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Pucking Around By Emily Rath PDF Download

All Are Welcome by Liz Parke book pdf download

All Are Welcome by Liz Parke book pdf download

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All Are Welcome by Liz Parke book pdf download

  • Book Name: All Are Welcome
  • Authors: Liz Parker
  • Pages: 273
  • Genre: Romance Novel
  • Publish Date: Aug 1, 2021
  • Language: English

Book Review:

A deeply funny novel from a fresh new voice in fiction about brides, lovers, friends, and family and all the secrets that come with them. 

Tiny McAllister never thought she would get married. Not because she didn't want to, but because she didn't think Connecticut girls married other girls. 

Yet here he is, with Caroline, the love of his life, at their destination wedding on the Bermuda Coast. 

In attendance - their respective family and friends of some choice. Conflict-horrified Tiny looks forward to a beautiful weekend with her future bride. 

But as the weekend unfolds, it seems like there's a skeleton in every closet at the resort. 

From members of Tiny's family, who find that the world is changing at an uneasy peace, to Caroline's parents, who whisper conspiratorial, to their friends, who have packed their own secrets—no one is complete Doesn't seem to come from. 

Not to mention the typical no-show and a fascinating journey from the past. What the festival really needs now is the monsoon that helps to unravel all the long-kept secrets, and stir up discontent and hidden agendas. 

All Tiny wanted to do was get married, but if she can make it through this storm of marriage, she can be left with more than just a wife.