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All Good People Here by Ashley Flowers PDF Download


All Good People Here by Ashley Flowers

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All Good People Here by Ashley Flowers PDF Download 

Details about All Good People Here by Ashley Flowers PDF  

  • Book Name: All Good People Here
  • Authors: Ashley Flowers
  • Pages: 320
  • Genre: Fiction, Mystery, Thriller, Suspense
  • Publish Date: August 16, 2022
  • Language: English

Book review:

All Good People Here by Ashley Flowers so it'll be really easy and clear-cut to do that also apologize i'm hearing some noises but i don't think that they're probably very loud for you but there's somebody doing like something with yard work outside but that's okay so all good people here by ashley flowers is a new release that i believe is this author's first book 

I'm Not Like a Fan of Her I Didn't Really Know That Much About Her Until After I Read It I Kind of Looked Up a Little Bit About Her and Apparently She Has Had a True Crime Podcast for a While That 

I Think is Quite Popular Which Explains Why This Would Be Her Debut and I Think It Also Explains a Little Bit About the Book the Structure of the Book the Experience of It I Feel Like That Context is Probably Important to Have So Yeah Let Me Just Give a Little Bit of a Description the Book Follows Margot Who is a Struggling Journalist Journalist Who Has Been Obsessed With the Murder of Her Childhood Best Friend January Jacobs 

So Her Best Friend January Jacobs Was Abducted and Killed When They Were Both Six Years Old and This is Obviously Like Kind of Haunted Her Because They Were Also Neighbors and in Her Mind She Thought Like It Could Have Just as Easily Been Me So She's Dealt With a Lot of Really Conflicted Feelings About This Over 

The Years but Growing Up to Be a Journalist She Now Covers a Lot of Stories About Disappearances Missing Girls Stuff Like This and Obviously This Has Shaped a Lot About Why She Does What She Does How She Does It All of That but When Another Girl is Kidnapped and Murdered Near 

Her Small Hometown She Actually Begins Work on a Piece Possibly Linking the Two Crimes Even Though There's About Two Decades in Between Them She Has Just a Little Bit of a Feeling That There Could Be Similarities There Could Be a Link Between These Two This Just Leads Her Further and Further Down 

The Path of Kind of Discovering What Exactly Happened to Her Friend January All Those Years Ago and the Hope That Margot Can Finally Get Some Sort of Closure or Justice or Just Even Potentially Solve the Unsolved Case So the Book Kind of Begins With Her Returning to Her Hometown to Care for Actually 

Her Ailing Uncle Luke Who She's Been Very Close With Her Entire Life and He Has Dimension Now and So He is Kind of Obviously Just Has Days Where He Seems Perfectly Fine and Then Days Where He's Really Out of 

It Which is Also Another Struggle It Adds a Good Layer to the Story I Think Anyway So as She's Taking Care of Her Uncle She Finds This Proximity Kind of the Perfect Opportunity to Really Dig Into the Case of January Jacobs as Well as This Other Little Girl Natalie and the More She Digs and Digs Around the More Complicated Things Become Obviously and She Actually Even Ends 

Up Receiving These Kind of Like Threatening Warnings That She Should Stop Pursuing the Truth and What Happened and It's Really It's a Pretty Interesting Read Because It Does Shift a Little Bit as You're Reading It That's All I'll Give for the Synopsis Because Like I Said I Really Don't Want to Give Like Any Spoilers Away Until the Very End but I'll Get Right Into the Review 

So Kind of Building Off of What I Was About to Say With the Synopsis is That Something I Did Really Like About This Book From the Perspective of Like a Thriller Yeah Like a Thriller It's Like a True Crime Kind of Thriller and Then Obviously Mystery Because You Want to Know What Happened 

But I Think Something From the Kind of Thriller Mystery Perspective That I Did Really Appreciate Was That She Explores a Lot of the Different Routes That Like Other People Around Thought or Like She Explores a Few Different Routes of What You Think Happened It's Hard to Exactly Articulate 

