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Finding Perfect by Colleen Hoover pdf download


Finding Perfect by Colleen Hoover

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Finding Perfect by Colleen Hoover pdf download

Details of Finding Perfect by Colleen Hoover Book

  • Book Name: Finding Perfect 
  • Authors: Colleen Hoover
  • Pages: 96
  • Genre: Romance novel
  • Publish Date:  4 December 2019
  • Language: English

Book Review:

Finding Perfect by Colleen Hoover i've done two other books by her verity and it ends with us i feel like i should just do all her books to be honest today is gonna be this one i have no idea what it's about this is also like a really big book 

o far it's been like five minutes and i just finished chapter one i already love it like i'm already so hooked that i mean it's calling hoover why am i surprised that was so interesting is so fast-paced 

it's so early on to have an opinion i'm gonna go finish chapter two so i just finished chapter two the way this story is told is between the past and the present and chapter two was the present and the more my emotions are gonna get 

so mixed up just from two chapters i have a feeling this book is going to break me it is now quieter to six i know i'm supposed to finish this book in 24 hours but i okay this is actually my cat thanks for interrupting buddy 

i find myself trying to read it slowly because it is so good and i don't want it to end or i don't can you please i'm gonna stop for today i'm actually gonna go out for dinner so that's a good excuse to put down the book and savor it more so yeah i'll see you guys tomorrow

maybe hi it's the next morning maria why are you wearing the same shirt that's because i have to take the picture for the thumbnail i picked up the book when i woke up and i started reading 

i have as much left and i'm trying to read as slow as i can because i don't want it to finish this is me and my reaction this morning i look crusty but yeah this is my reaction reading what i read 

i feel like i was too excited so it is a story about a girl named quinn and a boy named graham graham i have no idea what his name is and it's their love story 

how they met years down the line how their relationship has become especially with everything that they are going through it's just back and forth with how their relationship was in the past and how it's evolved 

what it's become in the future it's a very realistic love story very beautiful love story that's everything that's written in the back so i'm not spoiling anything i cannot figure out whether or not his name is graham graham 

i have no idea for the first part of the video i was literally saying graham the freaking cracker i searched on google and apparently it's graham but then i watched a video of a girl explaining the book 

she says graham enjoy the video i've somewhat collected myself and usually i wait till a day or so before i talk about the book but i just feel like talking about it now and getting it over with i really hope

this book doesn't put me in a reading slump miss colleen hoover i think this is my favorite one yet first of all i was reading this so fast i had to find the effort to put it down just so that i can savor it like

i said it has alternating timelines so you are brought to the past and the present and those are two very different times it messes with you because at some point you're just so bottled up with butterflies 

so filled with emotion of love but then you go to the future where they are experiencing troubles and that's a roller coaster so realistic ah no it's so beautiful that's all i'm gonna say 

i don't wanna spoil it for anybody please read the book if you can it's so good i'm getting emotional i'm just talking about it subscribe if you enjoyed watching me cry my heart out if you've read the book then you can keep watching or the spoiler part of the video but if you haven't then 

i will see you guys next time hopefully and like comment subscribe i just finished chapter one and can i just say it's so good they got the chinese food that was ordered 

by their cheating significant others and they ate it that got me that was so hilarious i mean it already says on the back that they are the couple twin and graham crackers they are so funny 

i already shipped them so much i was reading chapter seven and graham says this to quinn i try not to let my pity show but i think it does maybe this new girl will be better than sasha 

you'll finally be able to get over here graham laughs a little i'm over sasha he says with conviction pretty sure i was over sasha the moment i met you he gives me absolutely zero time to absorb his words before he throws more of them at me we better get back to our dates quinn he turns and walks out of the hallway 

i stand still dumbfounded by his words i'm pretty sure i was over tasha the moment i met you obviously i feel so bad for her it's explained so well as somebody who has never gone through that experience 

i just feel bad for him as well because he's obviously he's obviously saddened by it too i just finished crying my heart out and i'm gonna tell you why i cried my heart out first of all let's go to the part where he cheated you andrea 

he kissed a girl and i'm not saying it's justified because it is messed up but i understand how they were able to fix it the letters they got me so bad colleen hoover loves to do like parallels

i don't even know if that's the right word it ends with us the just keep swimming and this one where he said i told you so in the ending even though they did not end up having 

a kid that's just reality for some people and it's heartbreaking no i'm gonna cry if couples are able to withstand that category 5 that just means the love is real this has to be one of my favorite colleen hoover books

so far it was so good but i'm so sad god just everything i went through in the last 24 hours hope you guys enjoyed me being an emotional wreck.