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Hide by Kiersten White book pdf download

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Hide by Kiersten White book pdf download

Details of Hide by Kiersten White Book

  • Book Name: Hide
  • Authors: Kiersten White
  • Pages: 235
  • Genre: Horror, Thriller
  • Publish Date: May 24, 2022
  • Language: English

Book Review:

Hide by Kiersten White, this book is about mac who has been invited to a hide-and-seek potent like reality competition kind of like they haven't really it's not really like a tv show or anything like that 

It's kind of in its first stages but basically if you win this hide-and-seek competition you win like 50 thousand dollars um and she mac when she was younger her father brutally murdered her family  

She was playing hide and seek with him and she basically had the best hiding spot and was the only one saved from that massacre and so 

She's kind of an expert at playing hide and seek and she's never recovered from the kind of that tragedy in her past  so flash forward 

For several years she is homeless and kind of wandering around with like really no direction and she's invited to this hide and seek competition where she'll you know potentially win fifty thousand dollars 

It's for her it's obviously using skills that she knows that she has um because she's used them in the past 

So she goes to this competition meets the other competitors and basically, the competition is framed that it'll be seven days so yeah seven days seven days 

They'll find the seekers will find um two people per day and so you just have to make it out the end you gotta be the last one standing 

They've taken them to this um abandoned amusement park that is set up really a lot like a labyrinth-like it's really hard to like it's like a maze-like it's hard to find your way through it 

So basically mac is hiding it like is hiding in this competition and following the competition and it seems like things are a little bit more sketchy than she first realized and things may be a little bit more deadly than she realized 

That's basically all you need to know about this book um I'm trying really hard not to do spoilers because I feel like it's hard like this book was is hard not to talk about this 

I mean I think it's fair to say that people start dying i mean it's it's like a horror book it's for my problem is like the first chapter was amazing and then it lost me

There are 14 characters i cannot keep them straight and  which i did not realize until Sarah told me that this like probably is based off the labyrinth which was 14 people in the myth 
I just i didn't care like the narrative is in third person and you don't really connect with any of the characters and then see and i think that's where my kind of issues arose from is is the fact that it's in third person 

I wish that it was all in first person from mac's perspective like i really struggled with the perspective that the story was told through well and they're in this abandoned amusement park which should be super creepy 

It just doesn't at any point at all like they don't interact with it that much like they're hiding and like like they're being terrorized in this park 

But like there's so many aspects of the park that they don't use um and i know like i kept the whole time I was uh reading it I kept thinking of um the movie cabin in the woods 

Because I was like it just felt very much like like they were brought there and like we're being murdered I don't know like I don't really have much to say I was 

I was disappointed I wish the journal entries were more clear I feel like I didn't like understand them as well as I should have like what all was actually happening like when 

They were spelling it out like I feel like it wasn't very clear and so I was like waiting for the characters to kind of distill it down and kind of tell me the important points of like what these journals were about 

I don't know i i enjoyed mac and i enjoyed ava um her potential love interest i didn't care i didn't care about mac 

I didn't care about ava and max should be a very sympathetic person she saw her family be butchered i don't know i felt like a tr like a typical horror film like it 

I feel like it was more about it's i feel like the horror films and horror books are more about the emotions and like emotionally it got me like concerned and worried and well and then 

There's also like i struggle with anxiety and hide and seek always messes with my anxiety and so like the idea of playing hide and seek in this arena like just shoots my anxiety over the top 

So like yeah i see i would have rather if it had been a book about a group of people taken to the movement park to play hide and seek and then somebody was killing them then what it was like 

Honestly, I was like you know what a book about a massive hide-and-seek game is actually kind of cool and that's not what happened 

In this book like i just and i like horror movies but i feel like with the horror movie like you have to have something that like makes you stand out on you almost need to like either have to be a slasher 

Where like just everybody like where it's like just burn everything down or it has to have like a level of charm and this did not have either for me i don't know i thought

I thought it was it got my adrenaline going at certain points i i think i enjoyed it  you're right it was hard to keep track of all of the characters 

But i did enjoy mac and i did enjoy eva um i just wish i understood the backstory better um it was i just wish it was more clear but i think we're at the back story came out of nowhere too like all of a sudden 

Like there's this journal that tells everybody everything right i don't know i just i don't know I i think we're at the point where we need to read it so 

Our reading scale goes from five unicorns down to two unicorns if we don't like it it doesn't get a horn it is, therefore, a horse where are you i met a two i didn't care i was.

It was what it was I'm in a three i mean I would i'm gonna I think i'm gonna recommend this to people like I thought it was it move forward for me