But I Really Like That Because It Kind of Reminds Me of What Happens With Actual True Crime Cases That Are Unsolved Which is That There's Obviously a Lot of Speculation There's a Lot of Potential Explanations and So This Kind of Goes Through Them the Story Reminded Me a Lot of the Jonbenet Ramsay Case Which I Think Basically Everybody Who Lives in the Us 

Even Probably Broader Kind of Knows About but if Not You Can Always Google It It Was Definitely Clearly Inspired at Least Partially by This Case and I Do Think It Ended Up Evolving Throughout the Story to Be Kind of Its Own Thing So It's Not Completely Cut and Dry About That but It Seems Like It Probably Evolved 

From a Place of Maybe Her Own Personal Speculations About What Happened in That Case or a Bunch of Really Popular Speculations About What Happened in That Case Like I Said I Think It Evolves Enough to Be Its Own Thing Its Own Story Its Own Plot but That's Just Like the First Thing That I Remember 

Really Clearly Thinking Regarding This Story Going Into More Just Like How the Book Was Structured I Actually Really Really Liked the Format of This Book I Liked It Because It Switched Between Um Chrissy the Mother of January Jacobs in 1994 So Back When She Went Missing and Her Body Was Found and Then It Also Goes Back to Margot as I Said January's Childhood Best Friend 

Kind of Like Our Protagonist and Margot in the Almost Modern Day It's in 2019 So Kind of Pre-pandemic Modern Day Um and in My Opinion Having These Two Viewpoints and These Two Time Periods Sorry the Air Just Went on Anyway in My Opinion Having These Two Time Points and These Two Viewpoints and These Two Time Periods Creates a Way More Dynamic Structure for the Story 

I Think It Would Have Been a Lot Less Interesting to Read if It Were Just One of These Viewpoints or if It Was Just Margo's Which Was Probably the Way That You Would Go Yeah I Think It Makes the Past Parts of the Story Feel a Lot More Alive So I Think It Was Really Really Great That the Viewpoint of Chrissy Was Added in It Made 

It More Dynamic It Made It More Emotional and It Does Follow Her It's Mostly in 1994 Her Viewpoint but It Does Follow Her a Little Bit Further Along as Well and Again I Just Think That That Makes the Past Feel Really Alive in This Book and It Makes the Other Timeline Just Really Have 

A Little Bit More Depth and More Emotion to It Something That I Personally Appreciated in This Was the Pacing She Gets You Pretty Quickly to Be Interested but Then After That the Pacing is Pretty Steady 

It Allowed the Story to Unfold and What I Thought Was a Pretty Measured Way It Was Not Usually Too Much at Once but Always Enough to Kind of Keep at Least Me Interested as the Reader and Keep Me Wanting to Know More Like I Definitely Wanted to Know What Was Going to Happen in the End I Was Interested in a Resolution to the Case as Well Like Solving the Case 

I'll Kind of Move on to the Characters a Little Bit This is the Part Where I Did Like It but I Also Started to See Maybe Just a Little Bit of I Don't Know I Thought That Some of the Characters Could Have Had a Better Arc Maybe a Little Bit More Development Specifically Margot She Has a Little Bit of Development and Self-awareness Regarding Like Her Focus on January's Case but It Seems 

Just Like Again Without Wanting to Give Too Much Away I Do Feel Like Her Character Could Have Had a Little Bit More of an Arc It Just Reminds Me as a Reader That This is Less of a Character-driven Story and More of a Story-driven Story 

It's More of a Thrill but I Do Think Some of the Like Secondary Characters Were Pretty Interesting Um Some of Like the Less Prominent Characters and I Do Think It Again Like I Said It Was Really Great to Include Chrissy's Viewpoints I Thought Chrissy Was a Pretty Interesting Character but I'll Just Leave It at That I Think Some of the Secondary Characters Had Compelling Stories 

I'll Say That They Had Compelling Stories Woven in January's Brother Um Uncle Luke but Like I Said Marco Felt a Little Bit Lacking to Me if You Love a Character Driven Story This Might Not Be Your Favorite Okay So Here's the Part Where I Just Want to Say That This Story Absolutely Broke Me in the End 

