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American Queen by Sierra Simone pdf download


American Queen by Sierra Simone

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American Queen by Sierra Simone pdf download

Details of American Queen by Sierra Simone Book

  • Book Name: American Queen (New Camelot #1)
  • Authors: Sierra Simone
  • Pages: 203
  • Genre: Adult, Romance, Fiction
  • Publish Date: Oct 25, 2016
  • Language: English

Book Review:

American Queen by sierra simone i am so flabbergasted by this book like i was thrown in such a loop i feel like i got run over by a bullet train when i was reading this this is my first ever book from sierra simone so i absolutely had no idea what i was getting into and i've come to learn that sierra simone's books follow like the same kind of like outrageous spice and i did not know that going into 

This like i feel like i kind of went in blind my friend becca from hello lovelybox recommended this book to me she shoved this book down my throat and she says pauline read it i read the synopsis and i was like yes sold i love how powerful this blurb sounds okay 

So i finally picked it up right i started the prologue and i absolutely went insane i went ballistic about this prologue like i was so into it and i think like the first 100 to 200 pages i was on my instagram story like ranting about this book like i was like this is so amazing like i love this so much this is gonna be my number two book of the year i spoke too soon though because again i went in blind okay and i was saying in my story 

How you read the prologue and it tells you exactly how the story is going to unfold like it gives you like the blueprint of what's gonna happen with the characters in the story and so in my head i was like i am so down for that i love 

That prologue and so i kind of said that this reminds me of addie larue's writing right like very poetic immersive in that way the way that the lines are broken up the way that the story is told even as like the internal you know monologue and thoughts kind of thing i said that this was akin to addie larue's writing right i would like to retract 

That i would like to retract that um somewhat like maybe halfway or like a quarter of the way because the writing is very immersive and in the way that it makes you feel exactly like what's happening like you're very much involved in the thought process 

The way that things unfold and the way that they come together and the way that they talk to each other and stuff but obviously addie larue was a very different kind of poetic immersive writing very much like i think soulful for me

This was a little bit soulful writing and then just like a whole lot of like spice you know how like sometimes when you're making food and you want like a dash of salt this you just dump the entire salt into the pan like that's exactly what this book was like 

I thought it was gonna be like a dash here and there but nope this was the entire container this was the entire salt shaker and you know what i think i like that i think i like that about this book i've grown to like it it's gonna deserve 

I absolutely recommend this i gave this 4.85 out of 5 stars this was definitely 5 out of 5 star material though it's just when i got to the parts that i got to i was absolutely like i don't really know if i can move forward with the revelations

But i totally did still enjoyed it i just want to say wedding night wedding night just wait on it it's so absolutely worth it i think that you are gonna go in sane insane because now i'm thinking about it and i'm like i i thought i'm gonna hyperventilate thinking about 

This book i was literally like i lost sleep over this book this is an 18 and over book like this is very severe five out of five spice 18 and over and even then i wouldn't just recommend this to people oh like oh i'm 18 now 

So i can read this no i think maybe you should build up to it um maybe read a little bit more spicy books like other spicy books before you dive into this one i wouldn't recommend 

This as just like oh yeah i read like one or two spicy books let me just go read sierra simone's american queen i don't know if i would recommend that i think baby steps are necessary here 4.85 out of 5 stars american queen by sierra simone 5 out of 5 spice prepare yourself.