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Reminders of Him by Colleen Hoover PDF Download Epub


Reminders of Him by Colleen Hoover PDF Download

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Reminders of Him by Colleen Hoover PDF Download 

Details of Reminders of Him by Colleen Hoover book 

  • Book Name: Reminders
  • Authors: Him by Colleen Hoover 
  • Pages: 335
  • Genre: Fiction, Suspense, Thrill, Drama, Women Fiction
  • Publish Date:  January 18, 2022
  • Language: English

Book Review:

Reminders of him by colleen hoover i have a lot of thoughts feelings emotions about this book and honestly, if i start talking about them now we will get absolutely nowhere because you guys know I can ramble 

So i'm just gonna get started with the basic synopsis and then um we'll circle back to everything else in my brain basically this story follows this girl named kenna we learn at the start of the story that she has just gotten out of a five-year prison sentence and what we know from the story 

I'm not going to give away any big spoilers in this review but what we know is that she was somehow involved in a very tragic accident that resulted in the death of her boyfriend Scotty at the time 

It was a car accident I don't feel weird saying that but there are lots of details involved in that night and we kind of learned them as we go but basically she was charged for incidental accidental manslaughter

I don't remember the exact verbiage but she was sentenced to prison because she essentially was responsible for the death of her boyfriend and she did not know this at the time that the accident occurred she didn't even know it until after her sentence uh once she was in prison 

But she was actually pregnant at the time with her and Scotty's child so while she was in prison she ended up giving birth to this little girl she named dm like carpe diem and because she was in prison because she had several more years to go her daughter was basically ripped straight from her arms 

She never got to meet her never got to know her and Scotty's parents actually raised him because Kenna never had any sort of family life of her own she was in and out of foster care so Scotty's parents have been taking care of dm for the past like four years and Kenna has been so thankful for that, of course, she's so happy someone's been there for her little girl 

But she's now out of prison and she's looking to reconnect or more so really meet her daughter for the first time the kicker in this all is scotty's parents are not at all interested in that happening um basically because of this accident there's again a lot of moving parts and factors in it 

But in their eyes kenna is basically responsible for the death of their son they they in a lot of ways look at her as a murderer even if it was accidental even if no one knows all the details that's all they can think of when they look at her 

So of course and Scotty not to mention was their only child so now that they have dm in their life like this little girl is their everything so Kenna is aware of that she knows that but she's out of prison now 

She has basically nothing to her name but she uses everything she has to get back to this small town where she's from where she knows dm is currently located and she plans to do everything in her power to get back to her daughter but because this is such a small town 

She's gonna have a real hard time because what happened with her and scotty i mean everyone knows about it it was the talk of the town so she looks a lot different now it's been some years she used to have like bleach blonde long hair 

But now that she's been in prison like her natural kind of dark hair has grown out so she tries to kind of slip into town she tries to kind of go by her middle name but obviously, she's very worried because 

If word of her coming into town spreads it's going to make things a lot harder for her to go about things the right way to try to get her daughter back and as can be expected it does but yeah that's the whole thing this is like the very beginning of the story her getting to this town trying to find a place to live trying to find a job she has literally no money 

But of course, because she has a record it's really hard for her to find a job there's just a lot going on but a big piece of the story that I have not yet mentioned is right when she gets to the town she ends up going to this bar 

It used to be a bookstore that her and Scottie went to a lot but she walks in and it's now turned into a bar and behind the counter of the bar is this very attractive man as always right and the thing about this story is it's actually a dual point of view 

So yes in this story we're seeing Kenneth's point of view but then it quickly switches to another point of view which is that of this man that works at this bar named ledger and him and Kenna are immediately intrigued and attracted to each other but again kena's main focus is getting her daughter back 

So it's very much like she doesn't know how to feel about this situation and in typical calling hoover fashion we end up learning right away very quickly that ledger actually has a very important connection to kenna's late boyfriend scotty and in that also a connection to her daughter diem 

So kenneth ends up realizing this but ledger has absolutely no idea and that's how the story starts out and from there it's just kind of like a bit of a wild ride of freaking emotions and just trying to kenna trying to get her daughter let me just okay you know what i'm gonna go straight into my thoughts 

