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Verity Colleen Hoover Pdf

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Verity by Colleen Hoover Pdf Download 

Details of Verity by Colleen Hoover pdf 

  • Book Name: Verity 
  • Authors:  Colleen Hoover 
  • Pages: 287
  • Genre: Novel, Thriller, Romance novel, Fiction
  • Publish Date: 7 December 2018
  • Language: English

Book review:

Verity by colleen hoover is a thriller romance thriller it is I think the only thriller that she has written and it was crazy I gave it five stars 

So good I could not put it down I read the first 50 pages of it last night and I really need to go to bed so I was like I'll stop 

Then I literally just finished it in one day today because I could not put it down so verity is about verity crawford who is an author and she writes thrillers 

She has been in a horrible accident and so she can't finish her series and so they hire lo and ashley to come finish writing them for her 

She goes to the crawford home to go through verdi's things and try to like finish these books she needs the money and she agrees to do it

So as lowan is going through verity's things to see if she has any outlines she finds a manuscript of an autobiography that verity was writing 

She reads it night after night and she reads some really horrifying things about verity and their family and then she kind of gets in this conflict about whether or not she should tell jeremy about this manuscript 

Because she thinks you know if he hears this how could he ever love his wife that sort of thing 
So that's kind of what it's about almost every chapter ends with a chapter of the manuscript 

So like you read about what logan's doing and then it'll be like chapter one of the manuscript and it's loving reading verdi's manuscript 

So as you go along you get more bits and pieces of the story of what has happened previously and like all the horrors that have fallen upon their family 

I love this book because at the end of all these chapters it always left you on this cliffhanger of needing to know more so I could not stop couldn't 

Put it down because I just had to keep going because it was like oh my gosh did that really happen I need to know more 

So it was just a crazy ride very easy to read in one sitting um it did creep me out 
It was very unsettling at points and there were also points where I was like this is very disturbing like what am I reading 

Right now should I be reading this um and so I thought it was really really good um loved it I am obsessed um it also has a little bit of romance in it 

It is definitely spooky not spooky but creepy um I also love in the end it kind of leaves it up for you to decide what to believe 

Which I also liked but also kind of stresses me out because I'm even more confused um but I don't know what's to say other than this book was amazing and like I just love the story 

I'm obsessed with it and there's not much else to say without giving spoilers so if you haven't read this book I highly recommend that you go read this immediately 

I don't know what else to say about it other than my thoughts so if you want to be mind blown and stressed out and feel very uneasy I highly recommend picking up this book the writing was 

So well done it just like left you on a suspenseful note every chapter and it left you needing more and it also left you believing what loin believes is going on and like really truly believing that you know verity is not what she seems 

So I really enjoyed it and I highly recommend reading this book so spoiler section is happening now what the heck uh literally what the heck 

So the whole time I'm reading this I'm like dang verdi's awful she hates her children and tried to murder harper as an infant and now you're telling me she did kill her child and I just was like 

So I'm gonna tell you that I did figure things out before the ending I didn't figure out the very very end of it but these are the things that I had predicted before um I finished it 

So I was only like 100 pages in I faced or not facetime I snapchated my friend and was like okay first off I think that verity definitely killed at least one of the kids and I was like she definitely drove herself into a tree

So as I'm reading this I'm like oh my gosh this is true because she's saying you know and then I was like oh harper must have killed chaston which made verity kill her and then verdi tried to kill herself 

So I'm thinking all this is correct because reading the manuscript it's telling me all these things are correct and I'm getting crazy about it and so then at the very end plot twist she wrote a letter okay

They kill verity okay crazy and then it turns out she says that she was writing this as like a writing um method and that none of those things actually happened 

Jeremy crushed the car hoping to kill verity and so then verity was so scared that he would kill her again that she was faking her 

Like brain damage which I also thought was true because obviously low end seeing her in the house what really drove me crazy about this book is at the end lowen reads the letter 

Decides to just destroy it and go along with the fact that they have killed her and just pretend like yeah verity killed her kid and like just pretend like the confession of her not actually doing it never happened 

So mind is blown severity was innocent the whole time and now I'm just like very stressed out and confused and upset and also I started to think that low end was a little crazy as well 

Just because she like does not care and she let him get her pregnant like that was just so that was weird very weird when she was like let me have his child 

So he'd be happy again creeped me out creeped me out also crew knew the whole time that she was fine because she was talking to him and I just this book was a lot I felt kind of bad for verity 

In the end of this and I kind of didn't like jeremy or logan by the end of this I will say in the middle of this book 

I was starting to feel a little suspicious of jeremy like I just felt like he was off a little bit and boy was I right he knew about it and he also was kind of crazy 

I just like felt like I was like I know he like had to he's got to have something up with him he just seems also like who falls in love with someone that quickly while your crippled brain damaged wife is upstairs 

You're like having an affair with another woman who does that that's like normal so I definitely was feeling very suspicious of jeremy 

Thought it was kind of odd that he got attached that quickly to lowen and I also thought it was kind of odd that he picked her like he read her book and was the one who like asked for her to be 

The one to write it and he says to her that you know like he he basically gives her what she needs to be able to take it so I feel like that's kind of weird too like he definitely had some kind of feelings about her wanting her there before 

He ever brought her there so I just felt very weird about jeremy tutoring this book because I did not like that like he moved on quickly and I feel like it was a little set up by him for her to fall for him 

I kind of feel like lowen was manipulated a little bit like she definitely is something's wrong with her too 

But I also feel like she kind of like got was manipulated by this family and like not good so crazy good um so yeah I did really like it it was very disturbing 

I don't know what else to say truly I I have no words because I'm shocked at this book like what colleen hoover this was a masterpiece 

I loved it I literally read it in one day basically because it was so freaking good that's all I have this is really short but like oh my gosh mind freaking blown.

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