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You Made a Fool of Death with Your Beauty PDF Download


You Made a Fool of Death with Your Beauty

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You Made a Fool of Death with Your Beauty PDF Download

Details about You Made a Fool of Death with Your Beauty pdf 

  • Book Name: You Made a Fool of Death 
  • Authors: Your Beauty
  • Pages: 288
  • Genre: Romance novel, Fiction, Contemporary Romance
  • Publish Date: 25 January 2022
  • Language: English

Book Review:

You Made a Fool of Death with Your Beauty now a romance novel they're clearly a bigger fan of writing than they are of sticking to a genre but is this book good should you read it milan was the first person faye had since the accident 

they hooked up in a bathroom on a memorial day house party in bushwick with faye's glass of prosecco spilling into the sink and milan's large hands sliding behind her thighs as he lifted her onto the bathroom counter amazing starts 

this book out really full on there is a lot of straight off the bat there's swearing there is gratuitous use of the n-word it does really set the scenes because those things are there in the remainder of the book 

but it is toned down later on i think it's a cool way of sort of pushing the boundaries of a reader like if you're going to dnf this book you just dnf it now and we're done fee is our protagonist she is 29 years of age she's black she's gorgeous she has golden braids in her hair 

she's grieving the death of her husband in a car accident five years four months two weeks faye's best friend joy is one of my favorite characters in this piece because like all good best friends her advice is did 

you him yet have you him why don't you go and him that's joyful faye meets milan first who she does quite a bit what i like about milan and faye's relationship is that what fey is getting out of this it's not so much pleasure as a reclaiming of her body it's reckless it's bad she shouldn't really be having fun with him 

if she was proper and prude and all of those things but what's wrong with around a bit when she moves on from milan she meets nasia milan's friend and nasir very much is a prince too faye treats her right and goes really really slow because for faye there's a difference between having fun as a casual

committed relationship with somebody she might actually like as such nasir and faye build a friendship nasir then offers to help faye in their fledgling art career using his contacts he gets her an exclusive gig on an island where his father lives and takes her on holidays there to meet his family 

this is before they're and they're even together faye is confused with what to take faye then learns that nasir's father is aylin blake a celebrity chef who faye finds rather attractive and we have our love triangle and there's a father and a son in it it's a little bit up it's a lot bit up i love how gloriously messy 

this book is life is messy and while this love triangle is playing out we sort of learned the back history of our characters we learned that faye has hooked up with her best friend joy in the past they enjoyed a short relationship because joy is a lesbian and fey he is bi and why wouldn't 

they do it they just weren't compatible and the idea that there are different types of love is all the way through this i love the casual introduction of queer characters in this book it adds uncertainty 

if everybody in your novel is straight then all the men are going to date all the women and sort of you can couple people off rather easily in this novel you question some people are some people are gay some people are straight you don't know who is what you don't know 

who is straight passing what we are getting from this book is a romance novel pure and simple if i hadn't read this blind i think i could have picked that it was an amazing novel it's not your stereotypical romance novel 

it's messy and layered and has issues in it it really does ask the question of why is this a romance novel and not literary fiction i'm not sure what literary fiction is and books like this make it really really hard to see 

where does it begin what what even is it for me why i read literary fiction is that it asks questions and makes me think and that it connects me with characters and experiences that i may not have had and this book does both of those things i don't really know if it's literary or not like amazing's other novels there is a hedonism to reading this it's enjoyable and fun you end up

supporting characters even though those characters are nowhere near perfect because you understand them and you empathize with them and that is the mark of good writing that i enjoy if you have read the death of vivekoji or freshwater or dear centering or any of their other works 

you know that quake's writing is really digestible and this is no deviation from it characters are excellent the differences between naseer and ailam and milan the the three prominent men in the book are really clear they're very different characters with different motivations and once more different pasts 

different histories that really shape a person and you can really see the effects of their pasts on the creation of our men similarly our women are very different women joyce is confident 

out there but actually super vulnerable faye is suffering this grief and feeling this connection with this man that is so not cool for her we also have a prickly daughter and we have a confident art curator plotwise this moves along in a nice click it's not too fast

it's not too slow and it's engaging and fun it does everything that you need a plot to do and a little bit more there's a few little easter eggs in this book the title of the novel comes from a florence and the machine lyrics from the song hunger about anorexia 

it's kind of fitting that food plays such a big part in this story that a limb is a chef and that the sensuality and the joy of eating and trying new foods is so central to this book the way that the taste experience or the food in gob experience is described in this is so sensual and is on parallel to the penis in vagina experiences i also really like the appearances of some of amazing's friends 

if you've read dear center in and you know who catherine is you'll be delighted to see them pop up similarly amazing sister yagasi amazing pops up as well there's just so many little things in here that tell you stuff about our author faye watches bob's burgers and bojack horseman 

she reads halloween amy books and i have 100 confidence that this comes straight out of amazing that this is what amazing does when they're watching tv or reading books that it's hallo nomi and dark funny cartoons i love books that give you that little peek inside the author 

let's be 100 explicit this is a very well executed book it's very very good the question shouldn't be is this a good book the question should be is this the right book for you to read amazing has come out and said that it's not literary fiction it's romance but literary fiction is a weird term that nobody can quite define and this does feel like literary fiction to me but i'm not sure 

why a book can't be literary fiction and romance i don't see why both genres can't apply to this book certainly you could have a historical fiction romance i don't see what would make caleb zuma nelson's open water literary fiction and you made it full of death with your beauty romance i think that they're both romance and they're both literary fiction that said if you're a romance reader

this book has all the stuff that you want in it but if you're a literary fiction reader i think it's there too i think we've got our characters we've got our themes we've got complexity and messiness and things to analyze and create a discussion about is faye's treatment of our characters fair is

it an empowerment of black femininity it absolutely is about empowering black femininity is absolutely a black women rule and we love black women sort of book we could look at this the other way though that 

if you don't want romance this isn't the book for you hopefully that tells you enough to know whether you will like it i definitely think this book sees black women in a way that they will appreciate this especially black women in their 20s that like hoeing about town a bit those women are definitely represented and i think in a really positive way

i think this book challenges ideas around female and patriarchal assumptions it's quite feminist in that way without being overly preachy i just can't help but to love this book i did everything that i wanted it to do it was fun it was engaging it was interesting

it was thought-provoking and it's a five-star read if you like this book and you've not read amazing's other works very much recommend all of their other works i think that the most similar to this novel is the death of vivek ogie 

i think other books that sort of straddle this fun enjoyableness with a little bit of literaryness i think that wahala by nikki mae is an excellent book.

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