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November 9 by Colleen Hoover

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November 9 by Colleen Hoover pdf Download 

Details of Regretting You by Colleen Hoove book 

  • Book Name: Regretting You 
  • Authors: Colleen Hoover 
  • Pages: 298
  • Genre: Contemporary Romance, Fiction
  • Publish Date:  10 December 2019
  • Language: English

Book Review:

November 9 by Colleen Hoover  This is My Fourth Book I've Read by Colleen Hoover This Woman Just I Have to Question if She's Sick in the Head Because She Just Knows How to Hurt You She is Such a Good Writer 

She the Way That She Has So Many Books and Has Managed to Come Up With So Many Different I'm Just Like How Does She Come Up With It Like All These Different Scenarios That Are Already Like Interesting Scenarios in Themselves and Then She Just Has These Plot Twists That Just She Has This 

Way I've Said This in the Last Video I Did of Hers Um When I Read Ugly Love Which is One of My Favorite Books of All Time It's My Favorite Book of Hers That I've Read So Far She Has This Way of Just Putting 

You in These Completely Uncomfortable Situations That Make You Just Like Question Your Life Like Question Everything Like You Just Think That You Would Know in Most Books Most Scenarios You're Like I Know What I Would Do but She Just Ugh She Knows How to Like Take the Worst and Most Difficult Situations and Part of Life and Like Just Stab You in the Heart With Them Anyways

This Book I'm Gonna Have to Vent About It but I'll Give Like a Quick Spoiler Free Synopsis, in the Beginning, November Nine So Basic Synopsis This Book is About a Girl Named Fallon She Was an Up and Coming Very Popular Tv Actor She Was on a Series She Was Totally About to Make It Big 

When She Was Like 16. And Then She Was in a Fire a Fire Happened at Her House Caused by Her Dad and It Left Her With Scars on Her Face It Kind of Ruined Her Acting Career Um It's Put a Strain on Her and Her Dad's Relationship Ever Since Because Her Dad Was an Actor Back in the Day 

On Like Soap Operas and Stuff Ever Since That Happened She's Been Very Like Insecure Obviously Like Being Scarred It's Like Mess With Her Confidence the Story Opens Up and Fallon is at a Restaurant With Her Dad and Her Dad is a Total Jerk but She is Telling Him That She's Moving to New York That Night 

She's Moving to New York Cause She Wants to Try to Act on Broadway and Her Dad is Just Completely Not Supportive is Basically Telling Her Like Look at You You Can't Like What Are You Doing Like Give Up Try Something Else Like 

He's Just Not Supportive He's Not There for Her He Doesn't Even Want Her to Attempt to Follow Her Dreams He's Just Like No and He Then Makes a Comment About How Like She Hasn't Dated Anyone in Two Years Which It's Been Two Years Since Her Accident Happened So Obviously 

She Hasn't Dated Anyone and There is a Boy Sitting in the Booth Behind Her Dad and When Her Dad Makes His Comment He Gets Up and He Comes and Slides Into the Booth and He Pretends to Be Fallon's Boyfriend His Name is Ben Ends Up Kind of Like Telling the Dad Off and Then Fallon and Ben End Up 

Hitting It Off but of Course Fallon is Moving to New York That Night So Nothing Can Happen Between Them We Learned That Ben is a Writer and They End Up Having Like This Great Day Together Before She Has to Leave

But Neither One of Them Are Willing to Be in a Relationship Right Now Um Ben Somewhat is but Fallon is Like Absolutely Not Like I Have She's Always Followed This Rule That Her Mom Put in Her Head That You Shouldn't Fall in Love Until You Turn 23 Because 23 is When You Like Are Fully Developed 

I Guess and Her Mom Always Says Like You'll Never Be Able to Find Yourself if You're Lost in Someone Else So in Her Mind She's Always Just Like Until I'm 23 I'm Not Gonna Fall in Love Like I Just Wanna Like Whatever Find Myself Travel Like Meet My Goals Like Try to Try to Just Like Do Me and Then 

I'll Look for Love and So Ben is a Writer and He Wants to Write a Book That's His Goal but Whenever They Start Talking About Books He's Like I Could Never Write a Romance Book Like I Don't Know Anything About Romance So Basically Fallon and Ben and I'm Making a Pact That They Are Going to Because

