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How to Think Like A Legend by Rahul Soni pdf download


How to Think Like A Legend by Rahul Soni

Click here to get the pdf 

How to Think Like A Legend by Rahul Soni pdf download 

Details of How to Think Like A Legend by Rahul Soni Book

  • Book Name: How to Think Like A Legend
  • Authors: Rahul Soni
  • Pages: 97
  • Genre: Short Stories
  • Publish Date: May 23, 2021
  • Language: English

About the author 

Mr. Rahul Soni is an Entrepreneur, Blogger, and Finance Professional. He is a qualified Chartered Accountant and completed my law from Mumbai University. 

He is helping various businesses, and startups related to business and company law It matters. He is also helping the students with various subjects like business, law, tax, and so on. 

He wrote this book because, He wanted to share this secret of legends, Experiences, and research with many others who want to achieve something in life.

This is for those who will be reading this from their little makeshift huts or even from the streets and for those living in their big houses or bungalows Want to assure them that success never discriminates.

Success comes For those who are hardworking, smart, hungry, and crazy enough to change

English has been kept simple in this book so that it can be understood by everyone. The objective is to communicate teachings, language is the medium.

Book Summary:

The dictionary meaning of legend is 'well-known'. legends are people who are very well known, extremely renowned or expert in a particular field and Loved by the masses, he is a hero to some and an inspiration to many.

A legend is a person who is a true example of success in the respective field. They are the ones who break stereotypes, break records and set bottom sign. 

They are normal human beings just like you and me, but there are Some qualities that make them different from others. there are legends Individuals who have achieved something that was impossible with them

His great qualities or techniques. steve jobs, charlie chaplin, Mahatma Gandhi, Isaac Newton and many other famous personalities who They crossed their limits and achieved success in their respective fields.

This book has been created with years of research and handicraft and crafted with love. This book will teach you some of the techniques that have helped legends.

To leave his mark in the real true stories of history and some legends that will inspire and amaze you. It's not just a book; This is a guide Change your attitude towards life. 

If followed properly, this book will help you develop the qualities that Great people have everything you want in life to achieve. I suggest you apply See its learning and difference in day to day life.



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