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Acts of God by Kanan Gill Pdf Download

My Summer Darlings by May Cobb pdf download


My Summer Darlings by May Cobb pdf download

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My Summer Darlings by May Cobb pdf download

Details of My Summer Darlings by May Cobb Book

  • Book Name: My Summer Darlings
  • Authors: May Cobb
  • Pages: 304
  • Genre: Mystery, Thriller Fiction
  • Publish Date: Feb 17, 2022
  • Language: English

Book Review:

My summer darlings cheers cheers that looks better than what i'm having this is a double espresso let's see it's noon your time so you're probably having a little cool refreshing drink right yeah i'm having a guava kombucha y'all got some guava kombucha up in there how are you it's good to 

see you again it's good well it's good to see you for the first time listen you have just blown up since last we talked so i mean i'm not about that i'm just glad you've agreed to be on the show

i have not blown up but thank you well may cobb welcome back you know we are one month shy of being one year anniversary and you were guest number one that's crazy thanks 

for having me back oh well we're gonna talk to about my summer darlings are we are we live now what do you mean are we live now of course we're well we're recorded live okay good i just you know i'm gonna watch my language from here on and would you do 

me a favor and not watch your language just whatever the hell fire spit stone you want to do is fine with me okay that sounds good yeah uh well let's see let's let's let's do a little ketchup since last we spoke about one year ago it was a hot and steamy afternoon you had had a recent tragedy we won't have to go into that 

i hope you're doing well and you i was in lake tahoe on business and you were hanging out i wanna i'm gonna make it romantic you were hanging on the back porch in your swings sipping on a cool beverage just like you are today that's funny i'm like i'm trying to remember 

the tragedy i'm like it's just ever since 2020 it's been non-stop so you had a friend die oh yeah oh yeah gosh wow yeah yep that's true yeah wow but but you uh you were a champion you came on the show you were you know you were brilliant we had a wonderful time and i was trying to remember 

as i was preparing early this morning i was like how did may and i cross paths and i think susie spencer susie spencer yes yeah okay gotcha perfect okay yes susie has introduced me to more fabulous people viewers listen right or do they also see me well 

here's here's the good news the they they do hear you on all podcast channels we're now everywhere and yes they they do see you because i simulcast this on the youtube channel oh cool okay awesome why are you having second thoughts or no not at all i just like to know 

did you want to call in here hair and makeup please on the set i do need to call in hair and makeup yeah it's been a wild morning like our ac broken our car and you know right now in texas that's catastrophic 

so we were scrambling we're a one car family so we're a one horse town david and we had to find so yes the hair and makeup went out the window this morning but everyone can see how it looked naturally you know and this is a very real show uh i i'm i'm actually wearing a dress shirt 

but no pants so see here's that yeah but you look great and you look ready and i look like i've been running around trying to find a rental car anyway do you need uh just a quick second to no i'm good i'm gonna go with the natural look 

i think it's i think it's perfectly lovely so there thank you yes and here's my lovely book that matches my shirt i noticed that this cover isn't that great it is so great um this is yeah this is one of those covers that 

you i just want a cocktail the minute i see it i know right doesn't it make you want to make bad decisions and we have so much to talk about and a lot of it does include bad decisions 

uh side note about cocktails i was going to bring this up later but i'm going to bring it up now um because i know you and i uh enjoy refreshing beverages adult beverages yes and this weekend this past week 

i said to my wife tammy i'm like tammy i'm just in a i'm in a hankering mood for the vesper martini which we as anyone who knows james bond that was one that he made famous and so we were out of town visiting family recently 

i ordered one and it is an ass kicker uh i mean i'm just going to say that straight up front it's three parts gin one part vodka and half part le blanc which is a french aperitif wine i have never heard of this martini before it does sound like an ass kicker it's delicious you only need one or two yeah yeah 

i would only need one yeah if you have well there's no driving involved yeah but it did make me think of as i was preparing this morning it did make me think about the gals in the book and then the gals that i met 

a year ago in the hunting marsh those girls like to kick up their heels and suck on some liquor well you know east texas so don't act shocked yeah david come on now how do you think we put up 

with this heat well i will say that i have been stuck uh uh glancing at your instagram instagram photos and just watching the the success of this book and seeing i always like to check in on your son and and hubby and i because i'm always wondering 

who's doing the photography and the cocktails i mean it's been a wild summer for you so far and it's only may yeah it's been yes it's been wild we're recovering from coven so it's been a wild has the whole family now had it 

i think my son probably brought it home but he wasn't really affected thank goodness because i was kind of worried about him the most and uh yeah hubs and i got it and that's we didn't spread it to anyone else 

but wow it was not just a cold it was it was like a three week journey that's the thing that uh my wife uh has been a little under the weather recently and we were revisiting when i got it and did you find that that tail end of it 

just goes on and on you just don't want to do anything yeah i'm kind of still in it i do feel really good today um but yeah by about one o'clock two o'clock it's like i'll take a nap and i'll wake up and not know where i

I am like that that much fatigue and it's like holy hell so yeah so you had the same experience yes and daddy likes his afternoon naps.