Neither One of Them Like Want to Be in a Relationship Right Now Even Though They're Super Like Enamored With Each Other They Make a Pact That Every Year on November 9th They Are Going to Meet at That Same Restaurant at That Same Time They Are Not Going to Have Any Sort of Contact Throughout 

The Year They Don't Have Each Other's Phone Numbers They Block Each Other on Social Media They Have No Way of Contacting Each Other They Are Just Going to Show Up at That Restaurant Every Day for Five Years Until They Turn 23 and at That Time When the Five Years Ends if Everything's 

Perfect and Works Out They'll See Where It Goes in Between Each of the Years They Give Each Other Tasks and Like Goals to Achieve as Well Ben's Main Overarching Goal of This Whole Thing is That He's Supposed to Write a Novel and He's Supposed to Specifically Be Writing a Romance Novel Which is Going to Be Centered Around This Whole Idea of a Couple Only Meeting Once 

A Year and Not Talking in Between and It's Going to Be Called November 9. Do You See Where This is Going but Yes This Book is Actually Connected to Ugly Love Weirdly Enough Um This Isn't a Spoiler at All but Ben in the Book His Brother is Ian From Ugly Love So We Get to See Ian 

We Get to See Miles and Tate for Half a Second It Doesn't Like Spoil Anything but Like We Get to See Where They're at in Life and It Literally Made Me Scream and Fangirl Because I Love Ugly Love So Much Like One of

My Favorite Books of All Time It's Amazing That is the Basic Like Spoiler Free Premise of the Book Obviously It's Colleen Hoover So Plot Twists Come in You Can Expect That Like a Lot of Things Change in a Year if People Are Living Their Life Like Things Are Gonna Happen So This Book as All of Colleen's Books Do It It Stabs You in the Heart 

It Makes You Feel Things It Has Crazy Plot Twist It's Very Good It's Not My Favorite Book of Her Books That I've Read So Far It's Probably My Least Favorite but It's Not Bad at All Like I Would Totally Give This a Four Star I Just Have So Many Thoughts and Things to Say and at This Point 

If You Haven't Read This Book You Need to Go Because I Just I Need to Get It Out This Book I Don't Even Know Where to Get It It Hurt Me More Than I Feel Like It Made Me Happy Just Because the Basic Premise of It Though It is a Very Interesting Idea for a Book I Could Never Freaking Do 

This I Am Just a Person That is Like 100 in or 100 Out Most of the Time 100 Out I Could Not Like Cling on to This Idea of This Relationship With Someone for Five Freaking Years With No Contact in Between Like It Would Just There's No Way That I Could Let Myself Live My Life and Not Feel 

Some Guilt Like Maybe in the First Year Yeah Because It's All Fun and Games but Once They Meet Like Once They Meet Again After That First Year and It's Become Clear That They Both Like Are Practically 

In Love With Each Other I Could Not Like Continue to Try to Like Just Go Off and Date Like I Just Give Up Like It Just I Know That It's What Made This Book Good and It's the Story of This Book but It Just Like Infuriated Me I'm Like Bro Just Be Together This is So Stupid Like I I Understand I Fully Understand the Idea of Like Needing to Follow Your Dreams and Find Yourself Like 

I Am Totally That Person Too Like if Somebody is Not Like Worth It or Whatever Like I Don't Care to Waste My Time I Have Lots of Things I Want to Do and See and Like That's Fine but Like I Just Feel Like Love is So Like Rare and It's So It's So Incredibly Rare to Find Someone That You Just Like Click With and the Way That These Two Clicked That I'm Like Why Would You Deny 

Yourself of That Especially It's Like It's the Third November 9th but It's Like the Second Year That They've Met Again the Year Where Ben's Brother Dies and Fallon Shows Up at the House Like in That Year It is So Obvious That Like You Flew All the Way Back to La for This Boy to Comfort Him Like 

Y'all Are in Freaking Love He Handed His Heart Over to You His Brother Just Died His Wife is Pregnant His Brother's Wife is Pregnant and Like This is Like the Hardest Time He's Ever Been Through and Because You Want to Stick to 

