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Slammed by Colleen Hoover PDF Download Free


Slammed by Colleen Hoover PDF Download Free

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Slammed by Colleen Hoover PDF Download Free

Details of Slammed by Colleen Hoover book 

  • Book Name: Slammed 
  • Authors: Colleen Hoover 
  • Pages: 238
  • Genre: Contemporary Romance, Fiction
  • Publish Date: January 2012
  • Language: English

Book Review:

Slammed by Colleen Hoover  it's about a girl called Lake her dad dies and her her mom and her brother had to move to a different state fine day one she meets the boy across the road and day one she falls in love with him few nights later they're dating they're together the reason it called sloughed is because 

they go to a poetry slam and poetry style is basically like performance poetry Sunday right I am but be like nothing like that kind of thing I love it she goes to school walks into a classroom her poetry classroom who's the teacher it's only the boys she's now dating his called will and he is 21 

she's 18 so it's not an underage thing but he is a teacher he is going to teach her and he says we can't beat you anymore oh my god I didn't know you were there be my student I had no idea I thought you're older than what you are even though she tells him she's 18 so if you worked in teaching 

you'd make sure you met an 18 or but they weren't going to the local school when you do teach there anyway I've made notes guides these tabs are bits in the book 

but I didn't I didn't enjoy so I'm just enjoying the notes and then this will kind of get you more into the story she goes to kiss him on their day and he saw saucer and GO station and then he leans into her and then 

they end up kissing and that's when you mean I was very early on that everything is dictated by him how they kiss what physical contact they have together when they're gonna have contact together 

he's in complete control of her throughout the whole of the book and that was my main problem with it is that he does want to kiss her many things he wants to kiss her but it'll always stop her he always takes away you have confidence and dictates everything that I do and I hated that 

I was going to kiss the one and there were a lot of sorry that you missed your chance is lips on you'll then find out that his her teacher and he you've got to change your class I don't want to teach 

you I'm doing poetry you got to change sign out and there's only limited options sessions action everyone do Russian literature but she goes to change to do Russian literature and then he says actually I've changed 

my mind again it's taking every single things throughout the book she's taking the time to go and try and change to please him and then he's like when she does what exactly what he says no no no I will teach you 

now because I've decided to and I was just like oh God so early on in the book is this controlling over everything and then he will control her and then when she's about following down his little party would change the part 

so shows the following it's such a maze with him to get any kind of approval and you find out where his parents have died and he had his guardian to his younger brother so saying I can't lose my job we can't date think very aggressive about the whole situation it's not as old it's no assault you know 

what is his fault really little bit let's let's be honest if you were him shooting teacher which means it's still a teacher and you were an 18 year old who's just moved into neighborhood when you just check they won't get anywhere calm down calm down so those decided not to have contact 

with each other not to be together typical provide for his little brother fine that's fine okay stay the hell away from us okay her younger brother and his younger brother are best friends but still they don't have to really interact quite much 

it's chilled and then what happens she goes around his house units are in units are in and then they start kissing he pushes her down on the sofa he takes off his shirt they're making out getting into it and then he goes 

they can't get up he demands this can't happen I start shouting at her and in making her feel guilty and so she says I feel embarrassed shameful guilty and he turns everything against her 

so if they kiss if they have a lapse of judgment ended up to snog in each other he will always go naked why are you doing this stop doing this later it'll always be him having a go at her and making out that 

she is doing these things the majority of things that happen throughout the books happen in his house that he lets her into she also says I'm falling in love with you so he knows that she's going to do what he wants her to do 

so this constant like demanding and everything but started to make feel physically ill then I saw a scene happening throughout the book and every time he do something right out of order like shout at her or be aggressive or they go to kiss and then he push her away 

I would put a little tab mixed with and then he apologized so I take the time where he got okay to pull guys and then I realized he was doing it every single day this isn't set over a long period of time at the beginning of the book

and then it's there at school and she's still in his class everything again all comes out turn says Jonathan I enjoyed this boy and just like yes shock she's trying to integrate the school she'll make friends whatever 

he opened his desk drawer to Rose his padded throw his feeling slammed the door shut everyone's in shock and he's been really really aggressive and I know she's about to leave the class he says oh I'll look after your brother shall I because your mom will be at work and you'll be on your date this is at school in any formal environment that he is doing this 

so I was just like oh my god this is step over stepping heel and she's at lunch with her friends and he takes her out lunch from references I need to talk to you and apologizes again the apologizes every other day for an aggressive thing that he does throughout this book that's not right that's 

not normal behavior and calling people conference that has nobody's perfect we're all humans that's true people do make mistakes but not every other day you make a mistake and make it a few times than you learn from your mistakes you don't keep doing it to someone it's control he's trying to 

wear her down and I'm not making judgments on going to live life I don't know if this is what she thinks a normal relationship is because at the end is like this is normal this is they've been through ups and downs but it's nothing much but I would say this is a highly controlling relationship 