Now i'm not again i'm not gonna give me spoilers but i just need to generally talk about this book and talk about the author that is colleen hoover the thing that colleen hoover does i always say she has such a range she can write any type of book 

But one thing that i feel like every one of her books does is it just makes you she makes you take a hard look at yourself she introduces situations that are really difficult and situations that are very easy for you to judge right off the bat like come into and immediately have an opinion on 

I feel like i can be like a very judgmental person about like looking at situations like oh you should have done this like are you are you serious like i would totally feel this way about this she puts you in these situations and she makes you form an opinion 

But then she spends the entire book slapping you in the face being like your opinion is not always right there's always multiple sides to every story nobody's perfect you need to get over yourself and look a little deeper and try to understand that not everything is 

So simple and that not every person is perfect all the time and that you just need to be more open and just every book like she has come up with a different situation that 

I feel really strongly about but then by the end you just don't even know what you feel or you've completely changed your opinion and it just leaves you thinking for so long and the situation within this book was so difficult 

So like heart-wrenching it was just a horrible situation because it's like obviously you have this woman that she's a mother like she gave birth to this child when she was so young 

She was like 21 and she's been without this child for like five years so obviously being a mother she's going to want to be with her daughter like everyone can understand that but at the same time you have to think about the fact that this daughter has been with her grandparents for these five years like 

She has a comfortable life like she's settled in and her grandparents think of her as their own kid at this point and on top of that even though like ken and scotty only dated for a short time and they didn't like necessarily hate her scotty was their child and in their eyes like kenna is the reason that 

their son is now dead so like they're obviously not gonna think of this woman as a good fit to care for this child that they have so like that has become their child and duh but then it's like you understand the parents 

So you're pissed at kenna for being so like wanting to take the child away from them but then you're also like pissed at the grandparents for not understanding that kenna is obviously going to want to be with her child and not understanding that like people make mistakes and you're also pissed at ledger 

Who's in between the situation of it all going back and forth that has this connection to dm and to the grandparents but also has formed this new connection with kenneth and it was just a freaking roller coaster 

I mean by the end of the story i think the ending was beautiful i shed a big old fat singular tear at one certain point i thought it was well written but i have to be honest because i'm always honest with you guys 

I spent like 96 of this book that might be a little drastic let's say 86 in just pure anxiety like this book hurt me like it screwed in my head i just felt such like anger and sadness and just the whole situation of this book was just 

So shitty and i felt so bad for every single person involved and it's like when i finished it as good as the ending was and as much as i know like colleen hoover is a great writer and i always like i love all her books like i had a very similar reaction i feel to this as i do with it ends with us 

It ends with us as one of the best books i've ever read like the best written books like on paper that book's incredible like i've never had such a visceral reaction to a book but at the same time when people say that that book is their favorite 

I have to like take a step back for a second because i'm like dude that book like destroyed me like i was distraught over that book for days like i still think about it and get nauseous and i kind of feel really similar about this book 

Like i just spent so much of it anxious worried about what was gonna happen like knowing that it all was gonna come to a head and just being upset at everybody and angry at everyone 

But also understanding but i think that was the point of the book i mean like i said it's to show you that not everything is so simple and everyone has a side of the story and we should all be a little more gracious and give each other a chance and you know put others before yourself and step out of your own feelings and did anything 

I say just made sense like i don't know what to rate this book because it was good but also like i don't have a desire to reread it anytime soon because it was such a freaking roller coaster of pain and stress for me but the end was really beautiful and the guy in this book had some various moments that 

I really liked but if i'm being honest like it's not one of my favorite colleen hoover books and i think if it was by a different author i i wouldn't be trying as hard to be obsessed with it and that's what i have to say 

I feel like i've seen so many people that love this book and they've been giving it like a million stars out of five and a lot of people have said it's their new favorite calling hoover book ever which like power to you i i mean i flew right through it i got it on tuesday i've never opened a package quicker 

I read it in like a day and a half i needed a lot of time to process it afterwards and like i said i feel like i'm still processing it but yeah those are my rambly thoughts on this book if you guys have already read it i would love to hear your thoughts in the comments maybe I'll feel differently about it in a week honestly 

I feel like i keep going back and forth like i talked to someone that loves it i'm like oh yeah that part was really good and then i talked to someone that feels kind of like iffy on it.

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