about like inheritance mystery i'm so bad at non-spoiler reading vlogs look 

so let's say at this point in the book both of the brothers big brothers in the triangle are kind of taking both of them is it enough spoiler-free i don't feel really well right now you know i need another coffee it's been a few hours i actually went to take a bath and very quiet 

a lot i'm in chapter 38 right now and i had this really weird moment at some point i decided that grayson might be the one who's on the other end of the game like he's the one who's threatening people i don't know why i'm i'm too paranoid or like he's my favorite boy what's going on there's only one thing that you can hook me 

on with on anything and it's taylor swift bring taylor swift reference taylor swift i'm gonna be there and this book has it so they are referring to the wine cellar moment like since the beginning of the book and i was like did i miss something in the previous book like am i dumb or something because like and then i realized it that we will get it in the book like as a maybe flashback we did yeah just wanted you to know that this is me trying 

i know it's not the major spoiler so i will let myself do this xander finding his father the cutest thing ever like so much joy right now i really thought that i will be able to finish a book today basically it's gonna be today because today is actually tomorrow you know it's 4 am and my hat is like pounding i will see you like in a few hours after 

i will take my vitamin c and like a good sleep morning guys i just woke up and i'm so ready to finish the last like eight chapters of the final gumbit the first thing in the morning like i really want to do that you can let it go okay i decided to tune in because i'm approaching the last chapter i literally have goosebumps all over my body 

right now okay i will go eat my lunch and then come back to read one year later and then we will talk i finished the final gambit by jennifer lin barnes i haven't spoke about it yet but i'm like in love with this series definitely we'll give it a reread in the future and now guys 

the spoiler part i will put this quote in the spoiler part so welcome to the spoiler part because i'm terrible at hurting here is and if what we have now if everything we have now starts to feel like another competition between grayson and me like a game 

i don't trust myself not to play and the fact that grayson with eve kind of let's gonna talk about my assumptions right the first one was that avery will end up with grayson didn't happen jameson all the way and you know i like it i really thought that 

jameson is not really like this relationship type of guy but he really wanted to change yeah so even though i'm still team grayson in my heart i i love the choice it is good love it the second assumption was that we will have like more daughter father-like relationship with toby and i don't remember if i said this but i thought maybe avery will have like a relationship with eve and we kind of got it 

i really thought that the story will continue by like them going after the old man clues and stuff like continuing the story why avery is the one what's what happened blah blah blah no kinda still was after the old man's clues but in the same time it was just like uncovering the other thing and the fact that it turned into the murder mystery but i actually loved it like the murder mystery is something that 

i kind of getting into slowly with literature and i kind of loved it it was like a really cool secret of the family i didn't like eve from the beginning why is she like getting with grayson so fast but then like when the whole family tree situation started like uncovering like 

i'm still so confused about the whole family tree so many connections between the families like i was so confused it was interesting but it was like so confusing everyone hooked up with everyone and the last one of my assumptions was that avery will actually like keep the fortune and will stay the hair is but she will kind of delegate some stuff to other

family members i was kind of wrong kind of right you know that type of thing she still is the hairs of the whole hauden legacy but she gave away almost all of the money like she's a badass and at the end of the story i i love that all of the hauden brothers just having their own thing to do

in life also if we will talk about my favorite things about these books i really love how we started the series with chass and ended it with chess and i also really loved how this whole book is like one never-ending puzzle 

they were always on a hunt for something and you never have an ability kind of like to slow down to breathe you're always on to something yeah overall team jamison guys good for you good for you thank you guys for hanging out with me while i was reading the final gambit