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A Lesson Before Dying Book Pdf Download


A Lesson Before Dying Book Pdf Download

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A lesson before dying book pdf download

  • Book Name: A Lesson Before Dying 
  • Authors: Ernest J. Gaines
  • Pages: 60
  • Genre: Novel, Historical Fiction
  • Publish Date: 1993
  • Language: English

Book review:


A lesson before dying in the late 1940s backdrop of a small cajun community Jefferson a young black man is accused and convicted of murder for perpetuating a shootout in a liquor store 

Which left three men killed being the sole survivor of a crime that occurred unwittingly Jefferson is sentenced to the capital punishment of death the story unfolds his search for justice 

As within his trial Jefferson's attorney explains to the jury what justice would there be to take his life justice gentlemen why I would as soon put a hog in the electric chair as this Jefferson's godmother miss Emma Glenn and tanta and lou 

The aunt of local school teacher Grant Wiggins asked Lou's nephew Wiggins to turn Jefferson from a hog to a man however in order to accomplish 

This they must first get permission from sheriff sam Guidry they successfully asked sheriff Guidry's brother-in-law and ripychote whose family miss Emma served for years for assistance Wiggins 

Who left his hometown for tertiary education has returned from university to teach locally Walsh Wiggins takes the job and contemplation whether to maintain his position or to completely move away from the place of his childhood both Jefferson's godmother 

And his aunt successfully persuades him to go on a prison visit and impart wisdom to Jefferson before his death over the course of the novel grant and Jefferson unexpectedly form a close friendship 

As the two men both come to comprehend the importance of resistance and define conformity as they understand compassion for human struggles and existential revelations through their newfound brotherhood grant 

Also forms a bond with the white deputy paul bonnen in early February it is announced that Jefferson will be executed soon on April 8. 

Around then reverend ambrose becomes concerned that grant an agnostic is not teaching Jefferson about god and thus begins to visit him regularly to reverse grant spiritual impartments 

The conflict reaches ahead when grant buys Jefferson a radio which the seniors in the black community or quarter see as sinful 

The novel ends with the anti-climax of Jefferson's death by execution and much to grant surprise a visit from paul in which he tells grant that Jefferson was the strongest man in that crowded room.

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