I Thought That It Was Well Crafted in the Sense That It Took a Lot of Turns With Where You Thought the Story Was Going to Go but It Was Never Anything Too Drastic or Too Unbelievable It Was Still Within the Realm of Possibility It Felt Like It Was Nothing Too Crazy or Too Out There Without Giving Anything Away 

I Just Like Want to Tell People to Not Read the Epilogue It's Unnecessary It's Just Best to Skip It It Adds a Lot of Unnecessary Details Regarding the Crime That Don't Actually Like Give You Any More Insight Into Like a Resolution but It Just Added a Lot of Unnecessary Like Gritty Emotional Details That I Feel Like 

I Did Not Want to Know I Feel Like It Was Something That Was Pretty Upsetting for Me Personally Um I Am a Mom With a Little Girl So I Didn't Like That Part Um Here's the Part Where I'll Maybe Add in That I'm Going to Be Discussing Some Spoilers So I'm Just Going to Discuss the Ending in a Little Bit More Detail 

I Will Be Discussing Spoilers Like I Said if You Have Not Read This You Don't Want It Spoiled Please Stop Watching at This Point Click Off Spoilers Ahead So Building Off of Kind of What I Said About the Epilogue if You've Read It Then You Probably Know What I'm Talking About Like I Said I'm Spoiling Right 

Now That It Was Actually in the End January's Dad or Not Quite Dad Who Killed Her Like I Said There Were a Lot of Twists So There Was a Paternity Twist Which is That January's Dad Was Not Really Her Dad Then There Was Also Kind of the Twist That He Was the One Who Killed Her but It Was Sort of Accidental Ish Kind of Turned Into on Purpose and It Was Having That Knowledge About 

It Was Still Upsetting but Having It Described in So Much Detail in the Epilogue Was So Unnecessary and It Honestly Broke Me It's Like Something I've Been Thinking About for a Few Days and It's Been Really Troubling for Me Like It Was Just a Really Really Troubling Ending and It Didn't Have Any Resolution and It's Fine for Something to Have an Open-ended Ending Like I Actually Like That

I Didn't Mind It the Way It Ended Before the Epilogue It Didn't Tell Me Anything About Really What Happened to Margot I Mean I Like That That's Up to Interpretation Kind of I Have My Own Interpretation It's Dark It's All Very Dark for Me It's All Just Like Negative but Yeah That Ending Really Really Broke Me 

I Was Like Really Upset I Cried for Like Five Minutes Just Like in the Dark Afterwards Because I Was Like My Little Girl Was Sleeping Right Next to Me Too So I Was Like Oh Really I Was Like Oh I Shouldn't Have Read This at This Time It Kind of Put a Little Bit of a Damper on the Rest of the Book for Me Which Like 

I Said I Liked a Lot of the Other Twists and Turns It Was Maybe Like One Twist Too Many but They Were All Within the Realm of Possibility and Believability Especially if You've Ever Lived and Been in That Type of a Small Town Atmosphere You Know That Like That Stuff Actually is Like Pretty Rampant Like 

I Feel Like a Paternity Twist of Like Oh the Father is Not Who You Thought It Was for the Twins That Makes Sense to Me and It's an Acceptable Twist Because It Really is Within the Realm of Possibility and a Lot of the Other Ones Were Kind of Just Like You're Solving the Case With Margot in a Way 

So You're Going Down Kind of Like Not False Paths but Like When She Thought It Was Jace and We Thought It Was and Then Because That's What Chrissy Thought Too and Then I Liked All of the Unraveling of Like You Thought It Was This Person and Then You Kind of Thought It Was This Person and You're Just Really Poking Around for Motives and the Truth 

I Liked That Because It Really Felt Like Solving a Crime Solving a Mystery Yeah I Don't Know I Don't Have a Lot Else to Say About It Except That That Ending Just It Broke Me I'm Way Too Emotional to Be Reading Something Like That.