This Pack So Bad Like I Get She Wanted Him to Follow His Dreams She Wanted Him to Be There for the Wife and the New Nephew That's or the Yeah the New Nephew That's Going to Be Coming So Like I Don't Think She Should 

Have Asked Ben to Move to New York With Her at That Point I Get That but at That Point I'm Like Give the Boy Your Number This is So Dumb Like You're Literally Hurting Him Hurting Yourself for No Reason Just Give Up I'll Allow You to Give Up and Like I Know That the Book Wouldn't Have Been a Book 

If They Gave Up but You Know and Then Whenever She Showed Up the Next Year and He Was With Jordan I'm Like What Do You Expect Like You Destroy Like You Left Him You Said No Like You Don't Have a Right to Be Mad 

I Don't Think She Really Was Mad Like I Think She Explained Like She Knew She Understood Like but It Just Got It Hurt It Was So Rough and Like I I Really Did Like This Book but I Have to Say Like of Her Books So Far Like They Were Not My Favorite Couple I I Think That This Whole Scenario Though 

It Did Make a Good Story Was Just So Like Unrealistic Like None of This I Feel Like Could Ever Have Like It Was Just Plot Twist After Plot Twist After Plot Twist to the Point That I Was Like This is a Bit Much and Like I'm Overwhelmed and I'm in Too Much Pain and All Like I Was in Enough Pain 

Just With Their Relationship and Then You Add His Like Mom and the Like Suicide and Then It's Like Oh No She Had Cancer I'm Like Okay Slow Like This is Too Much Happening Like This It Was Just I Felt Like a Lot Piled in One Story and Like When the Book Was Revealed and Like It Was Him That Started 

The Fire That Gave Her the Scars Because Her Fallon's Dad Was the One Had Been Dating His Mom and He Thought That She Committed Suicide Because Her Dad Broke Up With Like I It Was Just a Lot I Thought It Was a Lot and Like I Know a Lot of People This is Like Their Favorite Colleen Hoover Book 

I Will I Will Never Slander Colleen Hoover I Think She's an Incredible Author This Book for Me Just Like Because of All Those Things Because of the Scenario That Like a Lot of People Like if You're Able to Read a Book Without Trying to Put Yourself in the Scenario Like You'll Be Like This is Great Fantastic 

I Love It I Mean It Has a Beautiful Ending 100 but Just the Scenario Infuriated Me and All the Plot Twists Were Just a Lot and Just I Felt Made It Just So Unrealistic That It Was Hard for Me to Like Accept I Guess Um Yeah So Like This Book is a Four Star for Me I Just I Don't Know What Did Y'all Think of This Book 

I Feel Like When You Look at Amazon Reviews and Other Reviews Like People Love This Book Like It is Like a Five Star for Everyone It's Their Favorite of Hers I Feel Like for a Lot of People Like This Has Been Recommended to Me More Than Like Any Other Colleen Hoover Book Um but I Just Think 

I Prefer the Only Books of Hers I've Read So Far I Read Verity but That's Like a Completely Different Like Scenario Genre Than These Books I Read Ugly Love and It Ends With Us So Far Even Though Those Both Like Hurt Me and Were Crazy They Were Still I Felt Very Realistic Life Situations Like

Both of Those Books Could Have Easily Happened in Real Life and Like I Wouldn't Have Questioned It Like That's What Made It So Raw and Painful and This Was Raw and Painful Too but I Just Thought That There Was 

So Much Craziness That It It Just Was Unrealistic I Don't Know I'm Done With My Ramble I Had to Get All That Out I'm Just Like I'm Heated Over This Book and I Did Like I Don't Want You to Think I Didn't Like It

I Did I Did Like It Like It is Four Stars for Me I Love Colleen Hoover I'm Literally Gonna Read Every Other Book That She Puts Out but I Every Time I Start One of Her Books I'm Like Oh My God I'm Gonna Read Every Colleen Hoover Book This Month I'm Obsessed With Her and Then I Finish It and I'm Like 

I Can Only Read One of Hers a Month Max Like I Can't Do It Like She Just Hurts Me and She Just Hurts My Brain and She's Incredible.