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All My Rage by Sabaa Tahir pdf download


All My Rage by Sabaa Tahir

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All My Rage by Sabaa Tahir pdf download

Details about All My Rage by Sabaa Tahir pdf 

  • Book Name: All My Rage 
  • Authors:  Sabaa Tahir 
  • Pages: 297
  • Genre: Fiction
  • Publish Date:  March 2022
  • Language: English

Book Review:

All My Rage by Sabaa Tahir so all my rage centers around three dynamic characters and they're all connected to one another 

so the first character we have is nisba when we first meet miesbah she is newly married she was in an arranged marriage and her and her husband have gone through a pretty tragic situation they're from pakistan but they end up moving to the united states where they open a motel called clouds rest and misa is super excited about this new adventure 

she's hoping for a fresh start and then we have salah houdini also known as sal and when we're introduced to sao he is a senior in high school sal is pakistani but he was born and raised in the united states he is also misa son 

he's going through a lot his mom mispa is very sick his dad is now an alcoholic and the motel is not doing well and he's trying to do everything he can to keep it running while also trying to cope with all the things going on with his life and our third character is noir and noor is also a high school senior 

she lives in juniper california along with miespa and sal and she is ready to get out she wants to go to college she has so much drive and ambition she's also from Pakistan 

she was born and raised there a huge tragedy brought her to the united states and she lives with her uncle and her aunt and her uncle does not want her to go to college he wants her to run his liquor store as soon as she graduates and that's not in her plan and so she's secretly applying to colleges so she can escape miss pasal and noor were really close at one point 

but sal and noor got into a huge fight and they haven't spoken for months their issues kind of intertwined them together and they're trying to deal with that while also dealing with the severed friendship my thoughts and feelings on 

this book this is one of those books that will sit with you long after you have finished reading it it has a very chilling eerie effect while also being so beautiful this is a very heavy book where all three of our characters are constantly going through very serious situations 

which by the way i would recommend looking up any trigger warnings in advance before reading this i always say that i don't discuss trigger warnings because i don't want to give away any spoilers 

but i highly recommend doing that if there are certain topics that make you uncomfortable because this book covers a lot of uncomfortable topics but this was a stunning book i can see this being one of the top five books that i read in 2022 and one of the best new releases that will come out okay 

let's talk about my cons for this book i loved it but there were definitely some things that i want to point out some of the larger events in the book unfolded early on in the book and i was a little disappointed with that because i wanted those situations to be developed more but instead 

they happened rather quickly this is one of those books that everything bad that could possibly happen happened we've dealt with so many sad dark topics about this book it was borderline overkill you could take three of the events that happened and it would still be a sad story but we got 20 different things that were sad and it didn't make it bad because it was written 

so well that it worked but that made the story a bit extreme for me and maybe a little unrealistic at the same time i know things like that exist but if you read it you may know what i mean there was this character jamie and she's like an enemy of norse she was so incredibly annoying 

i didn't get her purpose and even if we needed her i felt like she was not developed enough at all for me to really understand her purpose in the story it just seemed like it was more kicking nor while she was down but that is it that concludes my con the pros

this book was beautifully written so beautiful as much as i say there was a lot of extreme topics discussed the way the author wrote this book and made everything melt into each other and work made this story a dream to read i love our characters they break my heart but 

i just love them me spot is absolutely wonderful she's a dream but at the same time the more that i thought about this book the more i realized how flawed her character was i love the way that she's written and presented to us because it makes her such a realistic character sal and noor had excellent chemistry throughout this book i love 

when i can feel the characters connections whether that's platonic or not and this book just really made me think it really put into perspective how you don't know what other people are going through i loved how we got to learn little things about pakistan and the pakistani culture if you watch some of my reviews i love a good food description and the food described in 

this book was amazing there are so many things i want to try after reading this book i basically read this book in one sitting it is that good this was a true experience that i went on reading this and those are my pros was this book worth the hype of being a 2022 highly anticipated book definitely no doubt about it this is definitely worth the hype and i feel like 

this book is going to blow up in the near future what is my rating for this book 5 out of 5 stars all my rage is a 5 out of 5 star read that concludes my spoiler-free discussion of all my rage if you have not read this book please pick it up and read it i promise you 

it is worth it however it is now time to get into the spoiler so if you have not read this book i will see you when you do and if you have read this book let's talk about the spoilers okay the spoilers i think it's best to just talk about each character i really want to focus on sal and noor especially because we now know that misa's portion of the book was really sound which i kind of picked up towards the middle of the book 

i was like he's a writer but it was still a very heartwarming twist i did not want his mom to die so soon i wanted to at least see more of their relationship in the present time but she passed away and we're just kind of in this situation where sal has a dad who literally is helping with nothing and the hard part about his dad is that he was so nice like he was 

so nice but so broken and then you learn about his past how he tragically lost his parents and his mom was an alcoholic and but sal he was running that hotel on his own but then he starts selling drugs he starts selling drugs and i knew i knew he was going to get caught because it's so realistic wouldn't that be the thing that happened 

the guy who's running the operation supplying the drugs lives in a nice house has a great life allegedly has a great life is the one who doesn't get caught and the one guy who's literally dealing with a mom who passed away an alcoholic dad trying to keep the bills going is the one who gets arrested 

he just could not catch a break and i really was hoping that he wasn't going to get jail time but he did the crime he gave drugs to people and somebody almost died from it that part, where we find out that sal was assaulted, was heartbreaking oh it was so painful knowing that that was why he doesn't like to be touched and knowing that's why he throws up when 

he goes into the laundry room I wasn't connecting all of that at first i think that was an interesting way to show the side effects of those horrible situations but sal overall was probably the strongest character to me 

he could have broken like his dad did throughout everything but he did the opposite even when he went to jail for three years he came out of that stronger and better and i was so happy about that and then 

we have noor and that uncle of hers i couldn't stand him before i even knew about the abuse the audacity of you to not want this young girl to go to college and he was like excited he was excited to tell her yeah you're not going to college you're going to be working in this business while 

i go to college i understand that you gave up a lot to raise her but i we find out later you didn't even want to do that you were trying to find anybody who could take care of her but you couldn't so you had to take her and i guess he didn't have to but he did and that was admirable but not 

if you're going to be a horrible person throughout the entire thing especially because she's a child she's not trying to ruin your life she lost her entire family in an earthquake you think she wants to live with you you really think that she wants to wake up and see you every day 

i can tell you she doesn't and then we find out that you are physically abusing her but you know what noir ends up coming out on top and i will say i love sal he's probably my favorite character but i was live it too whenever she got arrested because of his drugs and yes i understand he was getting out of it he was actually trying to return the drugs the day that happened

but you have to tell her she probably wouldn't have gotten into your car sale if she knew you had drugs but she gets arrested and possibly has her life ruined because of you it's how did give that wonderful speech to the court letting them know that he did everything and norris charges were dropped and she gets to go to ucla and i am so happy for her my heart is 

so happy for her and finally i just want to talk about sal and noor's relationship i'm so glad they ended up together a lot of times in these y books i get annoyed that there's always a romance factor in it i'm like why can't they just be young adults growing and they don't end up together 

but it worked for this story it really did now if i were more would i be able to still deal with zao in that capacity after being arrested i don't know but i still really like their story i felt their chemistry 

i believed in their love and regardless of what happened to them romantically they have an undeniable friendship and i do believe they're meant to be in each other's lives i love this story that concludes the spoiler discussion of all my rage 

i can't tell you all enough how much i love this book and if you read this book what would you rate it.

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