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One Italian Summer by Rebecca Serle pdf download


One Italian Summer by Rebecca Serle

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One Italian Summer by Rebecca Serle pdf download

Details of One Italian Summer by Rebecca Serle Book

  • Book Name: One Italian Summer
  • Authors: Rebecca Serle
  • Pages: 222
  • Genre: Romance Fiction
  • Publish Date: Mar 1, 2022
  • Language: English

Book Review:

One Italian Summer by Rebecca Serle this is a very short story and i don't want to give too much away the book is written from the perspective of katie who is 30 years old

I believe 30 not flirty and not thriving because we enter the story just after katie's mother carol dies katie and carol had a very special and rather unique mother-daughter bond 

They were best friends and katie turned to her mother for absolutely everything understandably katie is very lost when carol cox it and the two of them had a trip booked to positano pos positano the amalfi coast in italy and katie decides to go on the trip alone lo and behold who does she bump into 

While she's there none other than her mother carol back in her 30 year old prime i rated this five stars immediately after finishing it and it was purely based on emotion so please take this rating with a grain of salt because it came completely from the heart and it's a bit of a biased heart because 

I did spend one summer in italy myself granted it had its ups and downs i did lose the girl i was nannying at one point she ran away from me after the market one day i told her we needed to go to the supermarket on the way home because i ran out of wheat books 

So i tell her we're going to the supermarket she's like nut or no and she gaps it she's off up the road i couldn't keep up it was 38 degrees celsius i had my birks on and she's got some serious legs on her then i see her way up in the horizon it's super hazy can't see super well 

I'm on the verge of an asthma attack but she 100 gets in a white van and they drive away so i'm practicing the your daughter's been kidnapped speech the whole way home 

it's a 20 to 25 minute walk walk run finally i'm getting closer mum's out in the driveway she's looking at me can't read her facial expressions at this stage finally make it to the driveway begin my speech and she goes it's all right she's here the neighbors dropped her home 

She's not going to do that again come in and have some pasta so overall successful trip to the market didn't get my weak books but everyone survived other than that and a number of other personal close calls 

My trip to italy was literally gelato april spritzes and eat pro-love moments and this book just reignited all those magical feelings for me again so I'm quite keen to find more travel fiction now if anyone has any recommendations 

So this book it was super fast paced really short i think it came in at under 300 pages which was nice i think i read it in three wonderful sittings i wish it was longer thought the concept was really cool there was a really good twist that

i didn't see coming but overall it was a really light and pleasant read so if that's what you're looking for get into it i really love how rebecca sil presented 30 as an age where you are still young and you can shoot off to italy for a summer because 

You don't have everything in your life sorted out thank you you know what they say 30 is the new 20. 20 is the new 10. so technically i'm 16. so a tiny little pet peeve that i had with this story was i did think katie was a little bit too accepting of the fact that she had just bumped into her 30 year old mother personally i think i would have been a bit more 

shook and intense in that situation but katie really just went with the flow she was definitely like oh let's meet up again tomorrow but then they'll just make a real vague kind of plan and i'm like oh my goodness you're being very blase about this katie she might disappear and i was also kind of like 

we're going to take any pictures together ladies this seems like a pretty big opportunity here but then on the other hand maybe it's better and more magical that katie just kind of lets the whole experience wash over her 

it's all very natural it was very natural actually and probably nicer to read because it was like that there was also a little bit of romance going on for katie while she was in italy there was a little chunk of the book where i actually thought katie had forgotten about her mum which

i thought was slightly unrealistic but then again so i was bumping into your 30 year old mum on a holiday but yeah when all that romancy stuff was happening i was kind of like can we get back to carol please that was the relationship i was most invested in and what i wanted to read about 

but for the romance lovers out there there is a little bit of that in there too which you may enjoy and the last thing i wanted to bring up was actually a question for you which is how do you rate books do you base it off emotion like i did with this one or do you have a checklist with a set of criterias and then you weigh it all up and average it out at the end 

do you rate immediately or do you sleep on it i think it depends on the book for me some books don't really evoke a natural emotional response from me so i have to think really hard about what to rate them and then others it's just like yeah that's a two if i've ever read one 

but yeah i'd be interested to know what you do and yeah that basically wraps up my thoughts on one italian summer basically i loved it it transported me to italy and it was just the best escapism i could have hoped for it's like oh this is a bit weird but the kind of scenario you 

like think about before you go to sleep yeah it was really nice so five stars from me i would absolutely recommend it if you're into italian holiday vibes with a little bit of magic if you have read it i'd love to hear your thoughts on it.