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Ugly Love by Colleen Hoover PDF Download

Details of Ugly Love by Colleen Hoover book 

  • Book Name: Ugly Love
  • Authors: Colleen Hoover 
  • Pages: 298
  • Genre: Contemporary Romance Fiction
  • Publish Date:  5 August 2014
  • Language: English

Book Review:

Ugly Love by Colleen Hoover so this book is a new adult novel that tells the story of Tate Collins and Myles Archer now Tate and Myles don't really get along at all 

But they do share this undeniable physical attraction for each other and they're both just kind of looking for a no-strings-attached just s*x relationship so they agree to have there was this relationship 

But there are two rules she can't ask take can't ask about miles as miles and miles is past or expect a future with him and that's kind of where the story goes from so obviously this is a very bromance-based novel 

But what I love about colleen hoover is the fact that she's able to weave into her stories more serious issues and still have that great romantic relationship that you're looking for but also has kind of a deeper level to it 

So there's kind of the s*xy romantic level to it but then there's also this deeper level of feelings and just all of the feels like it's ridiculous I did really enjoy colleen Hoover's writing this is the second book 

I have read by her I also read slammed and even in that book she incorporates a kind of poetics into her writing which I really enjoy 

It's not exactly Proust but she just kind of does like different styles of writing like all most of the chapters with miles were written where they were like centered like this and I just thought that really was interesting and kind of added to it

It was all of his chapters honestly read like poems and I just really really enjoyed that and I think she's really good at kind of weaving the typical fiction writing in with poetics 

I really really enjoy that it's very refreshing and just something that you're not used to seeing I just really enjoy how she kind of breaks away from convention in that way it just adds so much to all of her stories even though 

It may seem like a really minor thing her characters were fantastic it's really hard I think in stand-alone to really get you to feel for the characters and kind of like immerse yourself in their world but I felt for these characters so much

I didn't even realize I really like enjoyed them that much until it came to the end and I was so sad to be putting down this book because I just wanted to hear more about them and I just really really enjoyed them Myles is this soft God he is like perfectly just s*xy 

But he's also really intelligent which really adds to the s*xiness but he's like he's just not this one-dimensional s*xy like hot boy character he also has like all of these feelings and they're really expressed well throughout the novel 

You get to see a lot of him a lot like what he's been through and how his life was and how everything that he's experienced has affected him and how he becomes the person that he is in the novel 

I really enjoyed that because I think a lot of times in romance-based novels if it's not told in dual perspective which this one is but which really helped 

But I think a lot of the times you don't really get to see much of the love interest is basically just kind of a one-dimensional character that the love is just projected on and they're just kind of missed character

Especially a new adult that's just kind of there for romantic purposes but you really got to see a lot of miles and a lot of who he really was and I really enjoyed getting a feel for like how he became who he is 

I just thought that added a lot to the story it made their relationship a lot more realistic and understandable I also really liked Tate she was 

So sarcastic and fun but she also had this kind of romantic aspect to her but also she was just like a very interesting character 

I think both miles and paint were really interesting characters because you can never really tell if they're telling the truth or if you're really seeing who they really are 

If that makes sense like it felt like there were a lot of things hidden especially for miles because that's pretty blatantly obvious but even for Tate 

I felt like there were kind of some secret sites she was hiding and you didn't really like get to tell him to her character completely until she was like with Miles like 

Whenever she was with Miles you could kind of tell more of who she really was and I really liked that kind of romance brought that side out in her because it just made her a very very intriguing character their relationship was really interesting too 

Because it was like solely based on physical attraction but there were these feelings here and they're both kinds of in denial of it and it just kind of made for a really interesting story even though it seems like that's a cliche 

I think the way that Colleen Hoover played it out really was not cliche at all and it just it made me want to keep reading and figuring out what was going to happen to both of them 

If they were gonna end up together or if they were gonna end up apart like I honestly did not know so another thing that Colleen Hoover does really well is her s*x scenes in new adult 

I find that a lot of the times these s*x scenes in it are kind of verging on erotica and it's not that like I'm completely against erotica or anything I just think that in like it comes to a point 

Where it should be considered a radical and not new adult anymore I don't know that's just my opinion but calling whoever's s*x scenes are really tasteful but like still really s*xy and they're just real 

I feel like they're more real than other s*x scenes that I've read in other new adult novels and I really enjoy that you can tell that there's kind of a deeper level to them and I just think they're really great and they also don't make up the majority of this novel 

which I really like because sometimes it's like s*xy and talk talk talk talk talk se*y and like it's sometimes new adult novels it's just s*x scene after s*x scene after s*x scene but this one really had more to it and I think that's really what it came down to the plot was really good 

I really liked the mystery behind it and how you got the dual points of view with miles kind of like in his past and then being in the present 

I think it made for a very interesting story because you kind of got to see like as it went on there is this building like tension and mystery to it wondering like why miles is the way that he is and it just kind of built up to that the whole time 

I really really enjoyed that so overall I gave this book a 5 out of 5 stars I thought it was so fantastic I loved pretty much everything about it I mean every book 

I'm gonna have a couple of its issues with but honestly none come to mind right now I really really enjoyed it and yeah I would definitely recommend this to you guys especially if you're just starting with a new adult I would say this is a great one if you're older than 18 because there are s*x scenes in it.

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