I don't know if this is quality to reality or what is her fantasy the fact like fifty Shades of Grey the author says this is a fantasy I didn't live this life this is just a fantasy in my opinion very unhealthy fantasy but it's her fantasy she can do what she wants so don't know where Clinton was coming from this 

so she's trying to make friends with him trying to integrate it continually pulling her towards him but he doesn't know data they're just keeping her over here in this isolation where he can like have a go and be aggressive or wear her down this book is awful now for a big spoiler in the book is that her 

has cancer and she is dying there is nothing that can be done so you find that out quite late on in the book so you don't have lot left to really connect with that and do anything about it and suppose girl runs away from home and when

I was telling her runs into wills house will says yep sure coming you can stay the night when she tells her that her mom's got cancer that's not right and she starts frantically cleaning Will's house she's going mad she's going manic 

we find outside quite shocking your emotions only are very shopping sehun time and he's annoyed that she's color-coded his clothes he's with the lawyers in him that whole situation but she's manic and he needs to let her do it 

I want a good old prince charming well over here what he does is he strums water over her suit your draw he then physically he picks her up put her in the bathroom hold her against the wall in the showers she can't move since

I tried to punch him I tried to get away from him he then turns on the shower and this cold water so doable over her all over clothes he dumped out the dolphin door and he is holding the door so she can't get out she's stuck in his bathroom and she says let me out when will 

now I beat on the door she tries to get out and he says to her I'm not letting you out take off your clothes get in the shower wash your hair and calm down just like she just found out her mom is dying of cancer how dare you speak to her like that how dare you also may your hands on this girl 

not normal behavior even if this person is your best friend that is not normal and his suppressing her emotions could some ruining him and then she says damn it win is right again what like he just physically don't it's physics or the bit bits you are physically strenuous that's 

not normal loving behavior that's extreme that's not right that I got this book then we get to the in the book was not only abusive to her deleted to her friend with one of his shooters but just when you think it can't get worse so she's my friend this girl Eddie whom I really liked 

he's in foster care and I wanted to know more about Eddie's story but it's all about like um will it was a romance that look was just dysfunctional romance so Eddie works out was going on with late for will and then 

we will give them both detention one completely inappropriate because there's school why give them detention for something that's your fault because you're dating a student why punish them and they're kind of messing around in detention and they're just cracking jokes and they're very 

nervous and she said we were now there's that the cracking don't really know what to do so will gets up from his desk slammed his fist in it to death stands up and then it says neither and edgy for I are laughing at 

this point and get the feeling that these two girls I'm really scared at this point that this man is like losing it he knows that talking about his brother and how he's going to lose his job and if Eddie tells anyone then 

she's she's going to be responsible for his brother going into care and he who is in the care system which is never referenced within that point at all and he's really scaring these girls and I just hated that he's a teacher at school 

scaring these two girls at mistake he's made outside school but somehow somehow it's their fault last one as mu and then she says I mean we've been the next hour alone willingly sitting in our much deserved attention no no you don't deserve detention because what he did was wrong 

he should have been dating you a student so to date you and then to punish your friends for finding out about his role a snake is disgusting so that's it after that are pleased oh throughout the book there were pages that were just slam poetry which I enjoyed the temperament 

I just think they were good something happens in it when it's boy only kind of assaults like he goes to kiss her and then he won't get go of her and the will comes and beats 

this boy up from is one of his students one quick point about that if you find I think old work will was good to drag that boy off of her and everything not fuse Angus was assaulting her and then to find out later on that will didn't think this boy was assaulting her he thought she was kissing him back and that 

they were just kissing so he just flew into a jealous rage beating out this boy this is someone who is emotionally unstable you should not be dating them it's my eggs beat up my boyfriend 

now I wouldn't think which are supposed to this oh my god that's so romantic he really loves me you really care to me oh my god I think you are a psychopath and who are dangerous and I'm worried that you are going to harm me so that was all wrong and then our mum says which is dying 

she says I think you should be with little people so teacher whatever I think you should be with will and I just want that you know that we'll have decided why he would do want to be with you at all at that time was because 

he wanted you to be with me I was dying of cancer and he wanted to do me to build a connection with each other before I went that's lies cuz throughout the whole time he was issues occurring around 

his house is making out with her he was in shouting in her face being abusive at school his Gingrich attention for stuff they've done outside of school he wasn't giving her space the people who read doesn't think early 

know if he sent used but if you look at his actions throughout the book he has been initiative and abusive practice whole of this book and controlled her he is not giving her a day of space for a whole of this book 

so that whole thing of lies then at the end of eras is together her with her brother hisses his brother they living together everything's fine happy ending what it shouldn't be together the only bits are light of it was slam poetry 

I mean how that was brought into the book about some territory to that lack some poetry so I thought I would really connect in like this book but then relationship and the end was painted as people have ups and downs oh well 

no yeah I just don't know what Colleen Hoover was thinking when she wrote this I thought that I don't know dysentery ality or fantasy or what she thinks is nor I don't know the woman 

but this isn't normal this isn't a normal relationship this is a credibly controlling horrible relationship I see so enjoy slammed one bit so please don't need books down below that you think are good books that 

I will like and I will check them out tell me whether you like this book and why or if you didn't like it and why on that as well.