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I Love You to the Moon and Back pdf download free


I Love You to the Moon and Back

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I Love You to the Moon and Back pdf download free

Details about I Love You to the Moon and Back PDF  

  • Book Name: I Love You to the Moon and Back
  • Authors: Amelia Hepworth
  • Pages: 15
  • Genre: Board book
  • Publish Date: March 3, 2015
  • Language: English


This book was written by Amelia Hepworth and published by Tiger Tales. I have been reading her books since I first started my journey into the world of cannabis. She is a writer who takes her time to explain everything in detail, and she does not rush through anything. Her writing style is simple yet effective. She explains things in a way that anyone can understand.

The story follows two characters, Alex and Jack, who meet at a party where they both get drunk. After getting home, they start making out and end up having fun. Afterward, they go back to their respective homes and wake up the next day. They decide to keep seeing each other, but then Jack gets arrested for possession of marijuana. He goes to jail, and after he gets released, he decides to leave town. Alex stays behind and tries to make amends with his family.

Alex's mother is a drug addict, and she is constantly high. She is always trying to find ways to get money to buy drugs. One day, she finds out about a job opening at a local restaurant. She applies for the position, and she ends up being hired. She starts working at the restaurant, and she meets a man named Jacob. Jacob is a chef who works at the restaurant, and he is also a recovering alcoholic and drug addict. He helps Alex’s mom quit using.

Jacob and Alex become friends, and eventually they fall in love. However, Jacob wants to move away from the city. He tells Alex that he loves him, but he cannot stay with him. He says that he is going to California to work at a restaurant called “The Greenhouse.” Alex is heartbroken, but he still believes that Jacob loves him.

After Jacob leaves, Alex becomes depressed. He spends his days smoking pot and drinking beer. He feels like he is losing himself. His friend, Nick, comes over and gives him some advice. He tells Alex that if he wants to live a happy life, he should stop doing drugs and drinking. He suggests that Alex try to find someone else to date.

Alex goes to a bar and meets a woman named Amanda. She is a bartender at the bar, and she seems nice enough. She invites Alex to hang out with her, and they end up kissing. They spend the night together, and Alex realizes that he likes her. He asks her to move in with him, and she agrees.

Amanda and Alex start dating, and they are happy together. They even plan to get married. But before they do, Alex decides to visit Jacob in California. When he arrives, he learns that Jacob has moved to San Francisco. He calls Amanda and tells her that he is coming home.

When he gets back to New York City, he sees that Amanda has left him. He doesn't know what happened between them, but he knows that he misses her. He goes to the bar where she worked and talks to her boss. He learns that she got fired because she stole money from the register. He confronts her, and she admits that she took the money. She says that she did it because she wanted to pay off her debt to her dealer.

Alex forgives her and decides to give her another chance. He moves in with her again, and they continue to date. But soon, he begins to feel restless. He wants to experience something different. He decides to travel around the country and explore the world. He travels to Canada, Mexico, and Europe. He visits Amsterdam, London, Paris, and Rome. He even goes to India and Nepal.

While traveling, he meets a girl named Maya. She is a beautiful young woman who lives in the Himalayas. She is a Buddhist nun who meditates and prays. She teaches Alex how to meditate and pray. He learns that she is a healer, and she heals people with her hands. He falls in love with her and wants to marry her.

But before they can get married, Alex returns to America. He goes back to New York City and reunites with Amanda. They get engaged, and they plan to get married. Alex buys a house for them to live in together.

But just as they are about to get married, Alex receives a phone call from Maya. She tells him that she is pregnant. She says that she wants to get married to him, but she needs to finish her studies first. She says that she will return to America once she finishes school.

Alex is devastated. He thinks that he will never see Maya again. He breaks up with Amanda and moves out of the house. He rents a room in Manhattan and continues to drink and smoke pot. He stops talking to Amanda and ignores her calls. He doesn't want to see her anymore.

One day, he hears that Maya is sick. He rushes to her side, and he finds out that she has cancer. She dies while giving birth to her baby boy. Alex cries and mourns for her. He feels guilty for leaving her when she needed him the most. He vows to never let anyone hurt him or take advantage of him ever again.

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